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What is Antifa? The International Terrorist organization

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What is Antifa

What is Antifa? The International Terrorist organization that has infiltrated Government, Media, Education, Sports and Finance.

Antifa qualifies as an International Terrorist organization despite what the desperate mainstream US media has insisted: it is not and never has been solely a domestic US protest group. Antifa is an International Terrorist organization: the primary objective of which is the destruction of the white race. To this end they seek to facilitate unlimited immigration of non-whites and the incitement of those non-whites into open hostility once inside of white nations as a tool to achieve their racial and ideological objectives.

Minneapolis Antifa

Photo: A US flag held upside down by a protestor at the start of the Antifa-Instigated US race riots of 2020. See this article for explanation of factors that allowed Antifa to instigate the nation-wide ‘insurrection’.

Antifa has its objective origins in the works of the Jewish author of Communism: Karl Marx. The first form of the Antifa organization was the disgusting organization dedicated to a instigation of an “international revolution” using the facade of workers’ rights, freedom of movement, goods and finance (the 3 core pillars of Marxist economics) to set in motion a dysgenic political order that sought instead to kill the top 10% (turns out it was more) of each nation.

Antifa Burning US Flag North Carolina

These organizations sought to kill the ‘intelligentsia’ of European nations in order to make us more politically docile and predictable, by eliminating geniuses, successful individuals and their entire bloodlines. This was done under the facade of ‘redistribution’ and enforcing ‘revolutionary’ dominance against ‘counter-revolutionaries’. This policy in the Soviet Union was practiced by literally killing the most intelligent, politically vigilant and aware members of the Russian nation on each generation under the justification of removing ‘counter-revolutionary’ elements. When Revolution means destroying the nation and race, counter-revolutionary means anyone or any act that seeks to preserve or not undermine fast enough the nation and race. Lenin’s first ever proclamation was to declare ‘Anti-Semitism’ (a term at the time invented only 38 years prior) a ‘counter-revolutionary’ act thus admitting that the core definition of revolutionary was ‘Semitism’ for counter-revolutionary to include ‘Anti-Semitism’.

The ideology of Antifa echoes the 1917 era Marxist-Leninist or Trotskyite form of communism more than Stalinism, Maoism or any other.

Antifa attacking people 

Pictured above: Antifa activists attack a man in the beach-side suburb of Cronulla in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia during the Cronulla race riots instigated by middle-eastern Immigrants and Antifa in 2005. The notion that the Anti-Fascist International is not a violent and international group goes against all available evidence.

The Origins and history of the development of Antifa as an International Violent Revolution promoting Organization:

The ‘First International‘ was the first formal grouping of what would long after mutate into being the Antifa we know today. The First International (1864) itself was unrecognizable as anything resembling today’s Antifa, however its subsequent mutations formed the chain of organisations that staffed, funded and motivated the Antifa ideology and plans of stoking violent international revolution intentions that underpins its ideology.  The First International had a split between Marx’s centralized communism and Bakunin’s anarchism in 1872 at a conference in the Hague. The First International subsequently moved its headquarters to the United States in 1872 until 1876. The International was banned as a terrorist organisation in Germany, Austria, France and spain.

The ‘Second International‘ was founded in 1889. It met an on international basis (thus qualifying as an international organisation) in various capital cities. By 1912 it had helped set up and represented subversive ‘infiltrating’ mainstream Socialist parties across Europe, the US, Canada and Japan. The Second International rejected democracy and solidified its intention towards violent revolution as the only way to achieve power for its goals. They indoctrinated low level members into the notion of the “inevitability of revolution”, a narrative seen to this day in the modern Antifa. Among the Second Internationals members as of 1907 were Rosa Luxemburg (Jew), L.Martov (Jew) and Vladimir Lenin (partially Jewish).

The ‘Third International‘ or Comintern replaced the Second International. This organisation was setup by Lenin in 1919 after the successful violent revolution and civil war that overthrew the Tsar of Russia, aided by thousands of Jewish volunteer revolutionaries who arrived in Russia from the United States, primarily from New York (which had prior been the location of the headquarters of the First International). The Third International or Comintern was shut down by Stalin in 1943 after years of internal power struggles between Russians and Jewish communists and along 3 or more ideological vectors and was remade by Stalin in 1947 as the Cominform in 1947. Due to its lack of popularity with the Jewish International promoters of Communism the Cominform was disbanded in 1956 3 years after the death of Stalin and the Jewish increase of control within some aspects of the USSR bureaucracy (that would last up until the period historians regard as ‘Glasnost‘) in favour of their covert, infiltration efforts which is where the modern Antifa takes its from.

The Violent Revolutions, Revolutionary attempts and Terrorist History of the Anti-fascist International through history.

The Antifa’s military history started with the international involvement of Communists in the overthrow of the Russian government in 1917 and then their subsequent use of the Soviet state. Antifa’s insurgency and international influence was solidified with their involvement and attempted hijacking of the Spanish Civil war of the 1930s that led to the death of millions. Antifa engaged in violence against democratically elected (but not Jewish approved of) nationalist governments throughout the 30s and 40s killing primarily non-government civilians in Italy, Germany, Spain and America later in the 1970s. Antifa has been active in the UK and many European countries constantly since their infiltration into low level and high level unelected positions in governments post 1945 through infiltration. The Jewish Media has since the Russian (Read Jewish) revolution of 1917 blindly praised their relatives in Antifa organisations.

Antifa US Shields

Antifa organisations have engaged in disgusting campaigns to stifle the free speech and riot against the assembly of nationalistic persons since those times. Post 1945 the fanaticism and self-entitlement of Antifa reached fever pitch resulting in the meltdown of their plans of covertly infiltrating into their underlying ideology of violent revolution. The fake news Jewish media has throughout history idolized and deified their suppression of their political opponents via their essential Antifa allies.

Oswald Mosley Battle of Cable Street

Antifa has continually used the threat of violence and actual violence and acts of terror to silence opponents. This terrorist, political utility attitude towards violence has resulted in thousands of instances of street and lecture hall violence over decades to strategically deny speaking platforms to anyone who opposed them. Their underlying and constant fanatical devotion towards an agenda of inciting Violent Revolution took form in the United States in the overt terrorism of the Weather Underground. The terrorism of Antifa has never stopped: In 2002 an ideological supporter of the Anti-fascist International and Animal rights groups killed the Dutch Politician Pim Fortuyn. [1]

The politics of the west has been told to forget these examples and not heed their warning, nation by nation Antifa has overthrown governments. Latin America saw the brunt of Antifa efforts during the 1950s, 60s and 70s some of which was CIA sponsored and spilled over back into the United States violently and culturally.

In the United States the Antifa International Terrorist organization engaged in what it described as “the long march” to power, realizing that the patriotism of the average American combined with the 2nd amendment would make a Latin American or Russian style communist victory in a civil war impossible, much like what happened in Spain due partly to the valiant intervention of the well armed German Condor Legion. The second form of Antifa as a military force was the Comintern or Communist International which organized the ‘International Brigade‘ of communist volunteers who interfered in the Spanish Civil war in an attempt to make Spain a communist force, they fought against the so-called (very mainstream) ‘fascist’ of General Franco in Spain. The Western Antifa-staffed media was biased on the side of the International Brigade against the Spanish government. The involvement of the international Brigades led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of additional persons in the Spanish civil war according to some estimates that put the total deaths during the war up to nearly 2 million people, mostly civilians.

1956: The Anti-Fascist International: The discernible date where ‘Antifa’ reached its current form:

This is when the International Communist movement went underground to infiltrate the West directly. The Cominform was closed by a Soviet Initiative during this year. This also parallels when Communist Jews who had lost some power due to Stalin’s reforms and then Khrushchev’s later reforms in Russia started moving en-masse to the United States to achieve this objective and staff the early Antifa movement and indoctrinate future generations of Americans. The Antifa involved itself in communist insurgencies from Africa to the United Kingdom during this period. The favoured tactic of Antifa throughout this period and up until just last week was infiltration. Infiltration remains Antifa’s primary tactic however since last week in the United States Antifa has engaged in an overt national insurgency, fulfilling their ideological aims of causing chaos, burdening the infrastructure of the state and using this to push for more suppression of the political rights of those of European race by taking advantage of the death of a non-white to mobilize hordes of non-whites. During the 1920-60s and later into the 1980s in Europe and the United Kingdom Antifa used the notion of the ‘proletarian’ and workers rights to create an excuse for them to have power and to instigation unrest between groups of people in the target nation. This tactic partially failed, no violent outright revolutions occurred, this tactic of instigating class conflict achieving only increasingly mainstreamed Socialist workers organizations (which however were used to aid the objective of bringing in large numbers of non-whites).

Antifa G20 demonstration
Anti-Fascist International self-described ‘militant’ members outside of the G20 summit.


The most modern form of these rules of engagement were codified into an action plan and set of rules of engagement authored by Saul Alinsky in the United States. Saul Alinksy‘s ideology was based primarily around replacing, forcing out White Americans, destroying the values of White America and using non-whites as the shock-troops of Communism, using the notion of increasing rights for non-whites as a facade for increasing Communism with the ultimate communist aim of ‘redistributing all wealth’ including redistributing the genetic wealth of targeted nations by undermining the homogeneity of all nations whose success offended the Jewish notions of being chosen or superior to others and destined to be the moral and political parasitic authorities. Behind the scenes this Jewish anti-gentile ideology was the real motivation for Jewish involvement in Communism and why they promoted it through violent revolution inciting and violent enforcement groups such as Antifa: to undermine rival races, which when they take control they proceed to kill at least the top 10% thereof as they did in Russia to the Russian ‘intelligentsia’ and ‘Bourgeoisie’ as they call successful people who are not them.

The Complete abandonment of Class warfare in favour of Racial subversion (passive Racial-warfare) with elements of overt civil-war where they can instigate such only when it is to their advantage:

 The Antifa in the UK and Europe abandoned instigating class war as their primary tactic as early as 1918 and in a major way post 1945 and then amplifying this post 1956. Antifa shifted to entirely replacing the white working classes they had claimed to be supporting for a more gullible, societal out-group they could manipulate in a violent revolution against the entirety of the European nations they were targeting. These are the non-whites (Africans and (lower)Asians: a Kalergian Population, as Kalergi stated) Antifa sought to import into European nations through their ideologies infiltrating into government policies (which Labour admit got out of control). The UK Labour party’s Secretary of State admitted after leaving office that the Labour party due to internal elements had its immigration policy twisted into sending out “search parties”* for non-white migrants to undermine the racial homogeneity of the UK. These infiltrating elements were likely Antifa.

“In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases”

-Former UK Labour Party Minister & Secretary of State Peter Mandelson.

Antifa infiltrated the more mainstream but still anti-White socialist movements in every European nation. In the Labour Party in the 1970s/80 & 90s there was a national scandal of “Entryism” being employed by Trotskyites from a sub-division of the International Antifa movement calling themselves ‘Militant’ to take over the Labour Party and manipulate government policies without ever being elected.

It is a historical fact that no-one in any European nation ever voted for any non-white immigrants being allowed into the country let alone mass-non white immigration.  Antifa policies however caused these actions to be taken even without the full understanding of puppet-like party leaders.

Antifa Flags

The UK and Europe are decades behind where Antifa is in the United States due to the large US Black population Antifa has been able to mobilize to then use the political rights movement thereof to get into power (which is enacted zero sum to undermine white rights: e.g.: suppression of what you can and cannot say, suppression and destruction of white areas, schools, etc). This power is then used to further attack white civilization with an aim to our destruction. The election of Barack Obama, who taught students about Saul Alinsky at Harvard and was involved in left-wing explicitly anti-white extremist circles was the biggest achievement of the covert Antifa organisation.

Antifa, Anti-Fascist International: The Terrorist Organization that Infiltrates

The Antifa infiltrate everything, including seemingly a-political groups and organizations.

Similar to the teaching infiltration methods employed by the Taliban and various Islamic extremist organizations the Antifa engage in taking over entire schools, political parties, groups, clubs and companies: imposing their curriculum and ideology into the minds of employees, supporters and primarily aiming their message at young children and teenagers.

In hindsight it can be discerned that Antifa engaged in a huge campaign to ‘infiltrate’ all aspects of society, including inserting candidates into elections under various political parties both right & leftwing. Antifa are suspected to be involved in having infiltrated the UK Conservative Party and the US Republican Party resulting in the phenomena of ‘R.I.N.O.s’: Republicans in name only and ‘Cuckservatives’. Antifa have for decades made statements such as infiltrating all “stations in life” so that they would control through infiltration what they could never at the time through open democratic election.

Antifa seeing their failure to appeal to the ‘proletariat’ they thought would support their Violent Revolution sought to replace the ‘electorate’ or ‘people’ with a new people who would support them and whilst replacing their worst enemy: whites who throughout history have seen through and many times openly defeated Antifa efforts and the ideological efforts of broader Communism and racial-communism in general.UK Antifa

Antifa openly infiltrated the Universities of America and then the UK and France and then all of Europe. Antifa infiltrated the civil service, teachers unions, media groups and even financial organizations. These Antifa, like a virus then passed on their ideology to others (in education and the media) and in finance, Antifa sponsors such as George Soros to this day use their billions to finance the creation of new Antifa projects and the indoctrination of new Antifa adherents.

The Antifa infiltrate every single organization that allows people to join. Antifa have been established as having even taken over local clubs, sports groups and even hobby groups. The Antifa use this universal infiltration tactic to control what is appropriate to say or do in every single aspect of public life. Antifa takes over political parties, including those that are diametrically opposed to their ideology, infact they favour these targets. Antifa is infamous for infiltrating leftwing, mainstream, right-wing and fringe political parties and engaging in false flag statements and leaking information that suit their objectives.

Paris Negroes
Negroes Rioting in France, June 2020

The International Structure of the Anti-Fascist International or ‘Antifa’

Who Finances the Antifa International Terrorist Organization?

Key individuals; it is suspected that George Soros funds the day salaries of thousands of left-wing researchers, charity workers who then through having their life funded can spare the time to protest and riot. Various Hollywood celebrities have openly donated to Antifa groups and causes. Joe Biden’s campaign team financed the bailing out of some Antifa rioters from jails in May/June 2020 during the US 2020 Race riot. There is a mass of suspected Jewish financiers, and established mass financial appeal drives and charity proxy income sources. Online platforms such as Paypal, Patreon and others facilitate the funding of this terror organization.

The distribution of indoctrination materials:

This creates an ideological alignment and approximate range of ‘acceptable views’.

Works such as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto are considered the core indoctrination materials of Antifa, however this is secondary, once someone contacts them they have likely already been indoctrinated. They distribute indoctrination materials directly through infiltration into public and private schools, teachers unions and media entities.

Books such as Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals” are ‘recommended’ advanced reading. In prior decades, these books were literally shared between dozens of members of the network, through the internet they now distribute them to thousands as PDFs or text files.

The distribution of terrorist materials by the Anti-Fascist International:

Terrorist Antifa (all of the Antifa sub-divisions) have available and routinely hand out works such as:

“A Handbook for Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Easy Riders”– the International Liberation School

“Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla”-Brazilian Marxist Terrorist Carlos Marighella.

“The Anarchist Cookbook” -Vietnam war demonstrator William Powell

Works such as the anarchist cookbook are routinely distributed between Antifa and in online discussion circles it is visible that these books and other manuals of how to build explosives, Molotov’s, pipe-rifles, 3D printed metal detector proof knives and guns can be found.

The distribution of weapons by the Antifascist International:

Antifa has undeniably armed its members with bricks, Molotov’s and other materials during riots as well as banners, flags, shields and instituting a uniform: the pathetic, edgy “black bloc” with ID concealment aspects such as face bandannas, sunglasses and hoods. Many Antifa and associated websites distribute the plans for individual antifa members to construct their own weapons.

Some US Antifa organizations ‘encourage’ their members to get armed with assault weapons. During the Charleston event, armed Antifa turned up with M16s to attempt to intimidate their arch political opponents ‘fascists’ many of whom are controlled by the Antifa themselves and are false-flag groups used to justify the Antifa with the spectre of ‘fascists’ with their gullible social media followers.

Terrorist tactics of the Anti-Fascist International:

Antifascists inciting riots and murderInfiltration of mainstream and fringe organizations of all forms. They use these positions of influence to identify and ‘DOX’ (publish the address, names and identity of) opponents at every level of society. They then incite terror against these individuals, calling for people to attack them or rely on the fear of such.

Organizers and members of the Anti-Fascist International engage in violent riots every time an even approximate media justification for protest on any political or racial issue exists. Anti-Fascist International also stoke violence amongst minority communities and result in the murder of individuals.

Pim FortuynAntifa has also directly killed individuals such as the murder of Pim Fortuyn leader of the Pim Fortuyn List Political Party in the Netherlands. The individual who killed Pim Fortuyn was an Antifa who was also an animal rights activist. Antifa has included Animal rights terror groups such as the ALF, although not all animal rights groups are antifa, some have been of opposing ideologies. The killer of Pim Fortuyn however was undeniably a left-wing antifa who opposed Pim Fortuyn’s growing success and anti-immigrant campaigns in the Netherlands. Pim Fortuyn was not even far-right, he was a homosexual who opposed primarily Islamic immigration thus solidifying the fact that Antifa target even comparably mainstream figures who oppose their agenda.

Antifa has openly advocated for the murder of their political opposites and mainstream figures, including just about every center right head of state since 1945. Antifa are fanatical terrorists in their scope and zealotry.

The Anti-Fascist International often engages in setting up false-flag groups to protest to encourage donations and support via media attention.

The Anti-Fascist International engages in the destruction of property in systematic campaigns of nation-wide vandalism during riots and in a targeted way designed to suppress opponents who appear in the media. In many regards Antifa decides who to target at the command of the media.

The obstruction of the free speech of their political opponents, increasingly restricting what they allow to be considered ‘acceptable’ speech, pushing the political narrative through terror, further and further towards the anti-white, Jewish left dominating.

Antifa engages in the enforcement of ideological rules through terror waged against anyone who opposes them or goes beyond their increasingly left-wing ‘acceptable’ speech range. They target ‘political civilians’ as well as ‘politically-active’ people. They target people’s employers, companies and have even forced out executives and CEOs who made comments Antifa disliked to resign over not adhering to their ideological rules. Antifa assert these ideological rules with the ultimate threat of demonstrating and then attacking the offices and employees of any company that has any employee who does not ‘bend the knee’ to the Antifa’s narrative. The Antifa by definition is an organization that employs terror to achieve political goals and it has been disgustingly allowed to do such for decades.

It is believed that Antifa has even infiltrated the police and intelligence communities, including the FBI and CIA in the US and MI5 and MI6 in the UK.

Antifa spray paintingSoviet spies infiltrated all of the above entities. By definition they were of Antifa ideology and thus it is undeniable that Antifa has infiltrated these agencies. Antifa groups since the collapse of the USSR have continued to infiltrate these agencies as is clear from their discernible ideology and enforcement biases. Many believe that ex-soviet spies maintained their cover and continued to this day to staff these agencies, now working in according with decentralized Antifa ideals and leadership directives instead of to the KGB or Stasi (East Germany). This infiltration is creating a biased attitude against non-left-wing groups, abusing the power of the state to spy on and subvert their opponents, including the President of the United States and key persons in the administration whilst furthering their Antifa aims through blocking enforcement aimed at their side of the political spectrum.

Donald Trump’s announcement of an intention to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, which is 60 years overdue is likely to be met with insane opposition from -inside- the government.

Donald Trump Antifa Terrorist organization

The Antifa friendly US and International media has been tirelessly pushing the narrative that the Antifa is a ‘domestic’ group and therefore cannot be designated as a foreign terrorist group when it is absolutely, excruciatingly undeniable that they are an international terror group and are not domestic to any nation. Remember that the full name of ‘Antifa’ is: ‘The Anti-Fascist International’. Antifa engage in suckering domestic support for their activities and engaging in infiltration into Western countries in exactly the same way ISIS and other Islamic terror groups do.

It is undeniable that ‘Antifa’ are an international terrorist organisation. All European nations should declare Antifa as a terrorist organisation.

Antifa rely on both international (migrant) and home-grown supporters (normally from ‘outsider’ segments). Anti-Fascist International’s home-grown terror ranks at a leadership and coordination level are sourced almost exclusively from the university and student age Jewish community at the leadership level and primarily racial, religious, sub-culture and sexual minorities (‘outsiders’) and indoctrinated university educated activists and donators secondarily in their base membership. Their membership pattern is identical to that of the Weather Underground terror group which was in every visible regard merely a sub-division or branch of the longstanding Antifa organization and movement.

Saying Antifa is not an organised single organisation is like saying the catholic church is not a single organisation because it has national branches and isolated independent adherents however all Catholics are followers of the catholic pope and are a supra-national or international organisation despite having national heads and isolated elements, on the topic of the Catholic Church, the biggest faction of Christianity: its leader has proclaimed racism to be a “sin”.

“Today I join the Church in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and in the entire United States, in praying for the repose of the soul of George Floyd and of all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism.”

-Pope Francis, General Audience, 03.06.2020, Vatican Press Release Statement on the Death of George Floyd.

Communism and Christianity have exactly the same agenda and effect on race-mixing and undermining the homogeneity of Europeans, one modern (circa 300.CE) one more modern (circa 1850), both equally Jewish in origin, just like the Antifa enforcers who engage in terroristic tactics to enforce the later more modern form of subversion.

There is no impartial opinion in this war between Antifa and European civilization. The media, many of whom were involved as young adults in Antifa groups and activities, will go as far as to say that Antifa does not even exist in order to prevent it from being declared a terrorist organisation.

The truth is obvious that Antifa is an international terrorist force and most definitely an organisation: It has a flag, an ideology, forces, tactics, a structure, funding and as detailed in this 3,000 word article: a century long history of development over time with over 60 years of existing in its current form (since 1956).

Deutsche AntifaAntifa International flag

The reality is that all of the International and US Media is on the side of Antifa, through calling for more racial relations ‘efforts’, even the Fox News cucks. They are all pushing ‘non-violently’ for exactly what Antifa aim to do through violent revolution. No one who is allowed to use the media or is allowed any prominence at all is calling for what is necessary and logical: the expulsion of all of these non-whites, that serve as both the long-term demographic racial replacement effort against Europeans and the violent racial shock troops of Antifa not merely to shut down the international terror group of Antifa that mobilizes these violent hordes now that they have imported them into majority European nations. Antifa is a terror organisation but Antifa is just the organizers, their intended effect is in motion and that is what must be reversed as the growing opinion* of Europeans worldwide is increasingly seeking* and informed about**, now that the effects are visible.

*70-90% of most Europeans from America to Russia want less, substantially less or no immigration. (2020 data)

**25%-33% of Europeans (In Europe) know truthful things Jews deem  knowledge of to be ‘anti-Semitic’ i.e.: seeing through their lies, ‘Jews have too much media power’, ‘Jews control the banks’ etc (2020 survey).

60% of Europeans believe the EU (The Jewish designed Central administration of Europe) will collapse within 20 years. (2020 survey)

75% of non-whites voted to remain in the EU in the UK referendum, we English still won with 52% in a national referendum. (2016 Referendum exit poll data).


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