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Trump announces Executive Order ban on categories of Immigration

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Trump Executive Order

Trump announces Executive Order ban on categories of Immigration

At the White House Press Conference at 22:30 GMT 21/04/2020, which an English News reporter attended virtually: Donald Trump announced details of his proposed ban on Immigration into the US during the usual coronavirus briefing. It is clear however that this is unfortunately not a total ban on immigration as many have wanted. The media response of ‘Trump Executive Order to ban all Immigration’ is false unfortunately as President Trump admitted there would be exceptions and referenced that this would only be to stop foreign workers (implied that it will not stop at all: refuge/asylum and settlement migration) until US employment numbers rise post Coronavirus recovery and a re-opening of the US economy. However Trump did articulate a change in employment priorities, in line with his prior election pledges:

Trump Suspends Immigration to US

“US workers…as we move forward we will become more and more protective of them”
-US President Donald Trump, 23;06 GMT 21/04/2020, during the White House Press Conference.

This is a good indicator for a similar trend worldwide, as nations come to realize as a result of the Coronavirus that open borders kill and that reliance on foreign workers or foreign manufacturing is extremely dangerous during a global crisis such as a pandemic or war. Trump articulated the notion that Coronavirus was an “Invisible enemy” and that banning migration would help in the fight against that “invisible enemy”. Intelligent Readers will be wishing that he meant that on other levels.

Trump stated at 23:24 GMT that the Executive order is “being written now and tonight” and that we should expect the Executive order banning (some forms of) immigration to the US by tomorrow. The full legislation is expected by the 22nd of April 2020. The President stated however in response to questions that there would be exceptions. He also indicated that, through not answering in the affirmative to a question, that the executive order would not end until unemployment levels are down to low numbers.

Trump unforunately stated that migrant workers woking on farms will not be affected. Trump indicated in response to a question posed by a reporter at the press conference that he is doing this as a poll stated that 80% of Americans would support stopping foreign workers from coming into the US as a result of the Coronavirus.

80% of Americans support the proposal to stop Immigration of foreign workers due to Coronavirus: Trump Executive Order to follow suit.

The public opinion rise against migrant workers is the biggest news here: 80% opposition to migrant workers. The American people have learned that Open borders kill. Open borders kill jobs for those whose jobs are stolen, the nation’s health, on multiple levels as well as ruining entire areas where the migrants occupy and the overall economic burden they result in.

80% of Americans support the proposal however it is unlikely the President will deliver a full ban on settlement immigration that Americans want. American Nationalists for decades (since 1965 when the immigration controls were overturned) have wanted a ban on immigration, however this legislation is unlikely to go far enough and will undoubtedly have loop holes and broad, exploitable exceptions.

The full legislation is expected by the evening of the 22nd of April 2020. Trump stated hideously that “if anything we will be making it easier” for selfish corporate farms to get migrant workers, depriving Americans of traditional, character-building, farming jobs. Trump stated also that secondary orders in follow up to the initial primary executive order halting migration (of whatever forms the executive order specifies) are on the table and that he may pass further executive orders to extend the 1st executive order or to make changes, positively or negatively. Subversive political opponents, including the usual Jewish democrat figures such as Chuck Schumer have attacked the soundbite of the legislation announcement via the usual preferred direct method of communication:

Trump Suspends Immigration

Controlling immigration is fully within the sole power of the President to decide so they cannot prevent it thankfully. Following this press conference expect more media focus on the narrative of “opening America again” and the fight against the “Invisible Enemy”.

English News will report on the full legislation’s details when the legislation is signed into law as an executive order.


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