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Jews and Christians facilitating the Replacement Migration in the US

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Replacement Migration

Anti-European Jews and Christian churches are causing and fueling replacement migration, the non-white immigrant invasion in the United States

Anti-European Jews and anti-European Christian churches are aiding the non-white immigrant invasion into America and the Jewish media is covering for them by not reporting their involvement.

Christian and Jewish groups in America have been aiding the agenda of replacement migration. The series of organizations in the US mirror what the EU does in Europe, Europe too has a plague of Jewish and Christian groups literally transporting migrants across borders in accordance with the Kalergi Plan. This article investigates and exposes and provides evidence of specific Jewish and Christian entities that are providing assistance to (and thus encouraging more) illegal migrants in the United States. South Texas Church groups have been providing direct transport for illegals into the United States. They then send them to Latino communities, if caught they provide them with asylum application paperwork before being forced to let authorities take them, they give them legal counsel and set them on the most time wasting course with the intention that they will then be put into the month long bureaucratic stifled processes of immigration enforcement and ICE.

Leading this effort is HIAS. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Closely behind HIAS is a conglomeration of Christian church organisations. There is a huge coalition of over 50 US church associations, note that is not 50 churches but 50 entire associations of multiple or hundreds of churches each, equalling tens of thousands of volunteer, advocates and human-traffickers in all but name. Vehicles involved in this ‘illegal smuggling have been seen, some of their vans are marked with ‘TFC’ and operated by ‘the Family Church’ a non-governmental non-profit Christian group operating in South Texas, this however is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the Christian groups operate in unmarked vehicles numbering in the thousands. They have been transporting illegal migrants from the caravan routes of Guatemala directly.

The Great Replacement
Here is a list of some (but not all) of the key groups that supported Amnesty constantly, from 2009 onwards. There are smaller groups in addition to these main lobbying and legal powerhouses including the ADL, ACLU, HIAS, NAACP plus the less well publicised subversive Christian organisations who are the willing executioners and race-traitors (as a result of their Christian faith) who enthusiastically collaborate with the Jewish attack on European mankind.

Groups included in the above link include:

  • Assemblies of God,
  • Brethren In Christ Church,
  • Christian Reformed Church in N. America,
  • Church of the Nazarene, Episcopal Church,
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of America,
  • the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE),
  • Missionary Church, the National Council of Churches,
  • the Presbyterian Church,
  • the United Methodist Church.

Beyond this list is the huge coalition of over 50 Christian churches involved in assisting replacement migration. And countless unregistered NGOs, informal Christian volunteer groups and Christian networks. In addition to this there are migrant networks of Latino Catholics in the illegal underground societies which exist parallel to our own, with their own immigration authorities it seems: the aims of which are to import more Latinos like themselves. They know how the consequences of replacement migration will be bad for Europeans and take advantage of the Christianity of Americans. Christian ministers and organisations are fully in the know about these and refuse to inform ICE of their whereabouts on religious grounds… These are the enemies within that collaborate with the Jewish establishment and Jewish owned Media.

And just look at some of the opinions of the smaller, niche Christian media along with the Christian groups given support by the established Jewish media:

 Disgusting-Catholics Catholics-want-Migration      Disgusting-Catholic-Freaks Catholic-migrants-letting-in-more-migrantsHIAS-Subverting-America Negro-loving-PopeDisgusting-HIAS Disgusting-Churches-importing-Mexicans

These Replacement Migration supporting Christian nut-jobs literally think that migrants are ‘going to their promised land’ by immigrating to America, their words.

This is what Christianity was designed by Jews to do to the host nation it was inflicted upon by the way. These anti-white Christians think that somehow their Jewish Yahweh is causing it directly. Christians worship the same deity as Jews but in a different manner and as slaves, sometimes calling it Jehovah instead, or just covering up the fact by saying ‘God’ or ‘the lord’. Yahweh by the way is the same name of the Jew’s pre-Monotheistic God of War, they ‘circumcised’ all their other Gods and Goddesses out of their religion, except their God of war… this should tell you something about their intentions.

The insane consequences of these Christian’s views is clear to see: White Replacement, assisting in defending and facilitating replacement migration in direct accordance with Jewish aims.

The Jewish media is forced to acknowledge the existence of the huge migrant caravans, but there is a numerically far more significant threat: the hundreds of thousands of individual and small groups that are ‘bused’ into America and through South Texas in particular by migration-zealots of the Judaized Christian faith. Their Jewish colleagues in HIAS operate a similar enterprise but the complicit and direct, willing, enthusiastic involvement of Christian and particularly of Catholic churches in assisting migration must be exposed. The Christian right cannot talk about this as it is true that their faith is cucked towards undermining the racial coherence of all nations:

“you are to love those who are foreigners,”
-(Deuteronomy 10:19)[1]

“you are all one”
-(Galatians 3:28)[2]

Ensuring that ” The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born”
-(Leviticus 19:34)[3]

And that their former Jewish-tribal deity: ” loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.”
-(Deuteronomy 10:18)[4]

Evidently racially subversive Christian theology and law does serve the Jewish objective of anti-European racial replacement by morally supporting the human behaviour mechanisms that result in not only passivity towards replacement migration but acceptance and promotion of it. From the Pope to the local Church groups, Christianity is racially subversive in all situations, especially where more than one racial group exists in close proximity to another. Note the whole narrative of Pence of welcoming ‘Christian refugees from Syria’ who are all non-whites. These Christians and what they are doing is never reported on but in fact supported by the Jewish media, whose own tribal groups are leading in this field and to whom this Christian collaboration is a welcome gift to the Jewish agenda of replacing whites (Europeans).

Additionally we then see entire non-white Christian initiatives formed by the Christian migrants the so-called ‘White Christians’ helped migrate into the US . These ‘White Christians’, to whom being white is secondary or non important, care nothing for European Americans’ racial future but only for Christianity detached from any racial loyalties. One of these subsequent Latino organizations is the ‘Kino Border Initiative’, operating on the US-Mexico border and openly providing assistance (encouragement and motivation) to migrants from Mexico and Latin America to cross into the United States. The Kino Border Initiative leadership is entirely non-white. They are supported as colleagues by the established American religious associations, even though their bent is clearly racial, they take advantage of the cucked, self-deceiving, Jew-God worshipping color-blind Christian establishment and the Jewish media just revel in it. They mention these groups more often than they mention HIAS. HIAS is the number one group for facilitating migration into the United States (behind only the federal government).

Catholic Church groups have been up with HIAS demanding amnesty for decades in America.

Back in 2010 this was proved beyond all doubt. The national US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced their full, canonical support for amnesty. Since way back in 2013 the Catholic Church has continually since then been pressuring the US Congress to pass immigration ‘reform’ i.e. amnesty for these non-white invaders. Since 2014, all the way until 2019 and still in effect right now, the Evangelical Immigration Table has pushed for a full, not just partial but a full amnesty bill. This proves that it is not just Catholics. Many of these groups, alongside HIAS, were responsible for much of the congressional lobbying that caused all of the prior Amnesty bills from the ones passed under Bush Junior to Obama. And we all know that it was this same coalition of Jewish subversives and willing, collaborating Christians who pushed for ‘love and reconciliation’ between Blacks and Whites in Loving V. Virginia (the case that overturned the ban on interracial breeding) and the Jewish pushed, Christian accepted 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (note how Christians always seem to ‘forgive those that trespass against us’…). The Church benefited directly from an increase in devout, low-IQ, non-questioning Christian devotees from Mexico and wider Latin America…

We know that Pope Francis has routinely advocated for white replacement but the argument that ‘oh this is just the current subversive pope’ is nullified when you realise that even the prior Pope urged all Catholic communities in the United States to:

“welcome waves of new immigrants, to provide them with pastoral care and charitable assistance, and to support ways of regularizing their situation.”
-Pope Benedict XVI (the 2nd to last pope)

Afterword: And by the way what we are defending is our European races, not ‘White-Christians’, you manipulative Jew-worshipping Christian cucks, we are seeking to defend our ‘European’ races you dirty Jew-loving, troglodytic, defeatism-imbued cucks, Christian nationalists can’t ever fucking consistently bring themselves to just say European, the Jew-cucked freaks just have to put Christian in front of anything they care about artificially (such as Christian-West or Christian-Civilization) and sometimes they can’t even say European, the co-ordinators of the anti-hate division of their church’s missionary/outreach program probably would not approve, they have to say ‘White-Christian’ as if it’s some kind of version of Christianity, sometimes they are forced to type ‘White-Christian Europeans’, which I’m sure you have seen, it’s transparently pathetic, it does not describe us whatsoever, especially when talking about our history, like how the Christians took decades to finally do something against Muslims in Europe, unlike the prior pagans who killed every migrant that ever wondered into Europe over tens of thousands of years (because otherwise we wouldn’t be European today, but now the guard is down due to Christianity and migrants are welcomed).

These Christian promoters, they just don’t give a fuck, they just want to insert Christianity into the racially-aware nationalist scene, so that when we win, they manage to cling on to power. I guarantee well discover in the next 10 years some Christian initiative to infiltrate the far-right to ensure that when we win they’ll still be there, with their smuggled crypto Jew-converts at positions of power, whilst they also try to demoralize and split us up from the inside. These Christians are so non-racially focused its disgusting that they promote themselves as racial nationalists, but they are doing so as that is what it’ll take for Christianity to survive: to attach itself to the prominent political movement of our era: the rising nationalism of Europeans. Meanwhile they put 90% of their eggs in the basket of relying on Mexicans and Christian Negros from Africa and even ex-Coptic Christian refugees from Syria to keep their Jew-authored church alive. Christianity needs to be annihilated along with Jewish Subversives from our societies overall, alternative political movements, national discourse and especially our Government structures permanently.

Christian so called patriots who oppose immigration themselves will rage over this fact: that they are part of the replacement migration problem by supporting Christianity, just look at what their Jewish-authored bible tells them to do, their fellow believers are out right now assisting the Jews from HIAS down at the border with Mexico and that the ones who consider themselves racial nationalists but still regard themselves as Christians are simply not quite awakened enough and are still partial cucks, all due to what is in their religion and the Semitic intentions behind its author which have the aforementioned consequences (as well as things like Christian Zionism (a huge movement) and the pope saying “Jews are the holy root who produced Jesus”), which is why they are largely self-inactive and don’t do anything useful to take things back (they mistakenly think religion is separate from politics and race, it shouldn’t be, in a natural belief system, which is part of why they hate using the term European).

Even if Christian nationalists don’t support those elements of Christianity, Christianity will always spawn elements and new movements that do support replacement migration

that will mutate off from whatever deluded notion Christian Nationalists have of how their Christianity is somehow different, without changing any of their bible and claiming that… All the empirical evidence suggests otherwise…

Ultimately all responsibility for Christian subversion rests with the Jew that invented Christianity: Saul of Tsarsus and the Jews that promoted Christianity in the bureaucracy of the Roman Empire leading up to its enforced formal adoption after the Council of Nicaea in the 4th Century (325AD precisely).

It is universally accepted that the early promoters of Christianity were Jews, even engaging in terrorism to force the Roman bureaucrats and weak-leaders to adopt it to inflict a spiritual trauma to European mankind and induct them into an easily controllable religiously-veiled ideological manifesto of self-destruction, suicidal egalitarianism and ethnic masochism, traits Christianity display to this day.

Christian-apologist missionaries infiltrating our racial nationalist movements try to say Europeans ‘just happen’ to be like that rather than letting the truth be known that Christianity is the undeniable cause of such and without which, we would expel all these non-whites and without which we never would have stopped killing the ones that migrated into early Europe.

That time is coming by the way and things will be corrected.

We racial Europeans will reclaim our lands and purge all the racial and spiritual defilers who got in our way.


Article Author: Dan Rayner English / Re-published & Updated 07/04/2020 / Article Originally Published: 3rd Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE /3rd Night of April 2019.CE


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