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Jewish Media, Jewish Mayor, Blacks Rioting

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Negro Black Power Salute

Jewish Media, Jewish Mayor, Blacks Rioting

Apocalypse Minneapolis

Jewish Media, Jewish Mayor, Blacks Rioting: A brief summary of the resulting situation in Minneapolis under the direction of its Jewish Mayor and Black Chief of Police and increasingly all over America for the past 72hrs:

Around 50-100+ cars on fire, Swarms of Negros everywhere, 30-100 shops looted, a target supermarket having been stripped as if locusts had hit it to near 100% looted, ATMs being rammed by cars, banks burning, one dead person found on a sidewalk; guards shot at, police and national guard, a very politically restricted and thin blue line constantly falling back as if ordered to allow the Negro riots to continue and worsen.

Negro Black Power Salute

Negro Hordes

 “it just takes one of them to get worked up and then you get a whole pack of them whipped into a frenzy and it gets to be a little chaotic, and its frankly why we’ve come up to this vantage point.”

-A Reporter describing the Negroid mentality during the riots at 12:07 AM Minneapolis time on 29/05/2020

Throughout these riots Black Lives matters (Black Panther PR-optics crossover group) violence instigators have been seen holding black lives matter placards. Several occurrences of shootings have also occured at the hands of these blacks. There have been confirmed instances of ‘black agitators’ heading to the riot areas to engage in looting and violence.

Black Man burning US flag

“I am doing this for black Americans, to make right 400 years of American history”. … “The black community deserves justice”

– Statement made by Jewish Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on the subject of ordering the arrest of his own police officers after a media trial. Jacob Frey is a Jew looking mayor. Upon research he is a Jew, Jacob Frey is of Jewish ancestry out of Ukraine, fake surname using the name Frey, Trump has only called him “far-left”, the media reports on him as ‘the mayor’ without reference to his bias, Alex Jones merely described him as an “oily little turd communist” with no mention of the “oily little turd’s” Jewishness though I am sure the ADL will add O.L.T or “Oily Little Turd” as an anti-Semitic ‘trope’ to their list of paranoid insecurity.

The Jewish Media (see this informational resource for proof of this statement) has been pushing the narrative of a “national emergency of racism”. And that the US is in a “national emergency” due to racism, more like a national emergency caused by non-white criminality. What is it with these Subversives since around 2017 excessively using this phrase and notion of an ‘x’ “emergency”, you hear the phrases “climate emergency”, “x emergency” and just about any subversive narrative and then the word emergency. This is a noticeable media narrative pattern that is quite recent in this intensity and regularity. Did some Jewish think-tank do a poll or psychological study and found that the word emergency had the greatest effect on their audience? Much like with the post 2017 near total domination of the media by the words “trope” and “canard” when discussing evidence of obvious Jewish influence.

Minneapolis National Guard Riot Deployed

This Jewish media is pushing the false narrative of a “national emergency of racism”, no one in government declared a national emergency of racism, quite the opposite, so their claim that this is a “national” emergency is borderline criminal, they are through using such terminology asserting themselves as the national authority that would in such situations as war and pandemics declare a “national emergency”.

But these Jewish media companies do not have any legitimate elected or designated power to make such proclamations, so lets analyze what they are trying to accomplish with this narrative:

It is clear they are trying to manipulate the public on several levels, first they are asserting themselves criminally as -the- national authority, we know the media likes to do this with their ‘press passes’ and ‘I’m a reporter’ notions of almost a superior societal caste. The biggest impact of this narrative they invoke of a “national emergency” is to create in the minds of those they influence a borderline panicked “emergency” mindset. They are engaging in attitudinal manipulation, ginning up their gullible support base and this includes statistically undeniable lower IQ black and brown persons (as well as a minority of indoctrinated white persons). Think what happens to a biological creature with an IQ between 60 and 80 with an indoctrinated worldview when it considers itself in an “emergency” situation and then look at these riots.

Jewish Media companies US

The causation is so clear and the Jewish media constantly prepares non-whites into being on the edge of this mindset on a daily basis so that in a moment’s notice they can flick the switch of a media promoted video of police brutality or of x incident of x negro either not getting what it wants or being retaliated against and then this causes an explosion of negro criminality.

Black Panther Protest

They use the subsequent violence to get what they want as well as to try to kill their opponents population and force out entire areas: restricting the speech rights of Europeans and increasing the ability for non-whites to get away with transgressions against whites in the immediate future.

Rioting Niggers

These Negroes then use riots as cover for looting and killing, one person has been found dead already in Minneapolis (race unknown) from a gunshot on a sidewalk in Bloomington and Lake Street, in Minneapolis City at 21:25 27/05/2020. Five additional people were injured by blacks shooting around, unknown if intentional or unintentional, knowing blacks probably intentional but with bad aim. Has there been a Black Panther/Black Lives Matter attempted mass shooting of white people? -see this clip showing Blacks shouting ‘shoot the white folks’ during the riots. One Antifa has been arrested on multiple-attempted murder of multiple police officers for attempting to burn them alive inside a parked police car with a Molotov. 1300 persons, almost all blacks have been arrested nationwide from these riots so far. Additionally an instance of shooting has resulted in one dead guard and another in hospital. Media reports are pouring in at such a rate of various shootings and rampages all over America since starting to write this news piece on 27/05/2020 in the past 72hrs.

It is important to watch  this video at 4:05 to 4:20 for the undeniable anti-white nature of the riots that have nothing to do with police brutality. The Jewish media has not been reporting it as such due to the Jewish media perceiving the riots to be sufficient cover to get away with not reporting on such?

Blacks saying Shoot white people

One subversive Negroid race-war enthusiast used its Jewish media allocated prominence to basically advocate killing non-dark skinned people under the facade of ‘predicting’ some kind of apocalyptic race war situation where non-dark skinned people are crying for peace whilst negroes are going around killing everyone not dark skinned:

“The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this… We have the right to fight back!”

-Colin Kaepernick, the hideous de-facto face (and haircut) of anti-white murder incitement efforts in commercial US sports culture.

Another Negroid Supremacist named Van Jones, who is one of the Jewish media company CNN’s political commentators said that: “even the most liberal, well-intentioned white person” has a genetic “virus” that can be “activated” against non-whites. That would be nice news if that were true, I mean that would solve the problem of multi-racialism if we could activate that in every white person at the same time. This is the way this subversive Negroid wants to depict the racial nationalism of Europeans but it would never castigate tribalism and in-group moral perceptions and favourism amongst blacks as a bad thing, as a “virus”, repeating a current media buzzword due to the Coronavirus and the negative connotations of the word to all audiences.

Watch this video at 10:00. Even mainstream Tucker Carlson knows exactly where this is heading and that it will not end well. Also watch the hideously cucky ‘Fredo’ Italian Chris Cuomo’s brain-dead literal NPC face and NPC “white people” indoctrinated reply at 10:40-10:57 after being asked by a Negro supremacist who has to end “racism”, so laughable and artificial. That is the emergency of racism, anti-white racism, that a (broadly speaking) white person can be asked that and in such an obvious state of indoctrination blame their own broad racial classification. That is hate, that is an indicator of a mental virus, just look at this expression as he says that, that is a crisis-level mentality exampled in Chris Cuomo the Fredo cuck, whose 13 years older brother is the current Democrat Governor of New York City.

The Jewish media overall undeniably highlights the deaths or bad experiences of a select singular Negro to entrench an atmosphere of anti-white genocidal ambition amongst negroes so that under their maniacal plans if Europeans in America were ever to become a substantial minority, negro hordes would literally be conditioned / incited into going around attacking, stealing from and eventually killing people of even broadly white appearance in increasingly large numbers every time the Jewish media focuses on a single instance of anything bad happening to a single Negro and Jewish college professors and Jewish funded Negroid sports personalities will say it is justified for Blacks to kill non-blacks.


Niggers burning things

This is the sick Jewish future the coordinators of these rioting Negroes want, a future where they get to kill whites, (they are already allowed to steal, assault, kill a few people (using the crowds to stop any chance of an effective investigation), destroy property, burn areas of cities without prosecution) because of single instances of deaths or in other cases ‘bad things’ happening to them (such as not getting what they want regardless of the law) where an over the top police enforcer happens to be white and a victim black (the Jewish media never mentions black police officers killing blacks, or white police officers killing whites). This same pattern occurred at a similar international level of media attention in the case of Trayvon Martin, a “white-Hispanic” (read Hispanic, but the Jewish media called the person that as they could not get away with saying white) civilian defending themselves against a black assaulter. It is telling that an occurrence that happens every minute in Africa (Negros being killed) is international headline-level news when it occurs in a white majority 1st world nation. That is ultimate proof of the Jewish media’s anti-white narratives and bias.

The Jewish media does this every single time they can, it is clear they are just waiting for these instances, their intention is clear: racial subversion and the ideal counter to their subversion is even more clear: European Americans and Europeans in every territory on the planet need to purge those national territories of Jewish influence and non-white hordes immediately or face a phased social genocide and then a demographic genocide combined with dispersed aspects of a violent genocide normally only seen in Africa.

Black Power Salute Riots

In the UK the 2011 riots were caused in exactly the same way by almost the exact same perpetrators (the media in the UK is not 96% Jewish like in the US, probably around 60-80% of key positions, precise figure unknown due to lack of data but clear it is majority level due to identical narratives and key Jewish media figures in various positions such as Danny Cohen (Jewish), the prior head of BBC television, prior CEO of the BBC James Harding (Jewish). The most nationally prominent investigation news presenter; Emily Maitlis (Jewish) of Newsnight and other examples.

An additional factor alongside the Jewish media, is the caste of Black Civil Rights commentators, often given lucrative career opportunities by the Jewish media and undeniably enabled by their narratives. These Black civil rights commentators or advocates like Al-Sharpton or many of the black faces you will see in Youtube or news website clips of news reports during these riots on the television (and seemingly all the time) are actually black supremacy advocates. Their position is currently in the minority, this is the only reason they push the notion of fighting for ‘rights’ or against ‘discrimination’. If these genocidal Black supremacy advocates were ever in the majority it would be about ‘correcting the past’ (see South African government policy narratives of letting Blacks kill the Dutch Boer and English populations still left in South Africa) and ‘supremacy’, despite obvious empirical measurements comparing different racial group’s intelligence they would somehow justify it to themselves. Look at some of the secret footage recorded from Black Panther meetings to see what they really think and intend.

It is a life or death political struggle for every single person of European racial background, and even those of non-European or partial European, paler skin backgrounds (such as Puerto Ricans, some Asians or partial Spanish ancestry southern Americans) in North America as the words and actions of these disgusting Jewish media broadcasters and Negroes quite openly reveal, decades ahead of time, on their hoped-for anti-white, violent-genocide trajectory.

These Negroes (who are culturally spoon-fed with Jewish produced anti-white, violence glorifying music and learn from Jewish-authored race and cultural theory dominated schools, universities and pop culture TV programs) think they are powerful doing their black power salutes in-front of shops they are burning. This is simply what happens when European civilization is paralyzed from within by Semitic subversion combined with Jewish subversives having imported large numbers of non-whites. This is what happens when even the neutral police of the state are not allowed to enforce laws to regulate beings under the mis-direction of a spiteful, racially-subversive Jewish mayor and when European Americans are not allowed by the Judaized police, political and legal system to fight back against these Negro hordes directly to defend the continued existence of our civilizations and race.

Meanwhile there have been under reported Negro criminality infested protests in:

  • New York,
  • Denver,
  • Columbus,
  • Los Angeles ,
  • Memphis,
  • Atlanta,
  • Cincinnati,
  • Bakersfield,
  • Phoenix,
  • Las Vegas Strip

By the time you read this article there will be dozens more* on the above list. *Demonstrations/Riots have been confirmed in 35 Cities total as of 17:00 30/05/2020 according to Fox News. Chimping out hordes of Negroes are openly violating emergency anti-riot measures including curfews and threats of actual law enforcement in numerous cities. The Black Panther rebrand organization and Negro supremacy organization Black Lives Matter is openly organizing these marches that quickly turn into riots and looting, now confirmed in multiple cities.

Negro Riots US

Negro Rioters minneapolis

Minneapolis Blacks Rioting Pictures

There could be a “national negro criminality emergency” emerging, although only the government could declare such and Trump is unlikely to do that, although he has stated that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” but has not yet even done this in Minneapolis where looting has started and like locusts has already cleared all the major shops in several precincts without any opposition or retaliation with the Democrat governor admitting “abject failure” by his administration to control the riots. In Minneapolis a Police station has been abandoned to be occupied by rioting Negros. The Jewish mayor we all know has done his subversive worst to make sure the police do nothing in the city he occupies with an intent on letting it spread elsewhere and it has. ‘Neutral’ Militia’s have been protecting shops in some areas of Minneapolis however these militias are not there to stop the rioting negros but just to protect the shop owners whom they know. See this video

This Jewish Mayor facilitating a wave of protest will backfire if and only if explicitly patriotic white militia’s retaliate and go on the defensive-offensive by pro-actively clearing out their neighborhoods’ door to door and sweeping the streets clean of these Negroes if things were to get substantially more apocalyptic to the point of the collapse of law in more areas than it already has and violent rioting Negroes spread beyond the areas that are populated mainly by those negroes who are rioting.

The need for Americans to stop paying their taxes to a Government that allows Jewish media manipulators and Rioting Negroes to undermine our civilization:

This was hinted at on national US television by Tucker Carlson (at 6:40-7:11 minutes) as something all non-rioters (not along racial lines) should ‘ponder’ and ‘think about’:

English News will go far beyond what Fox News is willing to state:

Imagine if all European Americans and  perhaps all non-rioting Americans ceased paying taxes entirely to a government and especially the cities and states that openly allow these negroes to riot, assault, arson and murder and do nothing to uphold the law, the social contract or provide services of physical security. It would be a good additional way to fight the one sided Jewish dominated government and it starts with you.

If Karma works then all these non socially-distancing people Negroes running around breathing heavily in close proximity to each other will result in mass infections with Coronavirus. As suggested by a reporter in this video : at 3:05-3:30* *Some Negroes spread the insane, anti-logic black supremacy kook theory that Negroes are somehow immune to Coronavirus, much like the theory which religious Jews were caught discussing in videos “the virus is for goyim”. The hilarious, karma-filled reality is that Blacks are 200% more likely to die to Coronavirus according to a UK NHS study after excluding location and wealth factors (including which they are 400% more likely to die) as written about in  this short humour info-article. So this mass gathering of Negroes might just disease itself out of action after the 14 day incubation period, perhaps some of these people who think they cannot be affected with Coronavirus might also go out to these demonstrations deliberately, leading to inevitable deaths.


By not enforcing these laws the state, city, district authority loses its entire validation, what purpose or benefit does it serve? It does nothing but harm white Americans, indoctrinates children, regulates lives, pays non-whites benefits paid for with taxes from you or people like you but yet does not even protect you or anyone other than black rioters “when the mob comes” they facilitate and collaborate with the mob. As Ann Coulter says: they are the demonic mob that endangers America. So the only natural solution to this is twofold: stop supporting these governments and especially these Jewish mayors and form your own police force, enforce your own laws. Revolutionary concepts, but they are already being done, militia’s have already broadcast that they are mobilizing, nationwide to protect neighborhoods’ and establishments. If this was to go further, the violence to escalate and the militia’s forced to use their weapons this could become a moment in history, a turning point against Negroes being allowed to run rampant every time the Jewish media manipulates them into overt hostility above their usual ‘passive’ hostility of rape and apocalyptic assault, theft, fraud and murder rates.

Jewish Media Incitement & Jewish Mayor = Unchecked Black Rioting

The co-ordination of the legal system, the political system at many levels and police is insanely anti-white that negro hordes are allowed to just rampage like this, like toddlers having tantrums, costing the taxpayer millions, further burdening the infrastructure of civilization itself.

The trajectory is obvious: look at Liberia, that is what happens when a nation with the exact same constitution as the US is formed of a people with an IQ range of 60-80, who when we had ocean going, cannon equipped galleons in the 1500s, they had pre-iron age technology and culture throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Remember that sub-Saharan Africa is where almost all African Americans come from genetically (plus a few generations of selection for farm work by commercial mostly Jewish slave breeders and traders in some older cases) due to the Jewish dominated and financed slave trade. That is the reason they are in the US in such large numbers after all.

This triggered behaviour by Negroes is the archetype of negroes versus civilization and why they have decimated every single civilization they have ever migrated into in large numbers, from how they destroyed ancient Egypt through their burden on civilization to identical patterns in Zimbabwe post 1979, South Africa post 1990,  Haiti post 1804 through to now the contemporary United States.

Black Lives Matter

This is a well established trend in many areas already in the United States such as Detroit. The same occurs in any civilization or area within a civilization that has large numbers of Negroes concentrated into any area which is then subject to incitement to violence to achieve their domination over others due to any number of event triggers, artificial or population critical-mass Malthusian causes.

These Jewish owned and scripted broadcasters and African supremacist (a laughable notion) media commentators such as those seen on the news right now, literally right now seemingly 24/7 during these riots, seem to be wanting an escalation in violence.

They are predicting, preemptively justifying and baiting for a race war trajectory in narrative and literal physical existence, they should be careful what they wish for because they will not win, we Northern Europeans will prevail: the no.1 lesson being exampled to European Americans right now is the systemic problem of violent, criminal Non-Whites and the realization of the dire need to expel them will be increasing at a faster pace than even the spread of the riots.

The situation demographically in America is still vastly in the favour of White America, thus why it is unlikely the Jewish media and Jewish mayors, police bureaucrats, etc will let it escalate beyond a certain point, however elements of Black Lives Matter or their prior format: the Black Panthers and similar Jewish financed “Antifa” groups might push an escalation in violence and riots over the point of no return and then the lowly hedonism of the average non-white looter hordes might take it out of control combined with firearms being used against the police. If external militia’s get involved would be a side factor.

Donald Trump has indicated that he has received intelligence that Antifa and other instigators are involved in the rioting and it is clear President Trump is considering direct US military involvement as he stated whilst at Joint Base Andrews outside of Air-force One whilst en-route to the Space-X launch today.

Riots outside white house

Jewish antifa and Negro Riots outside of the White House

1700 National Guard troops are scheduled to arrive in Minneapolis by later tonight, US timezone on the 30th of May 2020, around midnight in the UK. This will be the deciding moment that will determine whether this escalates and if it escalates and in which way it escalates.Ultimately in any conflict even when outnumbered, victory is the rule in our European racial history when unleashed or provoked: from the seemingly impossible Greek victories over Persia, the Roman victories over Carthage, to the 1683 defence of Vienna, the internal European wars of selection where small numbers of our best triumphed at extreme odds over lower quality European racial populations: the battles of the Teutoburg forest, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the victory at Waterloo, the Crimean war, the era of English imperial dominance out-competing the rest of Europe and the world, to the unnamed generations of ancient wars waged defensively against non-white migrating hordes, whose defeat in pagan times over countless millennia maintained our homogeneity on the steppes of the Caucasus mountains and all along the fringes of Europe from east to west.

We will not go silently into the night. We will fight through to the Golden Dawn of racial security and freedom through purification once more if we are to be forced to encounter in our own times and in our own homes and streets such a conflict as a result of the culmination of our enemies’ worst and most vile logistical* and ideological efforts** against us having a future that is actually ours.

*The Mass importation of non-white peoples into European civilizations and territories.

**The incitement of these non-white hordes by the Jewish media into destructive rampages, violence and murder.

You and I of pure Northern European racial descent will not let our ancestors and descendants down, just as our ancient and historical ancestors did not let us down for us to be here today, for you are here this day.

Think and act upon every day, in every decision in accordance with what you can do to most further the continuation of our Northern European race and racial civilizations in defiance of those who are currently undermining and attacking us from within the states we created.


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