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Black Supremacist ‘BLM’ and Antifa Terrorists in the UK target Cities, remove statue.

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Black-Mayor-Bristol-Marvin-Rees-Reasons To Vote Against

Black Supremacist ‘BLM’ and Antifa Terrorists in the UK target Cities, remove statue:

Black Mayor Marvin Rees attempts to justify. BBC, Guardian, ITV, propagandize viewers: portraying the criminal destruction of historical statues as justified.

Black Supremacist organisation BLM ‘(only)Black Lives Matter’, (which finds its origins as a PR-optics or rebranded crossover organisation, originating from the decline of the US Black Panther organisation, an explicitly Black Supremacist organisation (that uses much of the same language as BLM terrorists) that advocated killing all non-BME people) and the Anti-Fascist International terrorist organisation have targeted major cities across the UK.

Information: What is Antifa? The ideology and international nature of the terrorist organisation – Exposed

The past week has proven the international nature of the terrorist organisation Anti-fascist International, solidifying evidence that it should be classified as an international terrorist organisation. These Antifa are relying on non-white population centers to be their racial-political shock troops: explaining why Antifa in the UK so far has only managed to conduct large protests in non-white occupied inner city and foreign student populated areas:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Nottingham
  • Wolverhampton
  • Bristol

The Jewish editor staffed BBC, Guardian, ITV along with all of the Left-wing media has been promoting and legitimizing these intentionally violent, vandalism imbued riots under the pretext of covering the preceding demonstrations which are the essential pre-requisite of the subsequent criminality: the gathering of large numbers of non-whites and Antifa and the violent, rioting mobilizing or inciting thereof.

The BLM and Antifa demonstrations are willfully coordinated by key BLM terrorists and Antifa organisers into attacking historical statues, landmarks and engaging in vandalism in the form of mass spray painting.

Blm terrorists Edward Colston

In Bristol they attacked a statue of the 17th Century philanthropist Edward Colston. This despite the historical fact that much of the past metropolitan elite (who shared their ideology) and especially Jewish merchants from the 1600s to 1807 (who share the same race as the majority of Antifa organizers) used slave labour along with almost all of the historical African tribes (who share the same race with most of the BME protestors) used slave labour. Some African and non-white populations still use slaves to this day, unlike in the West, after the British Empires’ 1807 abolition of the slave trade and the 1833 Slavery abolition act which ended slavery as a concept in society. The 1807 and 1833 acts were very unpopular with the Jewish slave trader merchants operating parasitically within the British Empire.

The ideological motivation of BLM terrorists and Antifa is not founded on some universal or equal rights advocacy as the Jewish media is constantly attempting to portray them as being. Their ideology is in-fact based in an ideology that seeks an attack on European civilization and racial continuity. Almost all of the Jewish financial powers that underpin the Jewish domination of the Western media utilized slave labour yet Jewish Subversives have managed to twist this truth (as written about in books such as “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”, by the US Black Organisation: Nation of Islam, ISBN 0-9636877-0-0) into the shadows and in its place spawned the hideous hate-motivated ideology of ‘white guilt’ which seemingly motivates some of the Antifa-International’s minority of non-Jewish members to take part in and diversify the otherwise exclusively Black (other non-white) and Jewish BLM demonstrations and subsequent riots.

During the looting of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol after the low-IQ crowd realized that they could not break the metal Edward Colston statue (a powerful symbol that it did not break) after removing it from its stone pedestal, they rolled/dragged it to a river. The BBC has run articles claiming it was justified and the Bristol City Black Mayor, Marvin Rees says the statue will not be missed and that it was an “affront”.

Marvin Rees Black Negro Bristol Mayor

Above: Bristol City Black Mayor Marvin Rees. The Black Labour Party Mayor, Marvin Rees has sought to justify the criminal damage to the city in comments to the media asserting that the statue was an “affront”. Marvin Rees, the UKs 1st elected Black Mayor.

BBC justifying CriminalsBBC justifying Criminal Acts of Vandalism Marvin Rees Black Mayor

These demonstrations the BBC has been encouraging and that the Jewish owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg  has been allowing the organisation thereof from his platform break at-least 2 laws. This organisation through Facebook and its subsequent social media promotion is occurring despite statements made by Zuckerberg about ensuring the removal of posts that promote or even show violations of quarantine efforts. BLM terrorists organizing these flash mob protests through not having provided a notification (that every other demonstration has to) is violating the Riot Act and new laws that are in place to prevent even small let alone mass gatherings during the Coronavirus pandemic which seems to be selectively enforced by both the media and police. Seemingly the Police now only enforce or investigate at the command of the media and only go against the media when a government minister forces them to.

It has taken Home Secretary Priti Patel to condemn the vandalism to force the Bristol Police to even halfheartedly start to engage in a criminal property damage investigation into the destruction of the statue when those responsible are visible in hundreds of high resolution photographs and 1080p video during their criminal acts with police standing around at the edge of the protests who made no effort to intervene.

BBC justifying Criminal Acts of Vandalism Bristol Statue

Remember how the BBC and every single media entity at the end of May and into June ran weeks of national headlines complaining about someone they are politically working against: No.10 advisor Dominic Cumming’s non-violations of the law in an attempt to force his resignation?  The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Independent,  and the rest of the subversive left-wing media in the UK has been actively encouraging protests with the groups they are politically working with: the Black Supremacist crossover organisation Black Lives Matter and the communist terrorist organisation Anti-Fascist International.

The double standard is so clear and so too are the ideological allegiances, alignment and hostilities against our English nation and national continuity as a racially English nation. These subversive left-wing entities are attempting to gain a moral high ground whilst also engaging in acts of violent suppression and utilizing the fear of mass protests against any company, government employee or person who does -literally- not get down on one knee and submit to their vicious, deceptive, Black Supremacist ideology.

To these subversives, from the BBC to the street protestors: on a political and racial existence level  ‘(only) Black Lives Matter’

To these BLM terrorists only Black Lives Matter and historical public property, individual property and the real fabric of civilization: non-BME people, basically have no rights and certainly will not be getting any beneficial media coverage, infact the media is working overtime to justify the destruction thereof.

They are now moving into a violent, politically assertive phase. This follows the decades of media and government lies about non-white immigration not being a threat to our civilization and being necessary for ‘jobs we are told that we do not want to do’ (ironic quasi-slavery mentality by the Jewish establishment) their numbers have increased by mass-immigration and they are now overtly being mobilized into mass demonstrations, violent rioting, attacking monuments, infrastructure and being used by Jewish Antifa to push anti-white narratives and political suppression.

The BBC and wider media knows full well that the initial multiple-law violating demonstrations are necessary to stoke the inevitable follow up acts of criminality, violence and disorder.  They are deliberately encouraging the necessary prerequisite of a criminal campaign, just like the US Jewish media has done. The UK is a few weeks behind but this pattern indicated by the behaviour of BLM terrorists is the pattern they will follow despite not having the demographics to do such at such a high intensity of targets.

The few non-overtly left-wing media companies such as the Express (owned by a Jewish publisher which still pushes race mixing, ‘inclusion’ as opposed to overt conflict narratives) are also encouraging the riots by giving them constant coverage, without adequate criticism or exposing of their true motivations which helps the protests to spread and increases their effect on the public impression.

Edward Colston Statue Being Removed Bristol Demonstration

This demonstrates the national survival justification of expelling all of these BME, non-whites. It will emerge as a growing political sentiment amongst Europeans worldwide upon reaction to seeing these overtly violent riots and pushy, outrageous, non-masked political demands of ‘bending the knee’ (now literally) to anti-white narratives.

Pictured below: The Westminster Regime’s pathetic police standards: leftist infiltrators into the police allowed to openly expose their leftist ideology and knee-bending tendencies. The police officer at the edge on the right clearly embarrassed by their undignified, subhuman performance.

Police Cucks Bending the Knee to Blacks during Protest

For decades infiltrating Antifa in the mainstream media pushed the need for ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’, now it will become clear even to the average person that these narratives were just a public relations concealment for an increasingly non-white staffed and Jewish media regulated regime that seeks basically complete submission to the controlled national destruction of all European nations on a racial and societal order level.

Those of us who are well informed and not intellectually submissive* will recognize this clearly and viscerally as the literal form of what we have identified as the Kalergi plan: the replacement of European races by hordes of non-whites from Africa and lower Asia (Middle east, near-Far east: Pakistan, etc).

*Intellectual courage is the main factor which determines whether someone has the courage to look at truthful information and then refuse to bend the knee.

And this can no longer be denied for the results are demographically obvious and clear. Now the political mobilization and hostility has revealed itself and hopefully ordinary people will see this, wake up, become informed and fight against it.

Despite the fact that the UK population of non-whites is less than 20% of the population they are mimicking the US political attitude of non-whites where the situation is vastly worse where non-whites are 41% of the US population.

Expelling all Blacks, BME people from all European nations will create a future that will be both more harmonious and better for us and for them, there is no valid argument against it, only suppression by those who want to use non-whites as a racial and political weapon to undermine European races.

The situation in the UK is primed for a massive retaliatory English political mobilization with the clear and necessary national-survival aim of expelling all non-whites, all, without exception.

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