The Definition of Asatru


Asatru is our Germanic pre-Christian, original, governing natural spirituality and societal philosophy.

Ásatrú? Asatro? Asetro?

Asatru and all its variations refer to ‘Æsir faith’ ‘or ‘faith in the Æsir’ , the indigenous Northern European ancestral and racial Gods and Goddesses.

1. Ásatrú is the only ethnically Northern Germanic indigenous spirituality,

2. Asatru has many symbols that are a familiar part of our national, racial history,.

3. Ásatrú/Asatro/Asetro/Odinism/Wotanism/Germanic paganism/Anglo-Saxon paganism/Nordic paganism/Heathenry are all terms that describe the same fundamental Germanic governing spirituality,

4. Asatru is the only religion which is growing amongst Northern Europeans worldwide,

5. Proto-variants of Asatru date back (in a proven, evidenced form) at least 32,000 years,

6. Learned Asatru adherents can invoke upwards of 30 different Gods and Goddesses,

7. Belief in the Æsir and Vanir as physically existent entities does not cause philosophical or scientific problems to Ásatrú. Asatru is scientifically (genetic evolution) compatible and a highly logical and practical spirituality without internal contradictions.

8. Asatru can be practiced with or without societal rituals to reinforce our racial faith,

9. Asatru is exclusively and logically a Germanic racial spirituality, honouring Germanic Goddesses and Gods which are our ancient progenitors and societal archetypes,

10. Asatru rituals (Blot/folk gatherings) are exchanges of inspiration, oaths and honouring between ourselves and our Gods and Goddesses as a society and as individuals. Among these rituals is included the original form of the hijacked ‘Christ-mas’; Yuletide.


Asatro and all its variations refer to ‘Æsir faith’ ‘or ‘ faith  in the Æsir’ , the indigenous Northern European ancestral and racial Gods and Goddesses.
The Æsir are our primary line of Gods and Goddesses that exist alongside the Vanir, representing ideal archetypes of existence for both Germanic men and Germanic women, idealising and epitomizing our ideal Germanic virtues, attributes, cultural roles, racial-identities and professions. Our Goddesses and Gods are our most excellent and noble ideal forms, representing the excellence our Germanic folk should be inspired to achieve and evolve with as well as being real and literal Gods and Goddesses as aspects of our racial or ethnic nature, the Vanir primarily represent the laws of nature and both the Æsir and Vanir are considered as existent spiritual beings.

Ásatrú is the only Northern Germanic ethnic spiritual expression or religion, often known to many initially as ‘Nordic Paganism’ or ‘Germanic Paganism’, our ancestors did not use such terms, other than Asatro or Asetro, for it was their only spirituality and rightly so, as it is the only -natural- spirituality of our Germanic folk.

Ásatrú is the only ethnically Northern Germanic indigenous spirituality, having developed over thousands of years throughout our Germanic evolutionary history.

Ásatrú was forged at least 2500 years ago in its current form, the Rune Era (RE or R.E), the identified point after which religious Runes were adopted and used all across Northern Europe in vast quantities is dated roughly to 250.B.C or the year 0 RE. The current date (within the Rune Era, which is only the latest Era in our history) is calculated as the current date +250 years. Until a precise date for the ancient beginning of Asatro or one of its past eras is known, the Asatro News will use the Rune Era.

Ásatrú can trace its proto-variant roots back as far as 32,000-50,000 years ago, making Ásatrú and related European ancestral religions the oldest religions in Europe, at a -minimum- (-32,000) making ancient Ásatrú 20 times older than Semitic-Islam,15 times older than Semitic Christianity and at least 5 times older than Judaism.

Ásatrú/Asatro/Asetro/Odinism/Wotanism/Germanic paganism/Anglo-Saxon paganism/Nordic paganism/Heathenism are all terms that describe the same fundamental Germanic spirituality.

Vanatru is technically Asatru, although with a central focus on the Vanir, most Vanatru simultaneously are also Asatru, worshipping the Æsir but wish to use the two highly specific terms. Asatru and Vanatru are the most sophisticated terms. Although they are in themselves just descriptions of the state of mind and personal conviction of having faith or deriving value in our ancestral (racial) gods and goddesses and culture: that is the importance at the core what the various terms attempt to symbolize.

The differing terms are often used simultaneously or interchangeably, with the most common and historically accurate terms Asatro and Ásatrú finding the most legitimacy and recognition. Modern Asatro found its revival (overtly) surging from the 1800s onwards, especially and most prominently in England, Germany and Scandinavia, effectively resurging from after the point where it had effectively been suppressed, showing that our natural ancestral spirituality can never be held down nor denied.

Asatro and other, less Northern Germanic variants of European polytheism (Greek Hellenism, etc) are the only indigenous and thus valid forms of religion / spirituality in the entirety of Europe and the related proto-variants of Asatro are also the oldest indigenous religions in Northern Europe and the far north of Vinland, Canada and Grønland according to ancient finds of solutrean arrowheads in North America.

Asatro is the only religion which is growing amongst Europeans worldwide, all other religions that were imposed upon Europeans are in extreme, irreversible decline, thankfully, as was expected as we return to our true natural spiritual outlook just in time in this age of war.

Asatro and its related variants are set to become the majority spirituality for us for the first time since the year 600 A.D (863 RE) in England and if all goes well, 100% of Northern Europe and North America with the inevitable incoming success of racial Ásatrú political movements that will be occurring and taking power by approximately 2035-2050 by estimates of the trajectory of the increase of racial awareness and the continued rejection of Jewish-authored Christianity and socialistic anti-cultural Jewish-authored secularism alike. Asatru is the only natural alternative and true form for us Northern Europeans along with the politics that are inherent to Asatru and not Christianity which is alien to our purest racial nationalist values.

The number of English folk identifying with Asatro or Ásatrú has undoubtedly increased in England since the start of this website and the massive online surge in the rejection of Jewish authored Christianity and secularism alike and will continue to increase at an accelerated pace as more people are reached and awakened in relation to the importance and potency of following our ancestral Germanic ethos and spirituality.

In England several headlines have already read that for example: “Paganism is the fastest growing religious outlook or spirituality in the UK”. This growth is harder to accurately measure and quantify due to the systemic denial from the national census and other survey bodies to specifically include Asatru in survey data. English News is conducting private research on this subject in order to maximise our mobilization of natural supporters and the speed, purity and quality of our overall national awakening.

Proto-variants of Asatro date back (in a recognizable, symbolic form) at least 32,000 years as indicated by archaeological evidence such as ritual burial evidence, religious monuments, carved religious items and iconography.

Ásatrú is polytheistic in relation to our pantheon of Gods and Goddesses which both come from the 2 families of the Gods known as the Æsir and Vanir who are amongst the countless numbers of divine Wights and beings in our folkloric and ancestral records and lore such as the Norns and the Alfar:

  • The Æsir represent primarily the high virtues of our folk, such as honour, wisdom, courage, fortitude, nobility, sacrifice, intelligence, etc.
  • The Æsir, through the God Heimdallr are the oldest ancestors of Northern Europeans.
  • Nordic and Germanic Europeans are the sons and daughters of the Æsir themselves.
  • In Asatro our Gods and Goddesses share our blood, the protection and honouring of our blood thus is the protection and honouring of our Gods and Goddesses in return.
  • The Vanir represent primarily the high natural virtues innate to life, such as fertility, beauty, intelligence, talent and the laws of nature and the purity of the natural order.
  • Nature itself thus is conferred a high sacred value through its representation in the Vanir.
  • The Vanir and Æsir share many archetypal roles and represent overlapping aspects of existence and of the Nordic & Germanic ideal form.

An Asatru outlook: the belief in our Gods and Goddesses

The Æsir and Vanir are considered to be actively existent entities actively or for some symbolically during Ásatrú rituals and religious thought, when one hails to Woden or Frigga one does not simply hail to the name Frigga or Woden, but to a high ideal and a symbol pure to the archetypal understanding of each of our deities in specific roles or broad representations, aspiration and inspiration.

The Gods and Goddesses are hyper-real, they are symbols or archetypes, they are more than verifiable physical beings in this sense.

Know that as the descendants of the Gods and Goddesses their physical existence is seen in ourselves, when you look at the finest Germanic Northern Europeans you are looking at the descendents of the Gods and Goddesses themselves and the ideals to aspire towards perfecting and exceeding in accordance with advanced understandings of Asatru.

We Nordic & Germanic Europeans are all the sons and daughters of Heimdallr, this is literally recorded in our ancestral lore, in the Lay of Rig (one of Heimdallr’s names when travelling in Midgaard).

The Gods and Goddesses are real and living within the best of our folk, for we are their sons and daughters and through aspiring through their inspirational archetypes literally become worthy of calling ourselves the sons and daughters of the Æsir.

When you see your fellow Germanic/Nordic Europeans in the streets, in your neighbourhood or at work, you should understand that they are all the sons of daughters of Heimdallr if only they knew, all Europeans must remember their sacred identity, you can help in this process to awaken our folk.

Many Asatru folk idolize specific Gods and Goddesses and base their spiritual daily practice purely on a select few, often including Wights, the Norns, the Alfar, Disir or Vættir in addition to the Æsir and Vanir.

Intelligent and beautiful Germanic women & mothers, often idolize the archetypes of Freya and Frigga or Idunna.

Intelligent and strong Germanic men, often revolve their lives around the recognition of the archetype of Thor. Wise and knowledgeable Germanic males, archetypes of Woden, brave, honourable males, with hearts flowing for aspirations of justice, are in turn archetypes of Tyr.
Balanced, active and learned Asatru adherents invoke upwards of 30 different Gods and Goddesses on a routine basis in accordance with and to ensure we consciously uphold, defend and articulate our nature to ourselves and each other and as a wholesome re-emerging societal movement.
There are well over 50 Gods and Goddesses in just the Æsir and Vanir ranks. The notion that Asatru requires input, imports or repairs from other foreign religious sources or pantheons to be fully reconstructed is false when you realise that the average Asatru adherent does not even routinely invoke more than 5-10 Goddesses and Gods on a weekly basis, if even that. It is true that much Asatru lore was lost, destroyed by Jewish and Christian monks however so much survives thanks to the Codex Regius that Asatru is right now capable of functioning to a high level of sophistication, easily more than is required for informing our ethics, motivation and inspiration in our daily lives, worldviews and relationships.

It is literally written that we Germanic & Nordic Europeans are sacred and descended from the Æsir, via Heimdallr, each and every European woman, man and child deserves to be reminded of this rightful heritage. Tyr is also attested as the Æsir father of the divine Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and a variant of Tyr is also attested by the Roman historian Tacitus as being the father of the continental Germanic tribes, from which Anglo-Saxons originate. Thus it is true that all Germanic bloodlines are of metaphorical or literal divine descent, positioning our folk at the centre of our spirituality. This is also directly self evident from all of the foundational Sagas and historical documents that formulate Asatro as a whole, wherein Nordic and Germanic folk are the only racial group mentioned and the only folk whom are involved with the Æsir and Vanir. Many Germanic individuals are the focus of the Sagas, even above the Æsir, with the Æsir informing their decisions or partaking in partaking within their destiny. This proves the folkish nature of our practical spirituality conclusively..

Belief in the Æsir and Vanir as physically existent entities does not therefore cause philosophical or scientific problems to Ásatrú, as the existence and non-existence of the deities in other religions has throughout religious debate over the centuries.

All adherents of an Ásatrú outlook on life ‘believe’ in the Æsir and Vanir, but that belief sometimes manifests itself interchangeably as belief in what the Æsir and Vanir represent rather than belief in the Æsir and Vanir as physical, empirically verifiable entities and sometimes it is simply to be found as belief in yourself, as a son or daughter of Heimdallr and thus of the Æsir.

That is the most important part of Ásatrú or Asatro, that we Northern European folk are the essential core of the our own spirituality as descendants of the Æsir and Vanir.

Many Ásatrúar consider the Æsir and Vanir to be glorious archetypes whilst others consider them to be actually existent beings, not directly as human forms always, but often represented in the ideal forms of the world around us and in the ideal vision of our Germanic womankind and mankind.

The Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors undeniably still permeate throughout all of our remaining natural culture.

This can be seen most visibly in our words, names, place names and the days of the week. This example you are familiar with most notably and obviously includes:

Tuesday (Tyr’s day), Wednesday (Wotan’s day),Thursday (Thor’s day), Friday (High Goddess Frigga’s day), Sunday (Sunna’s day).

What remains of our ancestral traditions, ethnic alphabet, conduct, artwork, ancient oral lore, folklore literature and traditionally tribal or folk centric democratic local government are all informed and imbued with the spiritual style that informs us of our Goddesses and Gods that form what is now called Asatro and what our ancestral folk knew simply as their daily spiritual identification with the world around them (philosophy) and with each other (ethics & politics) which were one seamless spiritual system of laws and ideals that held our folk high and pure for thousands of years and gave us our civilization advantage we retain to this day despite all, that is the brilliance and potential of Asatro as a force of Germanic culture and politics.

The inherent brilliance of Asatru as a way of life

Our Gods and Goddesses were so important to our ancestors, that the very rotations of the Earth (personified through one of the oldest Goddesses of all: Nerthus (Jord in Old Norse) the Vanir mother Goddess of the Earth) are dedicated in their names to our Gods and Goddesses, that shows you the sheer importance and power intrinsic to Asatro and how it guided our ancestors on an everyday level in everything they did, during the tens of thousands of years of our evolution that saw the Northern Germanic people excel racially, inner-culturally, spiritually, intellectually, artistically and linguistically.

Asatro uses rituals to consolidate, reinforce and celebrate our faith in our ancestors, ourselves, our Æsir Goddesses and Gods, the Vanir Goddesses and Gods, and the Alfar, Vættir and all other Wights on a regular seasonal basis.

Asatro rituals are exchanges of inspiration and oaths and honouring between ourselves and our Gods and Goddesses, these rituals are conducted with numerous variations upon Yule, Eostre, both solstices and equinoxes and numerous seasonal calendar events, each with their own regional and national variations, combined there are dozens of rituals over the course of the year.

All of the truly great philosophers and leaders of our world were European polytheists: from Asatro to Hellenism, both in the ancient and the modern Europe from Herman and Boudicca to Leonidas, this fact demonstrates that if we want brilliance for not only ourselves but also for the entirety of our Nordic & Germanic civilizations, we must return to the racially virtuous, and spiritually sophisticated ways of our ancestors in our outlook on life, that we too should become at one with our natural being through our ancestral spirituality that has the potential to empower us to enormous feats and a colossal era of perfectionism.

Ásatrú improves the very way you perceive life, it informs your daily life with ruthless dedication, strength, wisdom, elegance and willpower and an appreciation of the future through the observance and celebration of our ancient and pure Germanic, ancestral past that informs our present and future evolution on every level, from seeking new hyper-technology to understanding the universe and celebrating ourselves, our beings and the natural processes and elements that encompass and embrace us as pure Germanic beings, as sons and daughters of the Æsir.

Asatru Mead Horn for Rituals

Seeking to rebuild our folk under an Ásatrú/Asatro guided civilization, from the wreckage of this post-Christian civilization, is the most natural and effective route for uplifting and safeguarding the existence of our ethnic folk, directing and most importantly: inspiring ourselves onto a path of perfection; racially, spiritually, economically, militarily, logistically, artistically, architecturally environmentally and intellectually.

Article author: English News / Updated: 30th January 2020. Originally Published: 1st September 2013 / 1st Hærfest-mōnaþ 2263.RE