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The UKs Celtic Subversives: Modern Celtic Myths & Jewish Lies

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The UKs Racial Subversives – Our Historical past-Conflicts Exacerbated by Celtic Subversives: Modern Myths & Jewish Lies

The UKs Racial Subversives. A contemporary insight into our historical past-Conflicts that are exacerbated by Celtic Subversives: examining the consequences of the modern Celtic Subversives and their support of the EU and mass immigration. Against the worst efforts of Jewish subversives the UK through the intelligence, political standards and vigilance primarily of England but also of the majority of Wales and a million Scots have together voted to leave the dysgenic European Union and by extension signaled a rejection of everything that it entails. We won this victory on the 23rd of June 2016.

The enemies within our nation will have delayed us this victory now for 3.5 years. We all know the Jewish origins of the European Union. If you are a first time reader, or someone who chanced upon this via a random search result go and read for yourself if you doubt this claim. It is beyond denial or refutation that the EU was, is and will continue to be until the day it collapses: a Jewish led- Jewish designed, Jewish-ideology defined organization (sharing the same 3 core principles as of the Jewish theory of Communism as articulated by the Jewish Karl Marx).

However those collaborating with the EU and seeking to strategically undermine any nation’s attempts to challenge the EU or leave it are being faced with internal subversion from willing (ideologically indoctrinated) collaborators. Within the UK we see the exploitation of historical past conflicts caused by the Judaized Catholic Church and the Romans (and the population displacements they created for example during their genocidal campaign on the Iberian peninsula) in particular. These are just the components and are not the cause of the issue.

They are however being used as the false justifications for blocking against the UK leaving the European Union. Everyone in the UK by now has heard this disgusting notion of the ‘Irish Backstop’ clause holding up the EU-UK negotiations.

This is a lie, the negotiations were a fraud. The EU by its nature will never give a ‘deal’ that is not corrosive to the existence of the nation states it targets. This land-border being the sole issue, this is transparently ridiculous as a justification to try to stop us from leaving the EU altogether, imagine if a continental European state left the EU with 100% land borders with the EU, they would use some other excuse. So this is their facade they are choosing to hide behind for what is a clear attempt to stop the UK leaving and if they fail at that (as they will) they will seek to make the process of leaving look so bad not because it is but because they need to keep this image up as a deterrent to any other nation leaving the EU.

The European Union is a hostile regime at its core, with a hostile regime at the European Commission and Council levels that is even hostile to elements within its own rubber-stamping Parliament. The EU seeks to subvert and undermine its bordering countries: just look at the EU interference in Ukraine. Ukraine was collapsed by external instigation of an internal conflict along historical population lines and now it suffers under a Jewish President that is neither Ukrainian or Russian. In the UK the EU is attempting to exploit the historical conflict with Ireland and Scotland and even Wales to try to undermine the UK, as the UK has signaled that it is an entity no longer in compliance with the EU.

The EU’s arrogant, Jewish-Subversion imbued hostility is directed towards us, not to our government or parliament or Prime Minister (who was a traitor working for them) but is directed at us the people of this island: this is a war they shall lose, if you fucking pick a war with England your going to fucking lose, this has been historical fact for nearly a thousand years we have never lost a war over our Island itself even when the odds were infinitely against us (e.g v.s. the Spanish Armada or v.s. Napoleon).

To ensure that the EUs subversive tactics and exploitation methodology are exposed and seen through I will detail their methods of attack and defilement here for you publically. They are seeking to exploit the historical conflicts between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The EUs game plan is if they are forced to let us leave they will try to break away parts of the UK in an attempt to encircle us and basically force us to rejoin after attempts to economically stagnate us whilst using the open borders of North-South Ireland to send migrants into Britain as well as *encouraging* migrant crossings from France to put a demographic burden upon our nation with the intent of undermining our racial homogeneity.

In the thousand year long-term the EU knows that national identities will always be the brakes on further European integration and fulfillment of the Kalergi plan.

Thus the EU is obsessed about undermining the racial homogeneity of European nations both for that structural reason but also because that is the core of the Jewish-authored idea of undermining racial differences of all peoples except themselves to then be able to dominate those inter-mixed peoples. This is transparent, they openly depict their non-standards in their propaganda daily. For those thinking there is any exception to this: Israel openly deported its African migrants to Sweden in a direct participation in this form of proxy racial warfare.

Within the UK the EU is trying to hide its position of not ever accepting free, self-governing European nations defined by racial groups behind the false notion of standing up for Ireland and ‘Celtic’ (Gaelic) subversives. Footage has emerged from the EU side of the trade negotiations of Michel Barnier admitting they want to ‘use’ Ireland in any future negotiations (beyond the current deal) to ‘force’ the UK to submit to the EU without any care for the consequences for Ireland. The Backstop was their trap to do so. However they are willing to invoke conflict if they have to. This became clear with the murder of the journalist Lyra McKee and the EU’s instigation of artificial conflict between the UK and Ireland and the years of sabotage against Britain leaving the EU pushed out of Celtic Subversive and often times anti real racial Irish (the population of Ireland pre-dating Gaelic migration) political circles.

“Brexit has forced the IRA to refocus and has underlined how Ireland remains partitioned… It would be remiss of us not to capitalise on the opportunity. It’s put the border on the agenda again…Our armed actions serve one purpose… They are symbolic. They are propaganda… Condemning the IRA is nothing new. We are not interested in being popular. Republicanism has always been a small core of people. Young people are being radicalised because they have no one to turn to… There are no left-wing political parties any more [(admits the IRA is a leftwing cause)]. Sinn Fein don’t represent republicans. They are a centrist party now.”
 -IRA Representative speaking to The Sunday Times after accepting responsibility for killing journalist Lyra McKee

Scotland EU Independence

The EU presents itself as a ‘friend’ to Ireland, Celtic Subversives and a mutual-enemy of the UK to Republicans. These pathetic, short-memory afflicted Fenian / (fake, so called) Celtic subversives forget that the EU over-ruled the democratic wishes of the population of Ireland in forcing them to vote again when they rejected a EU treaty and they would do so again a thousand times if they had to. The EU has no friends in any racial population of Europeans. The EU is not in the interests of any European race. The EU is only in the interests of racial subversives and the Jewish Supremacist ambitions to undermine Europe: the sole competitor and greatest block of resistance to Jewish political and ethnic domination. The basic fundamentals of human existence have not changed despite it being the year 2019: tribal conflict still exists and our enemies exploit it daily. One pertinent and heady example is that of the false-notion of ‘Celticness’. An immigrant-friendly fake racial identity politics (that seeks open borders and erasing Irelands pre-Gaelic ancestral traditions) pushed by self defined ‘Celtic subversives.

Celtic Division by Jews

“I had assumed at the very early stages of the project that there was going to be this uniform Celtic fringe extending from Cornwall through to Wales into Scotland. And this has very definitely not been the case. People in South Wales are also quite different genetically to people in north Wales, who are both different in turn to the Scots. We did not find a single genetic group corresponding to the Celtic traditions in the western fringes of Britain.”
 -Professor Mark Robinson, Oxford University

Celticness is falsely applied to Britain to form the false identity justification for political power-centers that are intentionally disloyal to the United Kingdom. Read more about the reality of the racial composition of our Island kingdom in this article if you need convincing.

Regional governance is logical however the putrid, pop-culture ideology of Celticism is anathema to real racial nationalism and has no basis in genetic reality.

This artificial, popularized identity-politic adhered to and transmitted by Celtic Subversives has been absolutely disproven (yet the media and cultural circles, school and University syllabuses have not been changed). Despite being disproven in recent years and itself as a concept being a modern invention post 1707, authored by the 1st Celtic Subversive Edward Lhuyd it forms the popular foundation upon which 4 illegitimate governments exist, all 4 of which are pro-EU, leftwing dominated and pro-mass migration (contradictorily for a supposedly race-based identity-politics): the Irish government, the Stormont Assembly, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Assembly. Especially transparent is the Welsh assembly which just like the illegitimate foreign dominated Westminster UK government is pro-EU against the majority views of the people which it claims to represent.

Nicola Sturgeon Celtic Negro

The representatives of these regimes are themselves often foreign and they cling to these notions of ‘Britain is a nation of migrants’ to justify their place in the nation they live in. Just look at Nicola Sturgeon for example she is not a Northern European whatsoever and is clearly of Mediterranean, potentially part Jewish or other partially non-white ancestry.

These self proclaimed Celtic subversives hide in our midst, pretending to be representatives of us and of our interests. They exist on all spectrums in all European nations. The EU is exploiting them and the same conflicts that foreign subversives wishing to subvert our nation have exploited ever since Roman times. The Romans gave power to the recently migrated foreign Gaelic speaking people (which they had committed genocide against the relatives thereof in the Iberian peninsula campaign) over the indigenous Brythonic speaking Britons, which according to the Roman ethnographer and historian Tacitus sounded most similar to the Nordic languages as quoted in a diagram in this article.

The EU is following an old, ultimately Semitic method of warfare, a method of warfare that has in history been used countless times.

Those believing in the false notion of Celticness / peddling Celticness / Celtic subversives need to realize this and stop or face being stopped.

It falls to us English folk to educate our fellow Englanders into not thinking they are something separate to help prevent our enemies exploitation and confounding of our movement towards national and further racial independence and safeguarding efforts in defiance of the EU’s Semite-authored, anti-racial integrity aims.


Article author: Dan Rayner / / Article Published: 12th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 12th day of June 2019



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