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The Silent Nationalist Majority: A website on how to avoid having your political or life potential ruined / doxxed.

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Silent Nationalist Majority Website

The Silent Nationalist Majority: Basically a website on how to avoid having your political or life potential ruined.


Silent Nationalist Majority
This website is of extreme importance to Germanic racial nationalists and all respective European racial nationalists and will help to save thousands of young men from having their political potential or life wasted through having their time wasted supporting a fake group or through having their details literally given to people who oppose their views.

The most important video so far by the Silent Nationalist Majority for members of the English Reclamation movement is the video made some months ago detailing the danger of fake Asatru and fake Asatru influences in America which is not even Asatru but is a perverted Judeo-Irish concoction of a universalist nature and this is not merely in its ‘image’ but actually, primarily in its substance (or lack there of) and literal content and deliberate mis-teachings against our Germanic racial identity and spirituality.

This video deals with the Irish Defiler of Asatru in America for 50 years: Steven McNallen

The video is hillariously titled as “The disgusting, Cringe Wannabe Famous Boomer Steven McNallen of the Asatru Folk Assembly”. To prevent its removal there is also an Archive.org backup https://archive.org/details/steven-mc-nallen-asatru-folk-assembly-afa-fake-heathen

This is very important to help both US and worldwide Asatru readers to avoid supporting the now past-tense Irish Defiler of Asatru: Steven McNallen. This video also taught me something I did not know, which shows why it is really important to be a Germanic racial nationalist and not a lowest common denominator ‘white nationalist’: The average IQ of Ireland is according to wikipedia only 93, this compared to 107 for Germanic nations. That is 14 points lower. For those reading who think what is the problem with the Irish, well there is one of the main reasons or indicators of further issues of incompatibility.

For those who need educating on the subject there is an entire article on English News about the fake claims of Celtic Identity movements and their subversive modern effect.

In short summary: There is no one Irish racial group: there is the higher IQ Germanic related ancestral population (pre-Gaelic migration) and then the lower IQ, brown eyed, black haired, Gaelic migrant descended population of Ireland who displaced the original inhabitants who are our well known blue eyed, red haired, racial relatives. So not all Irish people are from the low IQd, brown-eyed, Iberian-peninsula originating population section. The political output of Gaelic(fake celtic) identity Irish politics is extremely subversive and has self-destructively undermined European racial interests throughout history, they are a majority left-wing voting block in the US and UK (and in Ireland the politics is 100% cucked, having endorsed gay marriage, as a ‘catholic’ nation, just goes to show the political hypocritical effect Christianity has on a population of 93 IQ), they even switched sides in the US war against Mexico and sided with non-European Mexicans against Germanic North America because of their spite towards us. The Gaelic speaking peoples are not indigenous to anywhere other than the Iberian peninsula prior to Roman times, especially not Ireland nor the UK. This video briefly, really briefly, like a single screenshot page, hints at this topic.

It seems insane in hindsight that an Irish-Catholic semi got away with presenting itself as a Germanic Asatru leader. No where outside of America or perhaps Canada would this have happened. The lack of education on this subject by the school system and the miseducation on race by films, cultural propaganda are to blame for people not knowing about the importance of upholding our Germanic racial integrity, especially in the movements of our racial spirituality… Which seems so obvious to us who are read on this subject.
Pure Germanic Britain.

There is a classic video that Jared Taylor works hard to try and make some sections of his ‘White Nationalist’ guillable supporters forget:

This is basically an infamous quote “looks white to me” and is often memed in speech by Germanic racial nationalists online and offline. It demonstrates Jared Taylor’s Philo-semitic version of ‘white-nationalism’ which is not even white nationalist but a meek request to our enemies for whites to be allowed to associate with who we choose only… The extent of the American Renaissance, which classes Jews as white, that will be sure to work… some Renaissance… Out of the frying pan, into the smaller frying pan and for all that controversy and decades of wasting the time of the American racial movement.

There is an even more classic video of Alex Jones admiting his loyality to the Jewish race basically:

Basically everyone knows about this but for those that do not, this video does a really good, own words annihilation of Alex Jones.

This Silent Nationalist Majority video series is educational, powerful and unique in that it almost entirely employs statements made by the fake nationalists or ‘faux-nationalists’ in question. The videos are base level in their editing quality but that makes them even more referable to people who are not aware of these defilers.

The Silent Nationalist Majority details these fake nationalists in video form in the 3 instances above and in huge bulk text form on the Silent Nationalist Majority text and picture based website.
Everyone knows there have been iconic instances of fake racial nationalists, from Frank Cohen the Jewish leader of the American Nazi party, it is unbelievable but it is true. However there are so many fake nationalist groups that it is impossible for someone who is just starting to read racially aware content online to avoid visiting or being influenced by the defilers. That website tackles that evidently by appearing in the search results (probably on the 2nd or 3rd pages) for the direct names of various groups which will likely help to save thousands of racial nationalists from having their time, emotions, political life potential or job prospects wasted.

There was no one single library of this controversial but self-evidently true information until the Silent Nationalist Majority. If referred to strictly, it can likely be a life-saving and especially a private-life saving service to Germanic racial nationalists. It has the potential to sort out the issues (the bad personas) that afflict European racial nationalism by helping to wipe the slate clean of these defilers to enable new, genuine entities to establish themselves. This is the real reason by the way that the racial nationalist fringe goes nowhere, they sit around talking about what the ‘problem’ is but THEY are the problem, the ones who are holding racial nationalism back with their personas and impure ideologies, perspectives and in some cases the impure racial ancestry of these ‘figures’. They are the affliction, all of the defilers listed on the Silent Nationalist Majority website.

This site was referred to as reading material via email to the English Reclamation Kindred leaders and from them onto their kindred members who together total over 450+ persons. This ensures that none of our time is wasted by any of the defilers listed on the Silent Nationalist Majority. It is an immensely useful resource and will become even more important to the future of other Germanic racial movements in the United States primarily but also in wider Northern Europe.

Article author: Frederick Eldridge / Published: 21st day of þrimilce-mōnaþ 2271.RE / 21st day of May 2021

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