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Media Hypocrites: Attempted Political Assassination of Dominic Cummings and the Support for Mass Protests

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The Westminster Regime and Media’s Attempted Political Assassination of Dominic Cummings and the hypocritical support for Mass Protests amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown.

National Traitors & Hypocrites: The Jewish staffed BBC and all other national Media from ITV and Channel 4 to Sky News give media and de-facto moral support to Anti-English, Subversive mass protest gatherings amidst the Coronavirus Lockdown.

The entire mainstream media has assisted the Anti-Fascist International and Black Lives Matter (B.L.M.) efforts and organisations through providing them the essential media coverage to ensure that their terroristic campaign of historical desecration, vandalism, assaults and political blackmail can maintain momentum. The Westminster Regime has been complicit in allowing the selective violation of Coronavirus Lock-down to sickeningly transparent degrees.

The hypocrisy of the media is universally known, everyone can see their hypocrisy (in many other ways also advanced readers will discern) in how they supported the Lock-down during the Coronavirus Pandemic for their political opponents: normal people, nationalistic people and non-compliant No.10 advisors like Dominic Cummings who is hard at work trying to make many of the unqualified, biased and leak-prone civil servants in the government bureacracy unemployed. These are the Jewish dominated media’s decade-long, Antifa ideology supporting ‘sources’, ‘friends’ and ‘relatives’ inside the Westminster Regime’s infrastructure. These are the power-pushing pencil-pushers within the bureacracy of central government, local government and the police in accordance with their biases.

The entire media, civil service, intertwining establishment from the Gaelic migrant identity loonies of Plaid Cymru and the SNP to the Jewish international’s and Black Supremacists of the Labour Party to the Leftwing infiltrators within his own political party alike hate Dominic Cummings like no other human within contemporary UK politics.

The media hate Dominic Cummings more than any other human allowed to attain high political status in the UK political media, more than Boris, more than Farage, by a huge factor.

Unlike Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings was actually useful to the victory against the EU during the 2016 campaign. With Farage having been useful solely in the medium-term national-opinion build-up (2012-2016) prior to and forcing the subsequently won 2016 referendum and Boris of counter-productive effect by all accounts besides any potential personal leverage within the Westminster Regime on David Cameron to schedule a referendum.

Robert Peston Kneebender to Jewish Subversives


Jew Emily Maitlis
The powerfully-positioned Jewish BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis. Dyed hair. Recipient of 250 Ofcom complaints in a single broadcast.

The way the Jewish dominated media and the Westminster Regime went after Dominic Cummings is so transparently biased that even 250 normies with TV licenses complained about the Jewish BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis’s monologue rant against Dominic Cummings. This according to press regulator Ofcom. An undeniable example of Jewish media influence and narrative pushing. Despite 250 complaints and cumulative thousands in the past this Jewish Newsnight presenter remains in the highly influential position as the presenter of one of the most singularly powerful investigative news broadcasts in the world.

It is a well-informed and highly advanced (but really, really, really obvious) conclusion to draw that Jewish Leftists really hate Dominic Cummings for his role in Brexit and in fighting against their century-long control of the civil service and his refusal to buckle before their media demands.

The hostility by the Westminster Regime against this practical-minded No.10 advisor was undeniably politically feigned, imbued with fake outrage, saturated in fake moral high-horse condemnation, drenched in a media narrative attack and nothing to do with national health concerns in hindsight.

This is now evident due to the Jewish dominated Westminster Regime media’s encouraging and in many forms: inciting and justification of mass violent, criminality infested riots and vandalism by Negroes and their Jewish Antifa co-ordinators in urban UK cities.

The hypocrisy and selective-enforcement in the Westminster Regime’s UK-wide policing is not just in urban areas: there was some sheer Sheep Police hypocrisy: During the period where the lock-down was eased to allow long distance travel to outdoors locations in England, Welsh police blocked thousands of English hikers from going to -national taxpayer funded* *(like everything in Wales)– national parks in Wales but made no effort to fine or stop the hundreds of Jewish Antifa, Gaelic Antifa and BLM protestors in densely packed central Cardiff or those that traveled to Bristol from Wales for the Bristol statue destruction.

Irresponsible use of taxpayer-funded headline space: devoted to a subversive political assassination attempt: another well-evidenced example to justify growing national calls to de-fund the BBC:

BBC is really trying to make a second run at this

The Attempted Political Assassination of Dominic Cummings: The week long Headline-Occupying, Resignation-enducing political assassination attempt by Jewish BBC presenters, editors and Conservative Westminster Regime Infiltrators.

Retard Conservative Cucks to the Media

The attempted political assassination of Dominic Cummings was a very good litmus test for which Conservatives are disloyal or infiltrators: willing slaves to media-campaigns that define them as de-facto media influence-peddlers who resign literally upon the command of the mainstream media in an attempt to have an effect against the right side of the conservative party in accordance with a subversive Media campaign against anyone who threatens them.

Retard Conservative Cucks to the Media

Amongst them is this beta-male, squidgy faced –former- Minister Douglas Ross who enthusiastically resigned in an attempt to aid and abet the Jewish BBC editor’s campaign against Dominic Cummings a man they hate so much for his role in winning the war against the EU during the initial 2016 political civil-war of the UK-EU membership Referendum campaign.

The BBC, Guardian, ITV, Independent, Spectator and other leftwing media entities led the effort to force Dominic Cummings well over the cliff-edge of employability in opportunistic retaliation for his ongoing efforts to make unemployed many of their left-wing civil service insiders who are often the ‘sources’ for their stories and the stifling efforts against certain legislation they dislike. This media campaign derived from feigned outrage even forced the No.10 advisor to have his own media conference to defend himself. The media pressure was so intense that it forced a police force to make announcements and then selectively investigate Dominic Cumming’s actions, which found no crime. Fast forward a few weeks and the media is openly justifying, defending and giving coverage to mass violations of Coronavirus lock-down ‘rules’ in the form of the Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fascist International vandalism campaign conducted under the facade of a series of protests.

BBC taxpayer funded double standards, Westminster Regime hypocrisy and subversion: BBC gives coverage and moral encouragement to mass Black, Jewish, Antifa gatherings amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

The taxpayer funded BBC has an especially corrupt double standard: The Attempted Political Assassination of Dominic Cummings and the hypocritical support for Anti-English, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Fascist International protest gatherings and the Bristol Colston ‘Slavery-associated’ statue destruction amid the supposedly police enforced  Coronavirus Lockdown.

Blm terrorists Edward Colston

Normal people and Dominic Cummings are persecuted for violating lockdown rules that were in themselves instituted far too-late and have not included migrants or plane passengers and now subversive protestors. However protestors of the lock-down, the EU and other important issues have been prevented entirely with threats of and actually issued increasing gradations of fines.

After attempting the pathetic, false-outrage filled, headline-level week long political assassination attempt of Dominic Cummings’ career and life for minor travels during the selectively enforced Coronavirus Lock-down the hypocrisy of the Media-directed political and policing establishment exposes its own illegitimacy.

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