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English Reclamation Notice: Physical Meeting Groups recommencing

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English Reclamation Movement

English Reclamation Notice

English Reclamation Notice: The English Reclamation Kindred Meetings that occur on the 9th of every month at 11 branches in England are returning to a physical format after having moved to a virtual format during the Covid-19 rules period. Our movement is adaptable and meetings have successfully occurred online but will be returning solely to actual meeting locations again with adaptation of location in some instances.

The English Reclamation Movement meeting groups will resume in person from the 9th of August 2020.

English Reclamation Meetings should now ideally occur in outside areas such as woods, fields, parks and in the private gardens of members with large gardens.

Members should avoid high-traffic areas where there is a high likeliness of being photographed whilst conducting rituals or simple circular social meeting arrangements in areas where other people may be walking such as in woods and fields near public paths.  As leader of our movement I understand the responsibilities of ensuring good public conduct as ambassadors of our ideals: I do not want to see ‘Reeeeee’ tabloid headlines of: “mysterious gathering/cult of women & men /suspected witches photographed/recorded conducting ancient rituals in the woods/fields/park”. However fun it would be to create that Reee of a headline and expose the ignorance of the media, this should not be allowed to occur.

I expect that this will not occur as our meeting groups are composed of dignified and informed people, however be aware of any persons taking photographs and how a meeting of women and men in a circle (potentially reciting paragraphs or exerpts from the sagas) may be made to appear to the uninformed via social media posting spastics aka journalists who want to make a click-bait story to justify their sad excuses of existence.

Members are allowed to wear masks during meetings as your kindred leader will already know who you are for security purposes.

However due to the outside meeting locations this will not be necessary nor mandated. Where a horn of mead was used, this will be replaced by separate cups (bring your own horn ideally) and will be poured separately. Even though mead has a high alcohol concentration and is thus safe, it is safer still if everyone uses their own mead-horn or other high quality beverage containment device. Remember that high alcohol % mead is provided in moderation, do not bring any extra (especially no low quality) alcoholic beverages unless the kindred leader conducts a generic social meeting afterwards as is the case in several kindreds.

Kindred leaders being semi-independent in their rules will dictate whether they wish for members to wear masks as it can be beneficial for ID protection in the event of a meeting group being photographed.

I ask that kindred leaders ask their respective members to bring masks so they can be used if advantageous to use. For example: when assembling at the meeting location or for use if passers by come near with phones out (which could be used to quickly take photos with no notice). Ideally meeting locations should be chosen carefully (e.g: woods, fields, away from the public paths) so as to completely avoid this potential situation.

The 11 kindred leaders this week will have notified all of their respective meeting group attendees. Over 420 persons have been notified of the changes. This article is a notice to any who have missed/not read the messages from kindred leaders, those that read this website and who engaged in online English Reclamation kindred meetings.


As the elected leader of the English Reclamation movement, I am sanctioning the return to all physical (in-person) meeting groups of all sizes under the banner of the English Reclamation Movement due to the absence of the Coronavirus threat as this threat no longer likely posses a statistical risk to the lives and biological health of kindred members.

English Reclamation Movement

Those wishing to join or setup an English Reclamation kindred meeting group in their local area at this time will still be able to make applications in the future via this website. Vetting will occur via document observation rather than in person compartmentalized vetting due to the coronavirus/ Covid-19. Check back on this website in the coming months for a contact method. Applications for establishing mirroring but independent networks to the English Reclamation in other countries will also be accepted soon.

The English Reclamation movement over the past 5 months has flourished, expanding turnout at all kindreds and we were not obstructed by this virus.

However we must take the obvious and necessary precaution of meeting where possible in outside locations or non-high traffic venues to protect the biological well-being of members.

English News has had up a  Coronavirus Map page (it is slow to load) for the past 6 months on this website for your convenience, to observe the status of the virus without visiting external websites.


Frederick Eldridge

Elected Leader

English Reclamation Movement.


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