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United States Racial Crisis: Current US Demographics

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United States Racial Crisis

United States Racial Crisis: Current US Demographics

United States Racial Crisis

The  United States racial crisis is as a result of the increase of the non-white population and all the consequences that brings. The increasing non-white population of North America is already resulting in massive increases in crime levels, decreases in the national IQ, economic productivity (net) and huge burdens on the mostly European American Taxpayers. This US manifestation of the Kalergi Plan is being done to America in accordance with the same intensity of replacement migration seen in Europe.

It is time that Americans of European descent should once again ask why they should ever pay taxation without representation? Especially without racial interests representation and defence.

What data is available from just the direct lobbying financing for specific time periods (much of it is not published and is indirect) indicates that over $345million was spent on lobbying for amnesty and immigration between just 2006 and 2008. One can assume this trend has increased or continued at this level with increases and decreases depending on the political timing. Meanwhile the Fertility rate of White Americans is 1.6 as of 2017, the most recently available statistics report from the CDCs National Vital Statistics Report.

US Racial CrisisThis shows a dire situation, this change must be reversed or European America will be destroyed, European America will no longer be the monolithic society it once was in the past (reference to the Barbara Spectre quotes) but will instead be replaced by a degenerate horde of low-IQ’d South Americans, Africans and various international minorities ruled over by the Jewish Supremacist controlled Washington political establishment with national discourse and the education system policed and dictated to by the likes of the Jewish subversion war-machines: the ADL and SPLC. This is a dark dystopian United States racial crisis against which we can see just how positive our vision is in contrast: a European America that becomes more European, that is not afflicted by racial conflict and disputes, where foreign populations are not permitted to immigrate into the United States with the intention of taking over America and where Jewish Subversives are not permitted to facilitate this against the racial and democratic wishes of millions of ordinary European descended Americans. [SOURCE]United States Race Decline

Almost all of the current racial trajectory in America is negative: there is some migration of Europeans to America but this is mainly of retirees and business persons. Note that the US Census Bureau defines ‘white’ people not as Europeans but broadly as people “having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa”. This is then split into a non-Hispanic and white-Hispanic section to distinguish between more pale skinned Hispanics. So precise numbers and statistics about European Americans alone are not even collected by the Jewish dominated US government. This is likely done deliberately to conceal the current situation. The precise numbers for the numbers of children migrants have differs hugely for each migrant group. Additionally this data is then not recorded as migrants but enters into internal demographic records of ‘naturalized’ persons.

SPLC Chart US Racial CrisisSPLC US Great Replacement

Chart-Numbers-of-Undocumented-Migrants-Illegals-US-America-MexicoIt is undeniable that hostile non-whites are targeting America’s racial integrity. This ought to be a matter of national security. However the Federal Government through the Universities (that educate future government bureaucrats and politicians, military and civilian leaders alike) and huge amounts of corporate lobbying and money, especially from Jewish companies and specifically designed campaign entities have normalized mass-immigration.

It is the responsibility of racially informed European Americans to speak the truth against this backdrop of the United States racial crisis, with truth on our side we do not need to spend millions or billions at all. You simply have to articulate this truth convincingly, consistently and routinely, to everyone you know, meet or briefly write in-front of online (such as what I am doing here via writing this article, which you can do also if you want).


Be aware that when viewing statistics like the one above that the decrease in illegal migrants is as a result of law enforcement often giving up in entire areas and also as a result of amnesty or an increase in regular migration. Immigration is at its highest ever amount: at over 1,000,000 persons every 365 days or more. The number could be as high as 1,300,000 or higher per 365 days. It is clear and undeniable that there is a clear and malicious effort to undermine the racial integrity of once 90% European North America. They are applying the same subversion to Canada and the United States at the same time. Canada is being subject to international migration straight to Canada.


US-Census-Bureau-Racial-Composition-of-the-US-estimateThe ultra hostile agenda of Jewish Subversives (especially the actions of Jewish mass-immigration assisting ‘charities’ such as HIAS) in creating the United States racial crisis cannot be denied by any rational observer.

The effects cannot be denied, the statements of intent cannot be denied. It is now a matter of presenting all this information to you the non-awakened reader and to those already awakened: for you to present this information 2nd hand to other people: awakened or non-awakened alike: to reinforce and confirm your beliefs and convictions and to inform those non-awakened with this information your government and mass media attempts to conceal from you (except in few instances where they have to address it; and try to say its good or try to make people think it is inevitable).


You can reclaim European America: to do so democratically you must take full control of your government before 2046. Which is when on current trajectories the United States racial crisis could make European Americans a minority. Ideally and realistically a fightback against this needs to occur within 16 years time. Get to work now! -Right Now-

This is a last 2 decade’s stand against the United States racial crisis: this is when we Europeans shine historically: when it really matters, when our backs are against the wall (Battle of Vienna, Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of the Teutoburg forest, two Ice ages, etc) and mass awakenings occur, through the hard work of information campaigning (link this page to other people, awakened and non-awakened alike, post to here everywhere you can, overcome the Google algorithms via mass link pasting).

This empirical evidence here is the necessary proof revealing that there is a United States racial crisis.

It cannot be denied when the evidence is displayed, only suppressed (to make people do nothing about it) or exposed. Exposed with the intention of motivating people to do something to not only prevent the demographic replacement but to reverse the current United States Racial Crisis. That is what you must help to do. Link this and other informative articles everywhere.



Article Author: Dan Rayner / English / Article Updated & Re-Published 24/03/2020 / Originally Published: 18th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 18th Night of May 2019.CE

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