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Vigilante Action against the Migrant Invasion

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Vigilante Action Required: Against the Channel Migrant Invasion.

Action against the Migrant Invasion (Vigilante Action) is Required as the UK Border Force is incompetent, understaffed and on ‘Clown-world’ grade orders to traitorously bring migrants to our shores (opposite of what they should be doing which is to sink them immediately from range upon sight immediately). The EU meanwhile openly and deliberately faciliates such crossings and allows migrants that enter in Italy to cross Europe unchecked.

Take Action against the Migrant Invasion:

Do not report migrants to the coastguard (RNLI) at all if you see them, ever. Report them solely to the Police (use 999 directly) and simultaneously Immigration enforcement directly (to get around any leftist police officers who dont want to take action) if they are going to manage to make a landing on our coastline so immigration enforcement can be there when they land and to not help them land, which is what the cucks in the border force do.

For legal reasons I can’t encourage you to sink them or tow them back to France yourself but know that would be my preferred standard expected level of border protection policy for our future Government to adopt as law.
For right now all we are allowed to do is report them, tactically.

Our Government is so treasonous that they disallow us to protect our own borders from foreign invaders that are even illegal by their own laws!

We need Vigilantes in boats out in the English Channel on the French side to report these migrants to the French Coast Guard and French immigration authorities before they leave French waters or even get far from the beaches. This needs to be done by fishermen and pleasure sailors passively at all hours of the day. Those who encounter migrants mid-channel, away from the sight of other boats or trying to land on a beach should take appropriate action.

If you live by the English channel anywhere between Portland Bill and up to Great Yarmouth and especially between Eastbourne and Margate please consider engaging in action against the migrant invasion by simply checking your local beaches and harbours to make sure that any migrants do not manage to sneak onto your beach. If you live by the beach you have a responsibility to patrol that area. Just like how you have a responsibility over your personal territory or property. Walk everyday along the coastline after or before work.

Some criminal gangs (or illegal-smuggling involved charity organisations, like those that were in operation in the Mediterranean) may operate migrant smuggling vessels that land in other areas but that range is the most likely target range. If you suspect a vessel of having been used for smuggling, report it to the police and also directly to immigration enforcement after making a police report, also inform your local harbour master. The police should inform the harbour master anyway, however it should be reported in this multiple-agency report manner as the Harbour master might be corrupt and taking bribes from migrant smugglers and the local police might be leftists (or the harbour master might be a patriot and force the police to act). So report to immigration enforcement directly after reporting to the police and the harbour master and especially report that you have witnessed such to your local news paper, this will increase public awareness of the situation. Also report such to English News so we can report on it properly and hold authorities to account as well as exposing the situation.

Make sure they act. Force them to do something to arrest the migrants or confiscate the migrant smuggler’s boats. Identify these boats yourself, record them in the act.

They do not just use inflatable boats there are some using proper, albeit small motor boats, old fishing boats or smaller craft with an outboard motor typically attempting to arrive early in the morning or during the night. The majority attempting to cross during the day are caught by being reported by freight vessels or sailors. The ones that get through are the ones that cross after leaving France in the evening and arriving before dawn.

Walking at your local beach earlier in the morning with sufficient self-defence equipment (migrants or people smugglers will try to attack you if they see you recording them, they really are violent foreign invaders) would be ideal to partake in vigilante efforts against these migrants. It will be you or some defenseless woman out dog walking (who may or may not even report them) that is going to be the 1st person to encounter them, the 1st line of theoretical defence and that will be on you for your inaction if you are not there.

We who are racially aware and willing to act in accordance with our natural and pure values and ideals are few in number and thus the higher the burden of responsibility upon us for enacting practical efforts of starting the initial efforts of reclaiming our nation.

This is necessary as the recorded instances alone suggest a huge increase in migrant landing attempts. In just this month of May, in the last 26 days 140 non-whites were intercepted trying to land on UK soil, that is only 1/10th of the total number of 24hrs worth of migrants through other avenues but it is still significant in raw terms. Migration in the UK is occuring at a apocalyptic rate of 1,000 migrants entering the UK every single 24hrs. However reporting all the ones you encounter or suspect is highly significant especially in that it will wake people up to have such reported in the immediate area in which they live in.

So if you can engage in any active or passive action against the migrant invasion to help reduce the number of migrants that could be making it past the Border Force you can directly help stop migration and cause an increase of awareness to it, which will help us to motivate our people to reclaim our nation a little bit faster which could make all the difference when it comes down to creating a political turning point in history before it is too late.

Additionally this increased consciousness of this reality being reported in local news will help to create a bastion of support for us with coastal English communities which are already almost all rightwing (except Brighton because they are a bunch of Jewish or Jewish-ideology loyal business owners and weirdo’s like Pewdiepie).

Unfortunately we are not allowed to deal with these illegals ourselves and the traitorous approach of the Westminster Regime is quite clear. From the period January-May only 30 of the 642 recorded migrants since November have been deported. This is a ridiculous rate of importation. Our enemies would want us to not bother reporting them (because they are not going to be deported anyway) but that is a self fulfilling prophecy. The impact you can have on awakening your community and talking about this subject is the only factor that can put pressure on the illegitimate Westminster Regime Bureaucrats to actually do their jobs and deport these migrants by showing them that we are not going to accept this situation and we are going to bring this to the attention of people.

As I am doing with this article. Ultimately we need to purge the civil service and those found guilty of deliberately obstructing or being ‘slow’ with deportation paperwork should be convicted of treason and racial subversion against the nation (after a full in-depth life-record evaluation) with the death penalty issued in the most utilitarian manner: via compulsory long-term placement on a ‘human organ donor’ list whilst engaging in self-funding prison labour after complete financial and property asset reclamation.

Article Author: Dan Rayner / English / Article Published: 26th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 26th Night of May 2019.CE


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