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Germanic Britain

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The pure Germanic genetic nature of Britain and the British Isles#

The undeniable Germanic genetic, historical and cultural nature of Britain. Celtic Britain is an absolute myth, invented and made popular in academia post 1707 by Edward Llywd, Celtic-ism has been responsible for exacerbating over a thousand years worth of political conflict between related Germanic peoples in Britain, it is about time Celtic-ism is purged from our discourse once and for all, so the overwhelming majority of Britain and Ireland who are racially Germanic/Nordic can regain their true, pure Germanic/Nordic racial, cultural and spiritual identity, so that this identity-purification can motivate and consolidate our movement.


   “No ancient author ever referred to the inhabitants of Britain – Britani – as Celts. It was not until the 18th century that the term was applied to Britain and then it was used to denote a group of languages spoken in western Britain and Brittany.”
   1993-“Professor John Collis, BA, MA, PhD, FSA, MIFA
   “Professor John Collins is recognised as a leading expert on the European Iron Age and also an outstanding excavator (Archaeologist)”- Sheffield University Biography. 

Note: English News does not associate with the cited author but is citing the above as a source


John Collis is considered the leading British authority on the European Iron Age and has conclusively stated that Celts never existed in Britain, this is 100% supported by genetic mapping, which has been entirely ignored by the anti-English, Semitic dominated academics, who promote Celtic-ism to undermine and artificially fracture the natural Germanic and Nordic identity of the British Isles.
Celtic subversives have raged at Professor John Collis’s work for years, because he exposes the fraudulent Celtic Identity claims over Britain and shreds them efficiently and conclusively.

   “There is a widespread assumption that in the iron age, much of northern and central Europe was occupied by Celts. It is assumed that they shared a culture, and were a people. It is also widely assumed that today’s remnants of this ancient Celtic people survive in the modern societies of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany. These assumptions are flawed in every respect. There is no pan-European Celtic people. There was no broad based Celtic art, society, or religion. And there never were any Celts in Britain.”
-Professor John Collis, BA, MA, PhD, FSA, MIFA, Celts in Europe Conference- 1999

   Note: English News does not associate with the cited author but is citing the above as a source

The leading expert in Britain on matters of the European Iron age conclusively stated that “no extant authors speak of Celts in Britain” (Collis. John, (2003), The Celts: Origins, Myths & Inventions. 1st October, 2003, The History Press, page 27.


The massive and obviously flawed assumption, or malicious lie that the names of the ancient “Briton” tribes are Celtic is a malicious modern invention, created by anti-Germanic subversives who sought to undermine the English people, state and create internal conflict in the emerging British state. The term Celtic was introduced subversively in the same year as the Acts of Union of 1707. It is from this root that the modern abuse of the term “Celtic” popularised post 1707 was asserted. Celtic-ism is always promoted by Jewish or self-hating/misguided liberal academics, with no experience or evidence for their claims, other than that they have established a group-think consensus amongst themselves, as to the existence of a non-verifiable group.

The term Celtic is often used by subversive political identity defilement groups such as Plaid Cymru, who have used Celtic identity as a political and cultural excuse in order to attempt to subvert English political self-autonomy, and manipulate people who have simply grown up in Wales and who speak the establishment language of Welsh, due to the Socialist Welsh state schooling systems promotion of Welsh, that they are “Celtics”, which if it was true, would mean they are all immigrants from central Europe and thus have no claim to the area they call Wales either way.

The proto-Germanic population of Wales in reality share the same Frisian gene with the rest of England, proving they are not Celtic.

 Only a minuscule minority of those who promote Celtic-ism or think they are Celtic are actually genetically Celtic, which is far less than 5% of the population. In all likelihood most of the academics who promote Celtic-ism are from Semitic origins. Plaid Cymru, the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party, all of which are Celtic dominated and all of which are socialist, and hate English folk at the core of their ideology, illustrate the political subversiveness of “Celticness” beyond dispute. It was during the development of Britain as a political entity that Celticness was invented, during the same year of the Act of Union as a reactionary excuse to provide immigrant-descended Gaelic political and academic figures with a method to create their own political capital.
 Celticism also served the subversive power aims of certain Semitic and Christian elements in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and may have been a product of Catholic political manipulation, who took up Edward Llywd’s newly applied term to the British Isles. Prior to 1707 the term Celtic had never been used to refer to any historical population of Britain, ever. Celticism was used by subversives as a last ditch attempt to prevent previously Catholic Wales and Scotland from becoming protestant, ironically, it was this Christian infighting that Celtic-ism was popularised to fuel.
 It is no surprise that the most vile political Celts today, are also Catholic, as experienced in the IRA and the atmosphere of Irish anti-Germanic racism in general in the Labour Party, that motivates Irish immigrants to become Labour party politicians, or political infiltrators, with the explicit aim of undermining “the English”, there are dozens of Celtic identity promoters within the Labour Party. Remember if it were not for the Scottish and Welsh Labour controlled constituencies, Labour would never have had the required seats to form a government at any point in our history, and we would not have been burdened with the dysgenic welfare state, mass-immigration and the Race Relations laws that were all passed under Celtic supported Semitic-Socialist Labour governments. This shows the modern damage the Celtic-ism artificial-identity defilement movement has enabled.
 As expected, there is also not a single, genuine folkish Celtic pagan group in existence, I have checked this fact, nor a single genuine folkish Celtic figurehead in existence, they are all subversive universalists, who despite their talk about “the ancestors”, promote Celticness as a catch-all phrase for embracing, Semitic promoted anti-Germanic racism, mass-immigration and new-age wishy-washy liberalism, instead of any actual serious naturalistic pagan philosophy.

    “(Only) by the 19th century (was) the concept of the “National Celts” (a ludicrous term, with a clear political false-identity agenda) well developed and applied to Britain. This extension is confused and illogical, and brings us into direct conflict with the ancient sources.”

   -1994, Professor John Collis, BA, MA, PhD, FSA, MIFA

   Note: English News does not associate with the cited author but is citing the above as a source
 Celtic-ism is a modern invention as of 1707 to be precise, that has been used to fuel an anti-English or self-hating (through confusing our true identity and demonising it from a “Celtic” perspective) movement in the UK, by tricking Germanic folk living in Wales and Scotland for example, into thinking they are something opposite or historical enemies of Germanic folk, even though genetically 90% of them are Germanic, or descended from proto-Germanic Frisian-gene populations in our common ancestral land, known as Doggerland to archaeologists, historians and geographers. This is why all serious historians, aspiring folkish leaders and political movements alike, if they wished to be considered genuine in their Germanic nature, in Britain and all of Northern Europe, must reject absolutely any and all notions, or entryist subversive attempts to promote the blatant historical lie of “Celticness”, that is grounded in no evidence whatsoever and was undeniable concocted as a political identity in 1707, grounded with no racial basis.

 The subversive lie of Celtic-ism is taken up by multicultural civic nationalist groups such as Plaid Cymru, which openly supports mass immigration, multiculturalism and welfare-for-immigrants because by definition any so called “Celts” are immigrants if they are anywhere north of France, sickeningly even some racialist groups promote Celtic-ism, such as in Wales, this is almost always a guaranteed sign that they are fraudulent themselves, again as there is no historical evidence whatsoever for the existence of Celts in Britain.

 They latch onto the cliché Semitic (or at times Christian) promoted historical lie, that the Anglo-Saxons were the first Germanics in Britain, ignoring the genetic data, to attempt to portray the majority populace of England as immigrants, in order to morally justify by comparison the mass immigration of non-European groups. This is the agenda Celtic-ism serves.




 The Semitic and Celtic lie was not propagated historically after the Norman conquest but only in recent years since the left-wing reactionary takeover of mainstream history departments by Jewish and socialist liberals who sought to ban anything Germanic history related, possibly in reaction to the 3rd Reich, post world war two. Even a writer at Der Spiegel hinted at this, in an article on the Germanic nature of Britain, briefly indicating how the Germanic nature of Britain was being suppressed by the academic and political establishment after the 1st world war and especially after the 2nd world war.
According to Dr Simon James “British history needs to be rewritten”, he states in his book “‘The Atlantic Celts’- ancient people or modern invention?” That the origin of what he terms the “Celtic invention” occurred in 1707.
 The vile, manipulative origin of the most subversive false-historical narrative of “Celticism” originates with the manipulative work of a Judaized Welshman, called Edward Llywd who also worked with the manipulative Judaized Welsh/suspected Semitic archaeologist, Moses Williams. It is evident that since 1707 with the racially driven subversive work of Edward Llywd, a subsequent cabal of Welsh Socialists and Jewish Supremacists are responsible for the invention, promotion and propagation of the knowingly false artificial Celtic identity movements themselves, as is the undeniable history of groups such as the SNP or Plaid Cymru which owe their subversive existences to the likes of Edward Llywd and the countless thousands of collaborating Jewish Supremacist fraudulent-historians whose support for what they knew was the false “Celtic” narrative was driven by a vile and malicious objective of trying to undermine the very identity of Britain, in order to create artificial movements, in historical circles and political circles that would in effect allow them to divide and rule the people of Britain by confusing our national identity. This subversive series of historical lies was also fundamental in attempting to water down racial connections between England and Germany. The subversive, anti-Germanic idea of a “Celtic League” was given an existence based upon deliberate manipulation, existing beneath the overt lies pertaining to “Celticism” that attempted to undermine our Germanic society in Wales, Scotland and even Cornwall. The subsequent effect of Celticism and the dominance of the most vile Marxist ideologies over 100% of Celtic identity parties, such as the IRA, proves the political agenda at play, that has resulted in violent artificial ideological convictions and deep cultural wounds against our nation.
 To illustrate the undeniable false nature of the claims of Jewish authored Celticism is the malicious, subversive lies pertaining to one of the areas subversives have vainly attempted to proclaim as “Celtic”: the Isle of Man, in direct opposition to the undeniable fact that the Isle of Man is entirely composed of a Nordic genetic population, as genetic mapping proves, likewise with large portions of Northern, Eastern and isolated rural Ireland (the trade centres of Ireland disproportionately make Ireland look genetically mainland European, due primarily to Catholic immigrants through urban settlement), the same is true of almost all of Scotland, especially Lowland Scotland, Northern and Eastern Scotland, which are a mere few hundred miles from the Faroe Islands, which is still today part of the Kingdom of Denmark and in turn part of a more ancient Nordic or Germanic racial population group with ancient origins from Doggerland to the Atlantic coast of Scotland. It is a well established fact that Scotland, like the Isle of Man has a huge percentage of Nordic genes in its natural population base, this genetic base is accepted as being far older, by several millennia, than the more recent Viking settlements that simply reinforced this ancient Nordic (Northern Germanic) racial stock, the same is also true of all of the North-East, North West and quite frankly: the entirety of England, including Cornwall especially as the genetic map above indicates, it is more Nordic than even the core Saxon area of Sussex… Proving how malicious and ludicrously false “Celtic” claims over Cornwall truly are and the failure of such groups shows ordinary folk have seen through their lies also.
 It is especially important to note that the Isle of man according to its recorded history and genetic mapping (which proves the Germanic racial nature of the Isle of Man going back thousands of years) was also one of the ancient Old Norse and prominent modern Viking settlements, due both to the recorded Viking settlement, economic development and populating that lasted until the 13th century and the almost 100% presence of the Frisian (or proto-Germanic) genes amongst indigenous inhabitants, linking its population with that of modern day Denmark, Frisia and the rest of England and Northern Germany. This is a fact that subversive Celticists have sought to somehow prevent from being known by ordinary folk. Thankfully the Isle of Man, like Dublin and Glasgow to this day have proud Nordic celebrations, including overt Viking festivals. It is also important to note the ancient Germanic writing and ethnic style seen in the artwork of these nations, including even Ireland, with many proclaimed Celtic styles and traditions, being evidently of Germanic nature, from knot work to local folklore, to the genetics of the actually indigenous populations. The lie of Celticism could not be more self evidently false.
 Even the subversive, potentially Semitic or Christian bankrolled Edward Llywd admitted that the Celtic languages as he artificially defined them in relation to Britain, originated in lower France and the Iberian peninsula, (Spain) and were obviously immigrant languages that had displaced a previous Germanic language in Britain as the language of the invasive, Gaul or Iberian “Celtic” immigrant establishment, who did not form the overall population, but were given political power through their willingness to obey the Romans, whilst the actual indigenous Germanic population of Britain would not obey the Romans, thus these (in reality) Gaelic immigrants were made prominent through Roman affirmative action. This immigrant centric governmental attitude is promoted by all the Celtic political parties in existence today, it was this subversive, foreigner mentality that Edward Llywd’s Celtic-ism has created. This subversive immigrant-centric attitude is also consistent with the Roman principle of using foreign legions, as they have no loyalty to the people or land which they are occupying, as with the Gaelic or (post 1707 named) “Celtic” immigrant Roman-upheld false-establishment, that continued to maintain power in many of the established Clergy establishment families. The term Welsh actually originates from Old English, meaning outlander and immigrant.
 Gallia Celtica, which refers to “Celtic Gaul” in Latin, was only a cultural region of Gaul inhabited or occupied by (the post 1707 invention of) so-called Celts, located in small, historically un-verifiable areas of Switzerland, France and Luxembourg, which were only ever a minority. These same areas became consolidated under the Franks and other actually verifiable political and racial groups, with no existent trace of any singular “Celtic” culture or singular ethnicity ever having existed. The inhabitants of the so called Celtica region were not all Celts, this is proven by Roman ethnography, especially by Julius Caesar in the Commentaries on the Gallic War, where the population are Gauls, not the ancient, extinct Celts, who were only ever an archaeological classification.
 By the 11th century the already minuscule number of Gaelic speaking immigrants and descendants of those Galician or Iberian immigrants were non-existent in mainland England, having had their illegitimate Gaelic occupation of Britain wiped aside, with absolute ease by Germanic relatives of the indigenous Germanic peoples of Britain, as genetic mapping proves beyond denial. The classification of “Celtic” is completely falsely applied to Germanic people, simply because of the subversive agenda of post 1707 anti-English academics, combined with a group-think like series of errors in archaeological classifications, such as classifying entire archaeological sites as “Celtic” simply because of a single pot for example, that is remotely similar to a common design found in other places. It seems archaeologists completely ignore the fact that Germanic folk, from the Vikings to Germans were avid traders and acquired many expensive items, such as the steel from Arabia used in the manufacturing of Ulfberht swords. It is comparable in its ludicrous nature to Archaeologists theoretically attempting to say Scandinavia is Arabic due to finding such materials, but when the Celtic-Semitic corruption of archaeology (as with history, politics and ethics) says something, the truth, genetic and archaeological evidence means nothing to their cognitive dissonance that maintains a malicious historical “Celtic invention”.
 Emperor Claudius had declared Britain a Roman province only by 43 A.D, despite not having any majority control over the Germanic folk living in isolated areas, but having simply occupied the major trading locations, coastal and river settlements, this was the main period during which Romans trading with Gaelic speaking tribes, gave substantial trade authority to this immigrant minority composed of mainland European immigrants, whom being immigrants cared not for the rights of the native peoples and colluded heavily with the Romans and then the later Christian Roman remnants. It was during the later period of Roman occupation when the proto-Germanic tribes, such as the Iceni, who were never described as Celtic, who were based on the Germanic Eastern edge of Britain fought heavily and systematically against the Romans.
 The fact that Boadicea was said to have drawn inspiration from Herman of the Cherusci’s successful rebellion against the Roman attempt to invade Germania, proves she and the Iceni at large had deep ancestral, trade and cultural relations with Germanic folk on the continent, to have placed such value upon a Germanic national victory over the Romans five hundred years prior to their time. The Gaelic speaking immigrants who had partially displaced the proto-Germanic populations of Wales and Cornwall collaborated with the Romans after only a minor and pitiful resistance, in a limited number of area. This was likely due to the fact that many of them were emigrants out of Gaul, or whose ancestors had fled the continent ahead of the Roman Legions, and thus they were defeatist in the face of the Roman colonisation effort, from which these Gaelic speaking immigrants benefited parasitically through trade and political deals that the Romans granted to their supporting fellow-immigrants. All Roman historians writing about Britain attest to the collaboration between the pathetic defeated Gaelic immigrant peoples, the treasonous Druid leaders and the Roman authorities, from as early as before 43 A.D.
 The reality is clear and undeniable: the Gaelic immigrants literally abandoned their religion for the Roman faith and their very culture for Roman laws, these same later so-called “Celtic” immigrant occupiers then transitioned without resistance into becoming the subversive backbone of the early Christian Church after Constantine enforced Christianity following the Council of Nicaea’s standardization of the subversive format of Judeo-Christianity, which decided which books were included in their bible and the nature of their deity in 325 A.D. This move was designed for the degradation and control of European nations, through breaking their spirit not through force, which has already been partially completed, but through insidious cultural-subversion, reaching area the Roman legions could never take by force, they corrupted over time, on behalf of the Semitic designers of Christianity, such as Saul of Tsarsus, known to Christians, ludicrously, as “St Paul.”
 The Gaelic immigrants were foundational in promoting this subversion, having no loyalty to these lands and a hatred for the Germanic population of most of what would later become England, Wales and Scotland. Symbols such as the “Celtic cross” are a testament to the early Celtic corruption and abandonment of European polytheism, with their lack of resistance and at times overt eager willingness to adopt and become missionaries for the Church.
 A subversive immigrant minority, the Celts were, who all too willingly spread subversive Judeo-Christianity in Central Europe along with their Gaelic relatives who spread out to occupy the trade centres of Britain. Although 90% of the land of Britain was never settled by these immigrant peoples, as genetic mapping proves, coupled with the fact that even by the time of the later Germanic reinforcement of Britain starting around the 4th century, the population was only around one million, the overwhelming majority of this population in Britain carries the Frisian gene and is genetically comparable to Dutch, Danish and German populations, with no trace of Gaelic nor invented “Celtic” ancestry at all for over 90%-99% of our pre 1950s population.

 A landmark genetic survey of England conclusively revealed a consistent substrate that is genetically comparable to current Frisia (Dutch/Northern Germany) better than any other singular European population group, wiping aside the overt lies by Latin centric establishment 1800s historians that Celts in Britain were the majority racial group. The idea that Celts were ever a majority in Britain was a lie invented no earlier than 1707 and that have now been utterly disproven by genetic surveys.
         In addition to this, the genetic studies proved that there were almost no so called “Briton” or “Gaelic/Celtic” populations in BC Britain in the entirety of Eastern England. This is obviously due to the continual prior Germanic populations who resided in this area and who are the only indigenous people in Britain.
 North Sea trawlers were still picking up Mammoth bones several years ago, indicating that the area was also once a grazing plain, which would have been frequented by Germanic hunter-gatherers, as opposed to farmers. This high intensity evolutionary environment, along with the Ice ages is what makes Germanic folk so unique today, resulting in evolutionary pressures for higher IQ, accelerated by a continual ancestral diet of meat, fish and other Palaeolithic era available resources and consumables.
 Stonehenge, wood-henge and sea-henge, along with potentially dozens of undiscovered or lost monuments in now what is the North Sea were all constructed by this ancient Germanic peoples. Although ancient one genetic sample conducted on an ancient female body found in the river Thames, indicates her genetics were nearly identical to our Germanic genes today, proving beyond doubt that Germanic folk are the sole indigenous, ancient racial group in not only Scandinavia, Germania and Frisia but also in England, Wales, Scotland and most of Northern Ireland.
 The I2-M284 population is genetically a sister population to the Frisian ancestors (Dutch and lower Danish coastal area populations. These genes are found in their origins to have not evolved on the Danish or Dutch Coast but were isolated in Eastern England, this unrivalled, unique genetic group of ancient Germanic genes is dated to -7,000 BC. Evidently this population evolved independently from any other racial or ethnic groups after Doggerland sank beneath the ocean caused by the rising of sea levels around 6,000 BC, which also saw the Netherlands become what it is today, a lowland country, merely meters above sea level. It is in this same area that a Danish ocean going Viking-style boat was discovered that was over 6,000 years old proving that ancient Scandinavian and English Germanic folk had the technology to move over that entire flooded area, as it was submerged. The area known to historians/archaeologists as Doggerland transitioned into a great marshland, forcing Germanic folk further over into our Western areas of England and up into Scotland, separating our 3 population branches with the North Sea.

 Germanic Britain contained only just over a million people prior to the Anglo Saxons reinforced the prior Germanic population and rightfully pushed back and wiped aside the illegitimate Celtic political and trade hegemony that had taken control of various areas of England, with the help of the Church, it was only after the final retreat of the Roman Empire and when Rome stopped paying its Britannia legion soldiers in 407 A.D that the attempted Gaelic occupation was wiped aside with beautiful efficiency. The Gaelic populations were enslaved for their transgressions against the indigenous Germanic Eastern English population and the Germanic population of England become re-imbued with Asatru, liberated from vile Christian-Celtic/Gaelic oppression.

 An example of how the Gaelic immigrants were rightfully treated is demonstrated in the laws of King Ine of Wessex (approx- 695).
 These laws, although almost three centuries after the Germanic folk first started to reclaim England specify six legal or social classifications or casts that were applied to the Britons, five of these levels were applied to invasive immigrants who were classed as forms of slaves, as reparations for their crimes in occupying Germanic lands, the sixth classification was not a slave classification and was applied to the indigenous early-English Germanic folk who were treated well and were finally freed from Gaelic/Celtic post Roman regime oppression. Although the Church and its Gaelic/Latin speaking emissaries and missionaries did subsequently manage to corrupt a large majority of the Saxon leaders leading to wars with Scandinavia and ultimately the loss to the Normans in 1066 and almost all subsequent societal defilements and losses.



 The Churches authority was minimal until the Norman Conquest, when Gaelic-related tyranny returned directly from France, even though the Normans were of higher racial stock (due to the Viking settlements in Northern France) than the rest of what is now France.
 Heinrich Härke, a specialist in genetic mapping, of the University of Reading produced the quantitative estimate of the migratory movement during the Anglo-Saxon, Jute and Frisian reclamation of England, Heinrich concludes that “up to 200,000 emigrants” crossed the North Sea, joining a related Germanic population of less than one million, starting in the 3rd century with Frisians, intensifying around the 5th-7th centuries and lasting continuously until the 11th century. Even after the Norman immigrant occupation of the power structure of Britain, Nordic folk continued to settle in Britain, solidifying its Germanic nature in defiance of Norman rule.
 Thomas Sheppard, a museum curator in 1919, was asked by police officers for his assistance after they accidentally discovered the roughly 1,500-year-old grave of an Anglo-Saxon woman while digging up trenches in eastern England.
 Museum Curator, Thomas Sheppard who in 1919 identified the discovery of a 1,500 year old grave from an Eastern-England Anglo-Saxon settlement containing the bones and ornaments of an Anglo-Saxon woman stated that the woman’s bone structure and genetics came from Germany, from the “Conquerors from Germany”. This was one of the crucial discoveries, that proved the Germanic nature of England, although this is obvious, for around the year 500 was when the Anglo-Saxons were reclaiming England, although other Celtic-deluded historians attempted to deny this, even though it is now an established fact, this illustrates the kind of unscientific, anti-Germanic group-think that attempted to take over academic archaeology and is responsible for perpetuating the “Celtic invention”, to the fanatical extent where they would like to attempt to deny that us Anglo-Saxons existed, let alone the prior indigenous Germanic population of England.
 In addition to this, one of the proclaimed “Celtic” areas, the Isle of Man was also found to have been almost 100% genetically Nordic. This cannot be denied, this Nordic settlement was used for a thousand years, becoming a fully fledged Island-entity under direct Viking Influence for over 4 centuries, ever after the Norman conquest. Viking Influence over the Isle of man lasted until the 13th century.
 Geneticists and Biologists at the University College London (UCL) established through studying a segment of Y chromosome that is present in almost all Danish and Northern Germanic men, that this Y chromosome is also consistently common throughout Britain. Demolishing the myth that Britain ever had a majority Celtic population (again it must be stated the term Celtic was applied erroneously post 1707.) Also the modern technique of Isotope studying found nearly identical results in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries although there is a clearly more Germanic population historically and in the present in rural England, as rural England was reclaimed by 100% unlike areas of Highland Scotland or Western Wales, even though they were reclaimed by at least 80%. Heinrich Härke’s studies and collaborating evidence has found that over 50% of the indigenous population, even pre Anglo-Saxon reclamation carried the “Friesian gene”, proving beyond all doubt that Germanic folk are the rightful and only indigenous people of Britain, despite over 500 years of Roman occupation and mass immigration of Gaelic occupiers.
 The reclamation of England by Anglo-Saxons was a great and noble event, where war parties and entire family clans set out to sea during the spring and summer, straight from wonderful Denmark and what is now Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The Celtic occupiers were wiped aside with absolute ease, after the Romans withdrew totally in 407 A.D. The Gaelic/(modern invented use of the term Celtic) immigrants who were left over were easily wiped out, as they were inexperienced in war, having lived decadent Roman lifestyles, under the Pax Romana, where they had neglected combat training that was conducted from an early age in all the pure Germanic cultures in comparison, this is one of the foundational reasons why the Viking were able to take over not just Coastal England, but the Isle of Man, large portions of Ireland, all the way to lands end, the Orkney Islands and even into Wales.
 One of the major cemeteries of the Anglo-Saxon reclamation established post 410 near Dorchester-on-Thames, all the way up the Thames near Oxford town contained identical or similar forms and designs of urns, ornaments and brooches that are found along the River Elbe in Germany.
 Another geneticist Mark Thomas (London based) stated that the Anglo-Saxon folk enforced “social structures similar to apartheid” that is to say, positive and proper racial regulations and protections over the racial integrity of the noble Germanic folk, including the prior Germanic populations, who bred with the Saxons, Vikings, Angles and Jutes as they were of nearly identical racial stock, as opposed to the foreign Gaelic Briton immigrants who were wiped aside. Such a positive degree of Germanic genetic safeguarding has never been seen in any other system of government, except in that Asatru informed Anglo-Saxon civilization, up until it was corrupted by Christianity a few hundred years later, in various stages.
 The occupying Gaelic/Celtic immigrants who were occupying the largely vacant Island, had only been a significant proportion of the population in Western Britain for less than a few generations, once the Romans left in 407, the Druid Celts lost all their political power over the native proto-Germanic English population who quickly received support from the Germanic reinforcements in the form of the Anglo Saxons who reclaimed the entire Island and rightfully wiped out the Celtic false-leaders (almost all of whom were Christians by that time) everywhere they found them, restoring England to its Germanic nature both in the base population’s freedoms and the Germanic leadership, rightfully enslaving the Gaelic and other Roman imported Mediterranean immigrants that did not flee. Although the Semitic creed soon corrupted most of the Anglo Saxon leaders several generations after this, when passive conversion occurred, when they took Christian brides in most historical cases and the Church enacted blackmails and used its stranglehold over its congregations to offer local political power to fiercely competitive regional leaders.
 In relatively recent linguistics the Ingvaeonic/Ingwine Northern Sea Germanic languages, Old Saxon, Scots and Old Frisian are actually the closest languages to Old English. Our modern English on the other hand is incorrect as it descends from Middle English and Norman Old French. The Name of England as an entity is a modern term although, that was adopted several millennia, after the original Germanic settlement of England, which occurred in its first stages over 7,000 years ago.
 The name England first was written down as Anglia, referring to the Angles, which as a clan name originated from the name of Jutland, in Denmark. Once again these names are modern, as with the modern names Wales, Scotland and the modern names of all European nations, whose history has been suppressed by Christianity, that attempted to consolidate and standardize entire regions.
 The Old Norse form of England is Endglandz or Englandi or Englandia, which refers to the whole island. The Wessex name for England on the other hand was Anglia, from this we derive the names of area today such as East Anglia, although this is a corruption as Anglia is a Latin form. King Cnut used the term Englaland. England may also derive from Ing-land, or of the Ingvaeones, this is supported by Beowulf, the earliest English epic, and numerous Sagas in which there are figures such as Hrothgar, Lord of the Ingwine, and Ingeld a Legendary Warrior in various sagas and texts.
 To prove beyond doubt the immigrant nature of so called Gaelic or “Celtic” peoples, in 1755 only 22.9% of the Scottish population of 1,265,380 spoke Gaelic, this decreased to 6.1% in 1881, even though the Scottish population had increased to 3,735,573. Demonstrating conclusively that Gaelic people were always a minority, a declining minority of immigrants. (MacAulay, Donald (1992). The Celtic Languages. Cambridge University Press. p. 141.)
 Welsh, along with all the other non Germanic languages were and still are immigrant languages that simply became popular amongst the Clergy establishment of early Wales, having been carried through the Roman empires facilitation of Mediterranean immigration. The fact that no natural Brythonic language artefacts nor place names exist in England and also much of Wales indicates the immigrant nature of the Gaelic people and language. Welsh road signs were only permitted after 1965, when the Semitic-Celtic lobby had grown in influence, the Welsh Liberal Party MP Roderick Bowen was responsible for the committee which committed the grave cultural crime of authorising the placement of immigrant Welsh language signs all over occupied, otherwise Germanic Wales in 1972.
 Several 100% English areas of Wales have successfully campaigned to have the ridiculous modern Gaelic immigrant language of Welsh removed from their signs of their ancient Germanic villages. The people who promote Celticism are vile, insidious subversives and they need to all be purged from our national discourse, especially from racialist movements. We must reject and expose these people as the frauds they are, repeating the same Gaelic immigrant narratives supported by Jews who hate us English folk and have done since well before 1290 when we expelled them for exploiting our economy and lives.
 The overwhelming majority of the people who have been culturalised into speaking Gaelic languages are in reality indigenous Germanics or even more recent Germanic 2nd wave populations, such as the Viking settlements in Ireland, as with all Political establishment promoted foreign languages Gaelic was and still is spread as an official language beyond the use by the original immigrant group that brought those Mediterranean and lower central European languages into Britain and Ireland. There has been a political travesty caused by the Celtic false-identity movement, in that it has created the dis-unification and opposition mentality within nearly genetically identical Germanic populations in the West of Wales, Ireland, the coastal North West of England, Cornwall and Scotland, even though 95% of the pre 1950s population of all these areas are of Germanic genetics, carrying the correct genes. Reinforcing this fact is that Lowland Scots is still classified as a Germanic language and that the modern Irish uses many Germanic words, despite centuries of Gaelic or “Celtic” defilement and cultural corruption and deliberate identity-confusion by ruling leaders in those countries, who opposing leaders in England attempted to manipulate their populations into thinking they are ancient opponents, rather than related peoples. This artificial division, caused by a foreign Gaelic political insurgency, later supported by Jewish finance from London is responsible for creating the one thousand year old political power and border conflicts between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, that are still fuelling Semitic political agendas even today, as of the 2015 general election, where the Welsh parties all support immigration, welfare (dysgenics) and central government corruption.
 The names of the differing Germanic areas of ancient Britain are more of a modern invention, created by conflicting political factions, encouraged by the Romans who sought to divide and rule the ancient proto-Germanic population of Britain. None of these people ever saw themselves as Celtic, obviously as the term was an invention when it was applied to our people post 1707, popularised by a growing anti-German political establishment after the re-entrance of Jews into positions of financial and trading influence in London primarily and further into Britain in the late 1670s. It is of no coincidence that today all of the Celtic political movements are closely allied with the Jewish Labour Party and its various cultural-infiltration and disruption efforts.
 Germanic folk have settled in England since at least -7000 B.C according to genetic evidence. Kents Cavern in England, near Torbay in Devon, an area of proto-Germanic coastal hunter-gatherer territory has evidence of human life, tools and remains that are almost 500,000 years old. There are also fossils of ancient Cave bears that once lived in England, along with Hyenas and other creatures. The discoveries at Kents Cavern prove that the out of Africa hypothesis is completely false in its time-scales. There are undeniable examples of Human residence there dating back nearly half a million years. Although the vegetarian Cave bears are much older, from a prior era.

    “If I should die, think only this of me; That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is forever England. There shall be In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware, Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam, A body of England’s breathing English air, Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.”
                                                                            -“The Soldier”
 England is the land imbued with the blood of what we in this era call our English or Germanic folk, be that in the soils of Sjælland to New Zealand, from Lowland Scotland, 95% of Wales & Northern Ireland (and a significant proportion of the actual original proto-Germanic population of Ireland) to Southern Texas or Northern Canada, to the Falklands and countless Island territories, from Pretoria and Cape town to Australia and Grønland.
 What we define as our land is important, that which we Englænder related folk have settled and especially those lands like Britain where part of our folk were the first, but it is not the land or soil which is of the most importance but our people ourselves that are of the utmost importance, from our illustrious blonde hair and divine blue eyes, purest complexions and elegant forms, it is through our ancestors, our blood, that is found the focus of our world, the focus of nature and our evolutionary history, the focus of Asatru, the focus of our future, the focus of the reason you have read this article.
 To highlight this point further, to beyond dispute, when our race goes beyond this Earth and colonises other planets, will we call ourselves Martians (or Mars’landers)?, or “Moon’landers?” No obviously not, shall we continue to call ourselves “Eng-landers”? Is that equally logical? Ultimately we should call ourselves Germanics or Nordics, or simply see ourselves as “the folk” without any other folk externally to interfere with us.
 This is a question for us Germanic folk alone to decide and through asking this question of ourselves hopefully I can convince you to participate in initiating a natural and organic Germanic identity discussion with the power to awaken our folk, “who we are and what is our future?” we shall discuss this supreme question at our Allthing, through our past we can understand our future’s pure potential.
 “The German peoples have never intermarried with alien stocks, but have always stood forth as a race rooted in the soil, pure and unlike every other.”
Tacitus. G.C, (93.CE), “Germania”: in “The Agricola and Germania”, English translation 1894, Aberdeen University Press
 Our purity is why Celticists hate us so much and in their putrid jealousy, often as the willing tools of Jewish subversion, or self-decieving kneebenders to the historical narratives invented by people like them in the past they seek to spite us in the darkness of academia and the very notion of who is indigenous to this nation.
 Recognising that our past national names are so arbitrary and often defined by outsiders in foreign languages (like those of our ancestral tribal areas), which causes such conflict between relatives, such as the false identification of Britain as Celtic by the Romans, creating conflict to this day, even “Germanic” (meaning from one ancestral root) is a term coined by the Romans, as with Teutonic, we have never had a period in our history where we could define our folk’s collective name for ourselves, it has always been outsiders who have defined us, in awe or in cataloguing terminology, Caucasian, White, European, etc.
Ultimately we should reclaim the national racial identity freedom to call ourselves by the names of our oldest ancestors, as we do with our individual surnames, so that we always remember who we are and the natural-divinity, potential and promise of our naturally extraordinary, intelligent and unrivalled pure bloodlines, fellow sons and daughters of the Æsir, in every place we exist.

Article author: Dan Rayner / Published: 3rd Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 3rd Night of May 2015

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