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Open Borders Kill

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Open Borders Kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. This is true globally, from the cross-border migrations that trigger civil wars and instability in Africa and the middle east to the hordes of statistically criminally inclined nonwhite migrants that enter into European nations every day. Open Borders enable the fast transfer and evolution of viruses responsible for killing millions over even just recent history and hundreds of millions throughout our history.

This article focuses on the effect of open borders on killing people in Western or majority European nations. It is never the open border itself but the people who cross them and what they are carrying, their intentions for crossing them or the effect of their presence in other nations.

Undeniable Migrant ‘Plague Bearers’:

The recent spike in Coronavirus in Italy has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Europeans.

Italian media has reported that a Pakistani migrant with Coronavirus deliberately defied orders to self-isolate and traveled around attempting to maliciously infect other people. This Pakistani has since been arrested. Below is a translation of the Italian media report [source 1] [source 2]

Paki Plague Bearer

Additionally an entire Mosque and we can therefore assume other members of nonwhite and immigrant populations have disobeyed orders to self-isolate and are acting as plague bearers, maliciously and without care for those who have since died. This should warrant arrests for murder of these migrants however the corrupt political establishment and judicial establishment in Italy refuses to protect their indigenous population.

Plague Bearer Migrants

Following this Pakistani Plague Bearer and entire communities of them, the inevitable occurs:

Coronavirus EU BBC

The EU at its core enforces Marxist/Kalergian ‘free movement of people’ This open borders policy means that there are no effective borders within the EU. Thus the EUs open borders are responsible for killing European citizens.

Not surprisingly the most nonwhite populated urban metropolitan centers are the most likely infected places.

This is due to their high levels of migration including illegal, medically unchecked migration. The below chart proves this. They try to hide this pattern by breaking it up by region however if you looked at the map on the basis of cities you would see a correlation there beyond regional correlations: migrant communities are acting as plague bearers undeniably. Migrant communities travel more and as the examples in Italy prove: do not care about spreading Coronavirus and the people they inevitably lead to the death of. They ought to all be deported, they are murderous in their intentions and effect.

London Coronavirus Migrants

Migrant criminals:

27% of the UKs prison population is nonwhite compared with 13% in the general population. That is more than a 100% over-representation. Note that 1% of prisoners refuse to give an ethnicity statement so this number could be as high as 28% of the prison population. The majority white population is under-represented in prison in stark contrast by over 20% under-represented proving how the biggest indicator of criminality per capita is race. Nonwhites are more likely to be criminals by an over 100% over-representation and whites are less likely to be criminals than even our % of the population as a whole by -20%.

Criminal Youths code for black
The very presence of nonwhites within our nation was enabled by open borders, a proportion of nonwhite criminals are murderers, terrorists and rapists, open borders truly do kill in terms of the verifiable crime statistics. More accurately it is the nonwhites that kill, the open borders themselves are just the entry point. An open border that was never crossed would not have an effect it is because of the races of people that are crossing them (inevitably and obviously) and those people are statistically more likely to be criminally inclined (due to their race, lower IQ, less inclined to obey rules etc, less effective at upholding the basics of civilization) and often disregard entirely or are outright hostile to the people whose borders they migrate across, taking advantage of a weakened political system for their selfish short term economic gain (so called ‘economic migration’ that Jewish big-business promotes).

Migration Numbers UK Open Borders Kill

Here are the raw Immigration figures: this is what facilitates with such ease the transmission of foreign originating viruses (and criminals) into the UK and the same situation is being forced upon all white nations by the Judaized political class (from the church to political parties) and Jewish immigration lobbying groups, international groupings (such as the EU) and ideologies as exampled via the Kalergi plan.

For those that hate our nation continuing immigration is far more important than stopping a virus that could save lives because ultimately they do not care about our lives, in fact they want us dead.* *See all the various statements made by anti-white/leftist figures from Richard Branson(Virgin media CEO) to Whoopi Goldberg (US television presenter) who want all old whites to die off so that they can more easily win elections and maintain control.

Real Migration Numbers

51% of all under 21yr olds in jail in the UK are negroes and other nonwhites. And this is just the under 21 statistic. This statistic is indicative of a horde of crimes committed by said nonwhites against society. If the nonwhite population were allowed to increase this statistic would become worse.

Open borders kill

This is undeniable in terms of virus transmission. This is also undeniable in terms of resultant crime rate increases committed by the people who migrate dependent on their race as the primary factor in determining this according even to the left-wing dominated government statistician’s and media admissions. As detailed in the below PDF.

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