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List of UK Historical Statues being targeted by Jewish Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Counter-Plans

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Topple the Racists Map

List of UK Historical Statues being targeted by Jewish Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorist fronts and the need to Counter them.

This is the list of UK Historical statues targeted by the racist, anti-white quasi-terrorist website ‘Topple the Racists’ which is probably run by an indoctrinated group of Leftists, racist non-whites, Jewish Supremacists and Anti-white academic victims. They have a map list of UK Historical statues targeted by them that they are encouraging the robbery, destruction or removal thereof directly and additionally through terrorizing institutions and even schools whose historical names are ‘offensive’ to their anti-English revisionist history-warping agenda.

Stop Trump Coalition Topple the Racists MapAccording to the vandalism, robbery and public property destruction, terroristic method employing (intimidating organisations into changing names/removing statues) incitement website it is a project setup by the ‘Stop Trump Coalition’. The Stop Trump Coalition is clearly international in nature and likely a proxy subdivision of the wider international Antifa network of organisations. Below is a list of high-level names and groups involved with the Letter sent via the Guardian by the Stop Trump Coalition, indicating the kind of people who support the Stop Trump Coalition which launched the (hypocritically named) Topple the Racists website map list of statues, historical landmarks and street/building name targets to incite attacks against.

Owen Jones, Brian Eno, Lily Allen, Dan Howell, Frankie Boyle, Akala, Paloma Faith, Olly Alexander, Caitlin Moran, Paul Mason, Shappi Khorsandi, Gary Younge, Bianca Jagger Council of Europe goodwill ambassador, Mhairi Black MP, Clive Lewis MP, Caroline Lucas MP, David Lammy MP, Leanne Wood Leader, Plaid Cymru, Hywel Williams MP, Rushanara Ali MP, Shabana Mahmood MP, Ed Miliband MP, Tim Farron MP, Tulip Siddiq MP, Claude Moraes MEP, Frances O’Grady TUC general secretary, Dave Prentis Unison general secretary, Tim Roache GMB general secretary, Matt Wrack FBU general secretary, Mick Cash RMT general secretary, Malia Bouattia NUS president, Michelle Stanistreet NUJ general secretary, Kevin Courtney NUT general secretary, Sally Hunt UCU general secretary, Manuel Cortes TSSA general secretary, Christine Blower President, European Trade Union Comittee for Education, Paul Mackney Former UCU general secretary, Asad Rehman Friends of the Earth, Nick Dearden Global Justice Now, Kate Hudson CND, Luke Cooper Another Europe is Possible, Hilary Wainwright Red Pepper, Mohammed Ateek Syria Solidarity Campaign, Bruce Kent Pax Christi, Andrew Burgin Left Unity, Marina Prentoulis Syriza (UK), Sirio Canós Donnay Podemos (London), Michael Chessum Campaigner and journalist, Andrea Pisauro Sinistra Ecologia Libertà, Nicolo Milanese European Alternatives, Prof Mary Kaldor, Salma Yaqoob, Neal Lawson Compass, Talha Ahmed Muslim Council of Britain, Michael Collins Right to Remain, Adam Klug Momentum, Emma Rees Momentum, Zoe Gardner Refugee rights campaigner, Fizza Qureshi Migrants Rights Network, Salman Shaheen Journalist, Gracie Mae Bradley Against Borders for Children, Jerome Phelps Detention Action, Kate Osamor MP, Dave Ward CWU general secretary, Mark Serwotka PCS general secretary, Steve Turner Unite the Union assistant general secretary, Francesca Martinez Comedian and writer, Rabbi Lee Wax, Ken Loach, Dr Shahzad Amin CEO, MEND, Lindsey German Convener, Stop the War Coalition, Kerry Abel Chair, Abortion Rights, Mohammed Kozbar Muslim Association of Britain, Andrew Murray Unite the Union chief of staff, Ian Hodson Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union national president, Alex Kenny NUT executive member, Sabby Dhalu Stand Up to Racism, John Rees People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Weyman Bennett Stand up to Racism, Dr Abdullah Faliq Chair, Muslim Voices, Zara Mohammed Federation of Student Islamic Societies

Stop Trump Coalition Topple the Racists

This suspected terrorist sympathizing and/or coordinated website attempts to mask its intentions with legal defence talk saying it is only trying to ‘promote debate’, a typical cover used internationally by left-wing terrorists seeking to avoid legal repercussions for operating a website or effort that clearly openly incites violence or destruction of historical statues, landmarks and even street signs. The website takes submissions and openly incites vandalism and the fear of destruction of property to terrorize entities such as councils, charities or school boards into submission in clear violation of anti-terrorist laws and basic criminal laws. The full list of its targets is listed below:


List of UK Historical statues targeted in Scotland:

  • Orkney – The Kitchener memorial
  • Golspie – Duke of Sutherland Monument
  • Dundee – James Carmichael Statue
  • Dunoon, Argyllshire – Jim Crow Rock
  • ^”Jim Crow” Rock > – A rock on a beach which is supposedly shaped like a bird’s head and thus paranoid, spastic, indoctrinated Antifa think it (if that word can be used in relation to their corrupted thought processes at all) is a reference to Jim Crow, even making up a story that US servicemen must have done it between “1961-92”. See the screenshot below: Reeeeeeeeeee!

Map of Statues under attack by Antifa and BLM Expert Editorial Opinion: These anti-whites truly are total spastics, targeting a large rock on a beach = 60-80 IQ Max

  • Glasgow – Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde
  • Edinburgh – Henry Dundas
  • Ayr – Monument to James Georg Smith Neill

List of UK Historical statues targeted in Wales:

  • Brecon – Thomas Phillips
  • Carmarthen – Picton Memorial
  • Carmarthen – Statue of General Nott in Nott Square, Carmarthen
  • Cardiff – Statue of Henry Austin Bruce, Lord of Aberdare
  • Cardiff – Thomas Picton Statue
  • St Asaph – H M Stanley column/memorial
  • Denbigh – H M Stanley
  • Wrexham – ELIHU YALE Wetherspoons Pub

List of UK Historical statues targeted in England: North to South (Excluding London):

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne – William Armstrong memorial
  • Great Ayton – Captain James Cook
  • Leeds – Sir Robert Peel
  • Bradford – Peel Park
  • Preston – Robert Peel
  • Bury – Peel Tower
  • Bury – Robert Peel Statue
  • Manchester – Robert Peel
  • Liverpool – Martin’s Bank Slavery Relief
  • Liverpool – Christopher Columbus Statue
  • Liverpool – Rename Blundell House and stop glorifying Bryan Blundell
  • Birmingham – Robert Peel statue
  • Wirral – The Leverhulme Memorial
  • Hawarden – William Gladstone statue
  • Ashbourne – Black man’s head caricature, Green Man
  • Shrewsbury – Robert Clive
  • Tamworth – Robert Peel Statue
  • Cambridge – Ronald A. Fisher Memorial Window
  • Bishop’s Stortford – Rename Rhodes Arts Complex and Rhodes Avenue
  • Oxford – Cecil Rhodes
  • Bristol – Edward Colston Statue (Removed)

Blm terrorists Edward Colston

  • Bristol – Colston’s School  (!!!) = Antifa terrorists preparing to terrorize a school
  • Bristol – Colston Girls School (!!!) = Antifa terrorists preparing to terrorize a girl’s school
  • Bristol – Wills Memorial Building
  • Bristol – Colston Tower
  • Bristol – Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol
  • Chatham – Lord Kitchener
  • Brighton – Blue Plaque to Admiral Sir Edward Codrington
  • Brighton – Plaque for William Ewart Gladstone at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton
  • Poole – Robert Baden-Powell
  • Wareham – Drax Avenue
  • Lyme Regis – Statue of Admiral Sir George Somers
  • Exeter – Redvers Buller
  • Tavistock – Statue of Francis Drake
  • Plymouth – Francis Drake
  • Plymouth – Nancy Astor
  • Bodmin – Bodmin Beacon

List of UK Historical statues targeted in the City of London:

  • Basically every statue of a English or European man or woman.
  • Tower HamletsRobert Milligan (Removed by Antifa infiltrators inside the dock administration)

List of UK Historical statues targeted in the Greater London area:

  • Croydon – The East India estate
  • Sunbury-on-Thames – The Lendy Memorial Lion

The English Reclamation Movement’s Advocated Defensive Retaliation:

Readers of this website who live near any of these memorials should engage in a daily walk/cycling routine that includes going past this monument at some point in order to patrol against what would be hour long efforts to setup winches, levers, drills or other devices to illegally remove these statues.

Alternatively readers could make fake social media profiles (fake Black profiles) and then use these to identify and spy on local / national Antifa / BLM groups, organizers who will likely announce such efforts or at least announce the demonstrations that are the cover for the subsequent criminal acts whilst there is a human wall around the monument stopping police from getting to it or clearly seeing what is occurring. Then report them to the police preemptively or intercept their efforts if viable.

Readers should then both call the police and think of an effective way to intervene depending on the situation and proximity rules (only if you are immune to Coronavirus through having had it and recovered) as the subversives doing this will be breaking the law (robbery if they remove an object) and you are well within your rights to protest yourself and prevent ‘acts of Robbery’ and if they try to get physical against your intervention you are then 100% within your rights to defend yourself and if they are trying to escape from the police after engaging in attempted or in-progress robbery (of a statue for example) you are 100% within your rights to perform a citizen’s arrest on these subversives.

You can make a citizen’s arrest against an Antifa or BLM criter only if it:

“is in the act of committing an indictable offence; or whom the person has reasonable grounds to suspect is committing an indictable offence”

-Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act 1984

Forms of indictable offences include attempted or actual: Murder (terrorist acts included), Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery. CPS Theft Act Offences classifications.


(1)A person is guilty of robbery if he steals, and immediately before or at the time of doing so, and in order to do so, he uses force on any person or puts or seeks to put any person in fear of being then and there subjected to force.

(2)A person guilty of robbery, or of an assault with intent to rob, shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for life.”

-Theft Act 1968 Section 8(1) & 8(2)


A citizens arrest can be against anyone who you have overwhelming evidence and reason to believe is attempting one of the above, is engaging in one of the above or has done one of the above and that your intervention is necessary because the police are not nearby or are not realistically going to stop any of the above acts or catch the person having committed or attempted to commit such before they escape.  You cannot do a citizen’s arrest on someone for minor assault (unless their intention is manslaughter after that initial assault, for example if they are holding a crowbar or hammer and their hostile intention against you is realistic and provable) however you can defend yourself to the point of stopping someone from being able to further assault you.

So citizens arrests against someone trying to take down a statue or plaque can be made because in such situations the logistics of that act requires them to steal (to remove from one place without permission) an item or object, even if they only steal it for a few hundred meters and then dump it somewhere it is still robbery. As an alternative to a citizen’s arrest you could for example block in a winch truck or car used by the subversives to stop them from driving away whilst the police arrive (and at most get a traffic offence, which would probably be dropped or not taken up at all).

Legal guidelines and information for making a Citizen’s Arrest.

Readers should watch for petitions or other subversive efforts against these monuments and independently launch counter-petitions as well as preemptively writing to your local member of Parliament to ask them to ensure that these statues, monuments and historical named places are not altered. This is necessary as the Antifa BLM subversives will right now be engaging in such petitions, without at least a few counter voices writing well written emails to your local MP, these statues will be removed.

If you do stop the robbery of a statue or end up in a confrontation and are forced to defend yourself resulting in media attention do not state you started ‘patrolling’ the area after reading about such an effort online from or they will suddenly turn hostile on you and will experience the definition of corrupt, biased law enforcement. Just tell the practical truth about the situation, which could be months or a year away from now, how you were out on your daily walk route and decided to intervene to protect a national historical icon or street sign even because it was the right thing to do. If you intervene in such a situation in this manner you could become a local hero. Then you could use the media attention to stand for election as a Conservative (if viable) or Labour party candidate in that inner city or town area and push for Conservative things from within a hostile political party, engaging in retaliatory infiltration.

English News Practical Politics plan: Retaliatory Infiltration

On that subject readers of this website (when it is legal and safe to do so, solely virtually until the end of Coronavirus lock-down laws) could infiltrate Antifa and BLM online meeting groups and social circles, solely to record what they say and then report them to the police pre-emptively whilst simultaneously releasing such recordings online in dozens of videos uploaded to all of the video platforms so that they cannot all be taken down and reach as many people as possible.

The English Reclamation Movement has approximately 400 regular members according to our last internal election in 2019. However most of these members are nowhere near urban areas to deploy effectively in infiltration or practical, direct ‘from-within-the-crowd’ counter-protests and covert recording against the almost exclusively metropolitan based Antifa and BLM groups. *(Note how the media such as the Evening standard bleeped out the Star Wars Negro John Boyega fanatically screaming “Black Power” at a protest to lessen the negative impact on the majority of listeners and make him seem less overtly anti-white, this is why our own recordings are needed). Additionally the English Reclamation Movement actually cares about the health and legal standing of its members so will not be deploying during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Those who have had Coronavirus and recovered can do what they want but should avoid violating laws. Only online information gathering attempts are encouraged, primarily to write articles against them (and to build up a record of Jewish Subversives and Indoctrinated Anti-whites, so that we can more easily identify, expose and deport/prosecute them -when- we are in government).

It is about time we engage in retaliatory infiltration against subversives, much like in the fashion done by the successful Project Veritas (highly recommend viewing their videos) in the United States but against explicitly racial-politics opponents instead of just on civic and government corruption issues because you can guarantee behind closed doors these Antifa and Black Lives Matter Terrorists and perhaps even left-wing journalist social circles are openly discussing encouraging plans of vandalism, intimidation and racial warfare in the truthful terms they never show to the public.


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