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How English News Saved Hundreds of Nationalists from Fake Far-Right Terror Group National Action

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How English News Saved Hundreds of Racial Nationalists from joining the obvious entrapment effort of National Action: the fake Far-Right ‘Terror’ Group

In today’s world left-wing terrorist organisations are playing an increasingly large role in political affairs. This article details the exclusive story of how English News waged war against the Left-wing Jewish organisation ‘National Action’ that sought to present itself as a Nationalist right-wing terrorist organisation.

English News from 2014 to 2019 exposed National Action as fraudulent and saved hundreds of people from going to jail against the worst efforts of the Left-wing International tabloid media that portrayed them as genuine.

That Left-wing campaign groups were able to get away with portraying an entrapment operation as a genuine Far-right terror group is one of the biggest suppressed national scandals of our times, with international law-enforcement ramifications that could lead to the investigation of numerous Left-wing and Jewish campaign groups.

Pictured: National Action described themselves as “White Jihad” in accordance with efforts to get European racial nationalism classed as a terrorist ideology on the same level as Islamic extremism.


The English News attack on National Action helped hundreds of people to avoid joining the obvious entrapment effort of National Action.

Any intelligent racial nationalist who looked online to see what a group was about before joining them and searched anything closely resembling the below phrases was dissuaded from joining National Action because of the clear evidence that they were, as is now well established: an effort to get dozens of nationalists sent to jail (has happened) and make nationalism look ‘extreme’ and ‘fringe’ (succeeded in their own case).

Proving this the No.1 Google search result for: ‘National Action position on the Jews’ and all similar search results such as ‘National Action Jews’ from 2014 all the way to 2019*, in both text and picture searches, was the English News attack article written by our founder, Dan Rayner, a search result which was still lasting until 3 years after NA were proscribed as a terrorist organisation which occurred in 2016 only 36 months after they launched.

National Action Position on the Jews

*In 2019 due to the manufacturers discontinuation of the actual website editor EnglishNews had used from 2014, a new editor was used in 2019 which broke the continuity in URLs on every single high ranking Google search page position result in both text and pictures were lost, due to URLs and picture formats being changed, annihilating our web rankings (prior to this despite a total of 4 years of inactivity (2015-2019) had somehow maintained a top 1millionth web ranking, out-competing tens of thousands of ‘popular’ alternate and mainstream political party websites without even any new content being written for 4 years, which goes to show how effective and well-received our passive information reach was, you can find plagiarized articles from English News all over the internet and someday we will prosecute them all for copyright violation for lots of funding for our movement! This website was remade in March of 2020 returning to the use of a more search recognizable format: WordPress. English News only in the past few months has started to rebuild our search rankings and subsequent readership numbers that we had prior to the decision to avoid online publishing in 2015.

The Degeneracy of National Action: the Jewish, Antifa entrapment group that attracted Paedophile membership.

It seems unbelievable but all of the below examples emerged in media reports primarily emanating from the court cases involving National Action members and this is just what is available from the BBC and other media articles, one can only imagine what came out in court but has not been reported on.

National Actions most degenerate organizers and key staff included:

  • A convicted child sexual offender (National Action launched a short-lived hypocritical ‘Pedo-hunter’ video attempting to copy the successful internet phenomena of pedo shaming videos which backfired, damaging the credibility of their members and nationalism of their form even more)
  • An organizer and activist, Adam Thomas who lived in Israel, learned Torah and converted to Judaism and then came back to the UK supposedly. (Possibly a Mossad cover story? – for use when his Jewishness and passport records back and forth from Israel was exposed?).

National Action Jews

  • The suspicious proclaimed ‘Eastern European’ Jewish named individual, who in court was described as a long-term friend of the above Adam Thomas, who was also a National Action member who knew him from before he claims he moved to Israel but never said anything about it: a collaborating Jew?
  • An open Welsh-Socialist, National Action co-founder Alex Davies: who is suspected to be Jewish. Alex Davies: (Picture Link) .

National Action Alex Davies Jew

  • Alex Davies, now living in Swansea (who now sports a neck-beard and moustache to attempt to hide his appearance) was put on a government de-radicalization program in 2011, which he ignored, only in 2014 did he start co-operating with them, strangely this is when he then had started to launch National Action. Unlike those in jail for membership of National Action he has never been charged.
  • A Jewish looking overweight man who dyes his hair blonde, as exposed by his ugly brown bushy Mediterranean/Jewish eyebrows and was a double glazing salesman (renowned for their lying, scumbag, opportunist behaviour) who now hides out in the same town (Swansea) as Davies, was its other co-founder, Benjamin Raymond. (Video Link). With an unconvincing, obvious lack of belief:

  • A man convicted of drug dealing offences (wiped out their reputation in contrast to their anti-drug posters saying “hospitalize your local drug dealer” when their membership included a convicted one).
  • All the rejects and failures from Nick Griffin’s BNP Youth network, Kevin Layzell etc,
  • The homosexual peadophile Jack Renshaw, who was the leader of Nick Griffin’s BNP youth movement (the BNP youth support for National Action does look rather coordinated, perhaps Nick Griffin was a National Action supporter also), who went down for planning to stab a female police officer (that would have done so much image damage to racial nationalists, killing a female police officer) and an MP. [source]
  • Several organisers of and members of the Western Spring’s Sigurn Legion: a bunch of men who in their own promotional pictures, pictured themselves standing naked in a circle at a supposed martial arts club (MAC) where they act in front of cameras* *In the Sigurn Legion promotional videos they show someone shooting a bow whilst holding the bow with his torso forwards, which is not how you shoot a bow, showing they were clearly acting for the camera and have no idea how to even hold a bow whilst shooting and are just acting for a video and as an organisation had no one in their ranks who had any idea about such a basic thing as how to use a bow. The Western Spring’s Sigurn Legion MAC, which ran overlapped with National Action according to their own articles, seems to have been targeted at older, more middle class male audiences unlike NAs primary target of male working class teenagers and young adults and University students.
  • Numerous shit-posting Stormfront and London Forum attendees were amongst National Action’s most degenerate members as gauged from comments online. National Action co-founder Benjamin Raymond ran a forum called ‘Iron March’ which was basically the National Action forum, which is now shutdown, which was filled with degenerate comments by these now confirmed homosexual paedophiles and registered child sex offenders (in 2 separate instances).

National Action Homosexuals Iron March Forums
The disgusting, homosexuality and juvenile-cultist, pathetic fantasist nature encouraged in National Actions members Online.

  • Confirmed Hope not Hate Informant Robbie Mullen (they claim he started out as an actual member who was turned, but he contacted Hope Not Hate initially, a genuine concerned person would never have gone to such a disreputable organisation, they would have simply gone to the police, also the fat beta-male choad is visibly a psychological leftist). [source]

Robbie Mullen National Action Hope Not Hate Correspondent

Rarely does the state do something that benefits its citizens, but shutting down National Action from the perspective of the history of racial nationalism in the UK will probably be one of the most beneficial turning points at least for the professionalism of racial nationalist organisation efforts in the UK.  You could not make up the sheer list of degenerate members who composed National Action, from Jews, searchlight informants, cucky wannabe-converts to Judaism, homosexual pedophiles and child sex offenders.

Contrast the highly beneficial service to UK racial nationalists English News gave through warning of National Action’s obvious stylistic intentions towards self-demonization and entrapment (confirmed now as having led to dozens of racial nationalists having been sent to jail for being members of National Action) with the destruction to individual’s personal lives, jobs and very freedom caused by the groups that helped to promote the Jewish terrorist organisation National Action and did huge damage to the image of racial nationalism in the UK.

The list of UK Nationalist groups that helped promote National Action include:

  • The Western Spring (believed to be the group that launched National Action),
  • The London Forum (allowed National Action leader, Jew Alex Davies to speak at their meetings),
  • Heritage and Destiny (supported them in meetings, vocal support during shutdown period),
  • Mjolnir Magazine (supported National Action in its unsuccessful paper magazine and whose editor supported them also in his Stormfront comments where he describes National Action as ‘Comrades’).
  • Approximately 20 various self-destructive Stormfront UK and VNN Forum users, probably a high proportion of those are Jewish Antifa trolls.
  • Countless shady small proclaimed nationalist street groups that existed briefly under various Facebook group names that met with the Western Spring.
  • Various social media chat groups such as: ‘Triple K Mafia’ and other proxies that were used to manipulate people into supporting or getting involved with National Action.

These cancerous cells caused people to trust National Action and undeniably led to individuals going to jail (it is clearly in the BBC article reports that include details that emerged during the court cases) for having been conned into joining groups on social platforms that defined them as ‘members’ of National Action.

National Action caused removal of two rightwing soldiers

English News was attacked relentlessly by National Action’s Jewish members on Stormfront and elsewhere through proxies of the Western Spring, London Forum and other organisations that supported the Jewish terrorist group National Action, which is legally classified as a terrorist organisation, membership or support of which is illegal and somehow these groups remain allowed to operate.

Pictured Below: the Western Spring awarding one of their own with an award again, just like the Oscars, Jews nominating Jews. [SOURCE]

Western Spring Alex Davies

These attacks came after English News saw through National Action. From website operation and English Asatru related files given to me by the English Reclamation Movement Kindred Oversight Committee, originally from our now politically inactive founder, it is clear that English News retaliated against hostility from National Action aimed at manipulating English News, including emails from a national action member thinking it was being sneaky.

National Action Occupy NationalismNational Action being an organisation that sought to ‘occupy nationalism’ (by its own words) sought to push out all non-compliant groups. National Action was setup we believe by the Western Spring to counter English News which at the time was Nationalist Asatru News, they thought we were going to be a street movement and thus launched a street movement to counter us, the hostile Western Spring, infamous for its philo-semitic articles and associations with Jewish individuals, at this time had been in operation for over 2 years and Nationalist Asatru News had only been in operation for 3 months and had already caught up with the Western Spring’s online readership numbers. On the day of our 1st ever Asatru meeting in York during the Yorvik Viking Festival Nationalist Asatru News overtook the Western Spring’s web rankings. 3 days later DDOS attacks started that crippled Nationalist Asatru News for weeks.

At the 1st ever Nationalist Asatru News meeting Alex Davies, co-founder of National Action turned up (uninvited), tagging along with the former Birmingham BNP organiser and writer behind the ‘Birmingham Nationalist’ website Paul Hickman (Paul Hickman apparently killed himself after police harassment by the Police for involvement with National Action although this cannot be independently verified, he may have just put that story out to quietly disappear) that our founder Dan Rayner had met and talked with. Paul Hickman became hostile against English News after siding (foolishly) with National Action in 2014.

In-between the initial meeting point and the meeting point where the Stormfront UK group was scheduled to meet up with the Nationalist Asatru News meeting Alex Davies asked our founder if he had got in contact with Alex Davies’s friends in the Western Spring. Our founder relayed how he had overtaken their web rankings the day before and that day so why had they not got in contact with him, Alex Davies replied: “your mistake is seeing the Western Spring as rivals” indicating a clear allegiance to them.

Alex Davies left the meeting half way through after Dan Rayner annihilated him (in his signature reserved and still friendly way) in a discussion about how forming little retreatist white enclaves (that would be simply shut-down by the government) instead of taking back the whole country is not a viable tactic and would lead to our defeat.

Alex Davies then when making up that National Action had done lots of activism all over the country, included in the list of places: “York during the Yorvik Viking festival” as an example of activism they had done, to try to project that they were a big successful group when they had done no activism whatsoever. This blatant lie was aired on Paul Hickman’s Renegade Tribune Podcast. The Renegade Tribune aka:  Jewish mysticism promoter Kyle Hunt and (8chan confirmed doxxer of nationalists) Sinead McCarthy vocally supported National Action up until the inconsequential point when they were shutdown anyway, only then at the point where they were banned anyway did the above groups switch to not supporting them, after years of having manipulated (admittedly only less than 200) people into supporting them, ruining many of their lives. *It is worthwhile noting that the reason National Action went back to York during the Yorvik Viking Festival in 2015 and then 2016 was solely to “occupy nationalism” and stop English News from going there ourselves to hold our public gatherings as we had in 2014.

National Action legitimizing the Jewish Lie of the Holocaust whilst demonizing themselves.

A month later direct strategic attacks against Nationalist Asatru News started with National Action scheduling a meeting on the same day as an English News event, the 2nd ever Nationalist Asatru meeting. This English News (Nationalist Asatru News) meeting was the first one I, Frederick Eldridge, now leader of the English Reclamation Movement turned up at, which was just outside of Bristol back in the late Spring of 2014. There were 21 of us total at this meeting.

According to an unpublished article written by our founder and screenshots in the files given to me by the Kindred oversight committee hours prior to this a National Action member had emailed Nationalist Asatru News claiming that he had evidence that National Action was fake, this was a trap. The National Action member knowing that hostility was inevitable between us and them sought to give us a fake email to publish to undermine our reputation. Only a few lines with blacked out sections were published, narrowly avoiding a huge PR defeat. National Action raged as English News used solely publically available evidence that everyone could agree with (National Action’s bad PR, self-extremist style, seemingly trying to make themselves look unappealing to mainstream society to demonize racial nationalist ideology) for the bulk of the attack.

English News ran this attack against National Action, posted it to 2 forums, it was removed almost-instantly by the Jewish moderators of Stormfront, it received initial welcoming on VNN for about 2 minutes then swarms of National Action members started trolling the post, ignoring the content, crying: “show us the evidence” (to try to force the publishing of their fake email which they could then attack) and then going on the offensive against our founder, this then continued on separate posts on Stormfront, which allowed attacks against then Nationalist Asatru News but not against National Action.

The attack article by English news, despite the worst censorship efforts of supposedly nationalist communities online went on to become the No.1 Google search result for ‘National Action Jews’, ‘National Action position on the Jews’ or any related combination of words all the way up until 2019.

National Action never denied the content of the attacks as they were all based on publically visible things from the National Action website and how it contradicts with their stated objectives. Also utilized in the English News article against National Action were National Action’s own pictures of them ‘messing around’ at their protest that was on the same day as the 2nd Nationalist Asatru News meeting.

They could not reply to these attacks as they were true so they just ignored it and relied on the online disreputable Jewish media tabloid outlets such as Vice and Huffpost and Jewish Subversive ran websites like the Daily Stormer, Western Spring and Renegade Tribune to promote them to the point where they could just ignore any criticism from 99% of racial nationalists and get away with making racial nationalists look like extremists.National Action Jew

However throughout this whole time that search result was there, no media articles surpassed it on those search terms. In the old website email addresses I can see that English News received dozens of emails from people who agreed with English News and who were considering supporting National Action but did not due to English News’ attack against National Action.

In these files is also a text interview of someone using an obvious fake name who claimed to be an angry ex-national action member who stated that the Western Spring was National Action and that they have “heavy contacts” who launched their groups. This cannot be verified as genuine and it is in the notes that the person was suspected of just being another National Action Jew both trying to contradict English News narratives and get English News to finally publish something they could then attack us on to say ‘see they will publish anything’. Something our wise founder refrained from doing at the time.

In hindsight it is clear that people such as Jared Taylor (video), Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson were involved as supporters of the Western Spring (by literally having the Western Spring’s dyed blonde, boggle-eyed Matthew Tait at their conferences, who was pictured with the Jewish infiltrator Jack Buckby, who is now open about his “Jewish family”). There is also a suggestion that a group of low level shopkeepers were financing the Western Spring and National Action. One of the founders of National Action (the distinctly Jewish looking) Benjamin Raymond turned out to be a Double Glazing window salesman and shop owner. Typical that a salesman would be involved in a con of an organization that led to dozens of people going to jail and making nationalists look like larping self-styled extremist retards as National Action mandated in their ‘chav‘ dresscode or “Black Bloc” style that is identical to that used by Antifa.

National Action Occupy Nationalism Slogan

Everyone who was a racial nationalist actively involved in activism in the UK in the period 2014-2017 or who read racial nationalist websites in that period who could have been at risk of being suckered in by National Action and then subsequently jailed (as many less intelligent or circumstantially entrapped individuals have been) who read or even saw the English News article and then decided that this was enough doubt to make them not join National Action potentially owes their very freedom to our founder Dan Rayner and the English Reclamation Movement.

National Action Jews
The headline of the original article

Without that No.1 Google search result against National Action written in 2014 it is beyond doubt that dozens more, likely anywhere up to a few hundred could have been sucked into National Action and subsequently jailed. The English News attack really did inflict a mortal wound against National Action early on in their development that stayed with them all the way until after they were shutdown without which they could have suckered in magnitudes more.

This is proof of the good service to the integrity and image of Racial Nationalism by English News that saved potentially hundreds of racial nationalists from going to jail in the period 2014-2017 with some arrests still being made in 2020(!) of those the police are searching for who were ever National Action members. It is clear from what was reported out of the court cases that National Action distributed the communist booklet “The Anarchist Cookbook” to some of its members many of whom were then subsequently targeted by suspiciously well timed raids by the police who then found them in possession of terrorist materials. This looks like Antifa leadership of National Action after years of dominating the Jewish online tabloid headlines decided to push one step further and try to set the precedent in law for a racial nationalist group being shutdown as a terrorist organization, combined with encouraging several members into terroristic mindsets.


The objective of the Jewish Subversives behind National Action:

Their objective was transparently to get White nationalism classified on the same level as Islamic Terrorism to desperately suppress the rise in Racial Nationalism occurring.

The effect of National Action Jews

This objective is being pushed for in order to suppress a legitimate and necessary racial-politics defence of our nation against mass-non-white immigration and Jewish Supremacism. The obvious objective which National Action was and still is a part of is to get all forms of racial-identity of Europeans classified inherently as terrorist ideologies and to get all those promoting European racial identity shutdown as terrorists.

National Action has resulted in Anti-Semitism for the first time ever in the UK being in the government text of the description and justification of a group shut down for being a terrorist organisation:

National Action Proscribed as terror organisation

This is exactly what Jewish Subversives have wanted for decades and National Action was the means of giving Jewish Subversives this legal precedent victory in the UK. National Action failed on every conceivable level, as a political information tool, as a campaign tool, it even failed as a terrorist organisation thus revealing its obvious sole purpose was as an image-defilement and activist entrapment-group.

In law enforcement the term for what National Action was would be a “sting operation” however it is clear that the state was not involved in National Action and that a more dangerous, more unaccountable, International network of Left-wing fanatics were involved in the co-ordination of National Action to ‘shut down’ as many racial nationalists in the United Kingdom as they could whilst making racial nationalism look like a bunch of autistic, overweight, youths wearing Antifa-style ‘black bloc’ and chav clothing marching around engaging in protests which they then contradicted with their actions or members’ criminal convictions in what was a deliberately embarrassing kaleidoscope of intentionally inflicted public relations failures.

The number of arrests suggest National-Action (NA) was much smaller than the Jewish media tabloid websites such as Huffpost and Vice reported it as being between 2014-2016.

It is clear that National Action rose to prominence on the back of these Left-wing, often Jewish authored ‘scare-articles’ describing National Action, using things such as National Actions own terminology describing itself as ‘white Jihad’ and depictions of weapons and of its co-founder holding a STG-44 at a polish shooting range. This was an obvious attempt to project a terroristic image that goes well beyond explanation as a result of simple stupidity. Imagine how many more would have been suckered in, had there not existed a No.1 Google search result for a essential series of search terms that all intelligent racial nationalists should make before joining a group.

Those who read English News back then or saw that article in passing, or just even the articles iconic headline picture, you potentially owe your freedom to reading that expose. This is not a boast for me, this defence of the freedom of potentially hundreds of racial nationalists belongs to the person who actually wrote that expose, Dan Rayner, the founder and teacher really of English Asatru, which is now the English Reclamation Movement whose news service website you are reading right now.

For the core, non-Jewish members of National Action: in a way it is their fault for being retards and joining National Action that they are in jail, some of those arrested as established in media reports from the court cases included a paedophile, a homosexual paedophile, a convicted drug dealer, spastics like Wayne Bell who used the name “Wayne ‘Celtic Raider’ Jarvie” when he was trying to shit-post on English News Facebook posts, these ‘people’ if you can call them that, really do deserve to be in jail. The above examples would be euthanized by any racial nationalist government as a matter of policy. Those that were not overt degenerates were aesthetic spastics from how they conducted and presented themselves.

However the Jewish promotion of National Action was huge, some blame rests with the mass of tabloid online media that promoted them and gave them friendly interviews to the national media coverage they received whilst being shutdown. The Jewish media assistance National Action received almost from the start was huge and reached far more people than the No.1 Google search result reaches for an essential search phrase that all intelligent racial nationalists should make before joining a group. Additionally some were suckered into joining National Action through friends in other pre-existing Nationalistic groups, exposing a network of Jewish subversives working to get nationalists jailed, they are seriously vile and this network of Jewish subversives from National Action and the Western Spring outwards is politically-subversive and morally criminal in its intentions.  National Action Leaders Jews Alex Davies Benjamin Raymond

Note how Alex Davies and Benjamin Raymond, the founders of National Action are not in jail and according to the BBC were told they would not be charged for anything whatsoever, neither are its Western Spring promoters and their “heavy contacts”, this is only possible because they probably told police that their intention was to slow down the rise of racial nationalism and that they were not actually real nationalists, blaming their gullible members for what was their intention to manipulate unstable personalities into saying they were planning terror attacks which they then informed on before they occurred. National Action members killed a grand total of 0 people but almost 20, including the girlfriend of one, have now been sent to jail for membership of a terrorist organization whilst its founders remain untouched by the law.

National Action Benjamin Raymond Jewish Immune to Law

The English News exposé against suspected Jewish coordinated terrorist organisation National Action helped probably 100-500 people to avoid them and avoid potential subsequent jail sentences.

Evidence: See Pages 18-19 and page 20 of the below PDF ‘Home Office – Proscribed Terrorist Organisations’ list: Read for yourself to see the negative impact caused by the Jews and leftists of National Action in getting Anti-Semitism, Racism and Homophobia listed as ideology aspects of a banned terror group in the description of their groups on the otherwise almost exclusively Islamic and Irish proscribed terrorist organisations list:


Article author:  Frederick Eldridge / Published: 11th day of Ærra Līþa 2270.RE / 11th day of June 2020

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