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Jews Stealing Medical Supplies

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Jews Stealing Medical Supplies


Jews stealing medical supplies: Israel admits to stealing ventilators, personal protective equipment, N-95 masks, test kits from several other nations including Germany and China. Whilst humankind suffers amidst the coronavirus global pandemic Jews are stealing vital lifesaving and preventative medical supplies on an unprecedented scale.

Israel has been forced to admit that it has been engaging in a vicious campaign to steal vital, life-saving medical supplies from the rest of humankind. At least one Israeli attempt to steal medical equipment from Germany was uncovered and clear evidence, photographs of stolen Chinese medical supplies emerged. All of these stolen medical supplies were related to Coronavirus prevention.

They include millions of stolen N-95 masks sourced from several countries including European countries. Reports have emerged that Israel bought medical supplies that had already been bought by other countries using proxy fronts and exploiting corruption to acquire thousands of medical ventilators whilst Europeans were dying in hospitals without enough ventilators. The death count in Israel remains proportionally very low compared to the ratio of infected to tested compared to almost every other country. There have been suggestions of Israeli involvement in the creation of coronavirus, this is as of yet unverified however it is clear that Israel has directly caused the death of thousands of Europeans by depriving them of ventilators through the theft of ventilators from other countries.

From translated Israeli media reports it is clear that at a minimum Israel has stolen:

  • 10,000,000+ surgical Masks
  • 25,000+ N-95 Masks
  • 500,000+ Test kits
  • 30-3,000+ Ventilators
  • 700+ Protective overalls

Israel stealing medical supplies

*Israeli ventilator numbers prior to Coronavirus were at 1,600, now they are already at over 3,000, aiming for 7,000.

Israel has led directly to the death of thousands of Europeans and presumably also Arabs and Asians from its global theft of medical supplies. Israel has also exacerbated the shortages in other countries of personal protective equipment (PPE) thus increasing the spread rate of Coronavirus in other nations. The shortages in the NHS and other health services are as a direct effect of this. Israel is engaging in zero-sum war versus all other nations in a way that no other country is and with a spite-filled zeal typical of Jewish attitudes. The Western media is reporting constantly about shortages in supply and yet none of them are reporting on this. English News is however with this article. The reality is that other nations are working together largely whilst Israel is undermining other nations.

Israel stealing from Germany

The Jewish media has attempted to say that they are ‘just’ stealing from Arab countries that do not normally deal with Israel. However it is clear that they have stolen from countries that are not hostile to Israel and that in fact are already suckered into defence deals or reparations payments to Israel as Germany is. If 1 shipment was intercepted imagine the dozens or hundreds of others that were not intercepted. This proves beyond denial that Israel is stealing from European countries amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Israel is parasitically seeking to hoard medical equipment whilst humankind suffers from shortages of such. Israel is acting as if they are at war with the nations they proclaim to be friendly towards. This illustrates the reality of Jewish hostility versus humankind that they are at war with us and these are acts of zero-sum spite you would expect a geopolitical enemy to engage in.

israel stealing ventilators

It is about time people realise this and join efforts to boycott Israel because this is what the Jewish state is truly like versus our national health and the literal lives of thousands of people who will now die due to Israel’s parasitic actions, particularly in the theft of equipment that could slow the spread as well as the theft of ventilators. Although Israel pays for these goods, many countries have passed laws banning the sale of these goods abroad. Israel continues to go around these restrictions using proxy companies and the buying of goods that were already sold and awaiting shipment to other countries as admitted in the translated Hebrew media report screenshot above.

The theft of Medical Information and the coercion of medical researchers

It has been proven that Jewish medical professionals are engaging in coercing their colleagues into not investigating the origins of Coronavirus by creating an atmosphere of ridicule over suggestions of a non natural origin of the virus both in research communities, medical research academia and the media. Is Israeli intelligence also involved in coercing medical firms into not investigating the origins of the virus? Israeli media has already admitted Mossad used proxies to steal medical knowledge as well as the literally photographed theft of Masks, test kits and ventilators.

Israel stealing from China

Jews stealing Coronavirus Medical SuppliesIsrael is likely continuously stealing medical information, probably through IT providers to medical facilities or ‘partnerships’ via proxy companies and Jewish employees in various companies.

Stolen Coronavirus Masks JewsIsraeli media has reported that Jews living in non-Jewish countries are a routine intelligence source and access point for information. This was acknowledged and admitted to be the primary access point for Mossads traditional forms of human spying, Jewish persons outside Israel are often approached by Mossad and appeals are made to their Jewishness in order to solicit their support in leaking information to the Jewish quasi-state of Israel, this has been admitted as in practice by Mossad in relation to the Jewish population in Iran. Historical precedents such as the case of Jonathan Pollard prove this is also the case against supposed allies such as the United States.

So too does the probable actions of the Jewish doctor, Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department who was arrested for sharing information with the Wuhan University of Technology in China on virology subjects. It is beyond likely that he also gave this information to Israel.

An orthodox Israeli Rabbi said in an online video that the “coronavirus is for the goyim, it is not for jews”.

This shows that in the absence of proven evidence to say conclusively that Israel engineered the coronavirus, the Jewish anti-gentile mindset is one that openly hopes for viruses that only affect non-Jews.

If Israel did engineer the Coronavirus and if this could be fully established and proven, then this would demand a full nuclear retaliation and declarations of war (for nations without nuclear weapons) against the state of Israel by all affected nations

Jews stealing Coronavirus supplies

Israeli media has reported multiple shipments of goods sourced via ‘operation[s] by Israeli security services’ from other countries.

Mossad stealing Coronavirus medicine

Jews stealing

Jews stealing Ventilators

N-95 masks Israel stole from the US

Jews outside of Israel are displaying the same zero-sum attitude:

US hospitals in New York giving preferential treatment to Jews

This is despite the fact that the bulk of early US Coronavirus cases were introduced by the Jewish community of New Rochelle in New York State. The United States’ Emergency Medical Services or EMS and some private medical supply groups have been giving preference in the supply and use of Ventilators to Jewish private hospitals such as the Maimonides medical center. The EMS has allowed for “broader and longer use of ventilators” after lobbying from Jewish orthodox community members regardless of their medical conditions in violation of the principles of medical triage. Jewish patients with other chronic diseases have demanded that they be given as much ventilator usage as patients who are not guaranteed to die upon 90% lung failure due to Covid-19.

Jewish privately owned ambulance services have also as usual responded only to Jews. Jewish orthodox ambulance service Hatzolah lended 50 ventilators to a hospital with conditions that they be used on Jewish patients even with no chance of living, depriving other critical patients of ventilators that could actually survive. This is in clear violation of medical triage and shows how these Jewish supremacists have used the justification of ‘religious traditions’ (Jewish Supremacist attitudes) to demand that obese, old or ill Jewish patients (in Jewish areas, they tried to mask it by saying in relation to all patients) are effectively not subject to the same rules of medical triage in an emergency as everyone else when there is a severe shortage of resources.

Jews stealing medical supplies

This should also be viewed in the context of the Israeli de-facto theft of medical supplies through using money stolen from the United States (via AIPAC lobbying for massive aid packages to Israel) which is then used to buy up medical supplies from companies in the United States.

The zero-sum spiteful foreign relations, or to call it what it is: the parasitism of Israel on humanity wipes out any credibility Israel attempted to project about itself. Israel has no moral right to exist and the effect of its typically spiteful Jewish existence is to undermine other people’s existences and the literal health of all other nations.

This is what a Jewish state will always behave like for as long as it exists. Can Humanity tolerate this spiteful Jewish state forever?


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