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Racially Subversive Non-White Journalist’s Biased Ethnic affirmative Reporting

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racially subversive non-white journalists

Racially Subversive Non-White Journalist’s Biased Ethnic affirmative Reporting amid the Coronavirus Crisis.

The BBC runs a section focusing on ‘stories’ or attempted emotive propaganda pieces to support the BBC’s racially subversive agenda. This section routinely takes articles from racially subversive non-white journalists, freelance and former Vice writers alike. Below is a screenshot indicating the ‘importance’ the BBC allocated to this subversive article titled “Coming 5,000 miles to die for the NHS”. The title of this article is an example of disgusting, morally-troglodytic anti-white journalism. The title falsely attributes an intention and the racially subversive agenda behind this article is clearly an attempt to suppress our natural hostility to non-white immigration.

The sub-headline article on the BBC focuses on the deaths of 2 persons out of 4,934 (17:00/05/04/2020) and those 2 persons are non-white. The racial affirmative reporting is as undeniable as it is disgusting, unethical and immoral.

Recently one of these vile anti-white subversives wrote an entire obituary for two non-whites who died from Coronavirus. Using the justification cover that they were two nonwhites who occupied sought after medical professional jobs as being the core pattern as to why they were being idolized and eulogized by this subversive freelance journalist submitting articles to the BBC.

Frontpage BBC antiwhite article

The Pandemic of racially subversive non-white journalists

This is especially disgusting journalism, disgusting journalism being typical of the pandemic of racially subversive non-white journalists, in the midst of a crisis caused by humans immigrating from one area to another, without which this virus would undeniably never have left China. As written recently at English News, in an article since copied by various other racially aware websites: Open Borders Kill. This is proven as an undeniable fact on multiple levels.

racially subversive non-white journalists focusing on immigrant deaths

The core pattern of why these particular 2 persons out of 4,934 (17:00/05/04/2020) are at the core of this sub-headline BBC piece written by the subversive Sirin Kale is the race of the people who died. If their race had not been non-white, would this particular journalist have even written about them in such an enthusiastically subversive way? Of-course not, they focused on them because their ‘immigrant story’ they think, incorrectly, will achieve a slight % pacification of our English nation’s rightful and proven opposition to mass immigration.

Out of 4000 people BBC antiwhites seek to highlight the nonwhites

“If only one man dies… that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

-Joseph Stalin, according to Leonard Lyons in “The Washington Post” of 1947.

A strange symmetry indeed… Allegedly in a systematic racially motivated ideological effort these vile racially subversive so called Journalists are trying to depict non-white deaths as tragedies but the overall death count is just a statistic. They are trying to depict non-whites and their beloved dysgenic NHS as heroic when the opposite is true, they are parasites upon our nation (see the NHS’s dysgenic effect, immigrant crime rates, economic migrants occupying jobs that would otherwise have gone to English people or at worst Polish workers, etc).

They cannot deny that this is the overall media approach to reporting the deaths of coronavirus. The deaths of people made famous by the regime, the deaths of younger persons (statistical exceptions) and then non-whites are at the forefront and sole reporting focus of racially subversive non-white journalists and the Jewish editors at the BBC.

Racially Subversive Reporting

Immigrant Dual Loyalty

This subversive article, that was accepted and promoted by the BBC even focuses and draws attention to the undeniable foreign loyalties and sentiments these non-whites had as if to justify such and depict it as good. The author Sirin Kale then attempts to unconvincingly and exploitatively attach this onto them being doctors (immorally taking advantage of the media deification of anything, anyone NHS) and falsely attributing, both indirectly and directly some moral connotations over supporting migrants.

racially subversive journalism

Foreign doctors do not come here for the benefit of other humans, if that is the case they would stay in their impoverished countries of origin, they come here for the high paycheck and higher standards of medical facility and resulting higher life standards they can without any ancestral contribution take advantage of parasitically. Foreign doctors displace and force unemployment or under employment to other medical staff who could otherwise have filled that position. Anyone who is familiar with hospitals knows that active medical positions are sought after jobs and for every doctor there are subordinates who aspire for that job position. There is no need for foreign doctors at all. The population increase in migrant occupied areas such as Londonistan is the root cause of the overburdening of the NHS which these subversive journalists then argue demands more non-whites (but doctors) are brought in to make up for the artificially created ‘shortage’ and the crisis snowballs. This pattern is precisely replicated in relation to the importing of foreign viruses.

To racially subversive non-white journalists Immigration is more important than our lives…

If it were not for immigration and a lack of immigration control, undeniably, beyond all rational dispute, we would not have had Covid-19 in the UK or anywhere outside of China. According to an English News supporter, flights from foreign countries are still coming into UK airports. Sickeningly one English News supporter relayed that a flight from Mexico arrived in the UK and the sole passport check was to a machine with absolutely no medical checks or real immigration checks at this end. US media has relayed that flights are still coming in from China despite claims made by various officials. This shows the regime’s complete lack of actual care about stopping the root cause of this pandemic, which has undeniably been spread via human travel (tourism) and multiplied by the hundreds of thousands if not millions of foreign visiting relatives per year (a routine source of foreign viruses) who travel to visit their relatives who are invasive migrants of non-white ancestry themselves.

To the Jewish Subversive dominated political establishment keeping mass non-white migration going (especially at an EU wide level) and insidiously and sickeningly seeking to morally justify it amid a crisis caused by it is the main priority of these racially subversive Judaized, restricted and non-white journalists alike. These subversives are trying to take advantage of this crisis and pacify the otherwise inevitable reaction to this crisis which will be an increased popular demand for more immigration control on the proven, verified concern for our national health.


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