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Real Coronavirus Numbers: Estimated at more than 2.5 million

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Real Coronavirus Numbers

Real Coronavirus Numbers: Estimated at 2.5 million+

The total confirmed coronavirus cases today will exceed a quarter of a million (250,0000 diagnosed cases. The vast majority of cases in any epidemic or pandemic are unreported. The Real Coronavirus Numbers are mathematically predicted to be at well above 2.5 million (2,500,000) if not much higher. The diagnosed currently confirmed figure is at 244,523 as of 9:00am GMT 20/03/2020. This diagnosed figure will with mathematical certainty exceed 260,000 by the end of today 20/03/2020.

Coronavirus is good for the Environment

Real Coronavirus Numbers vastly exceed the Diagnosed Numbers

According to the precedents from prior pandemics and the ratio of identified case numbers to total numbers it is almost certain that only 1/10th or less of infections have been diagnosed. Hundreds of health officials at a national and international level have stated that the real figure is much larger due to slow government responses in testing and COVID-19s ability to infect hosts without causing visible symptoms.

At a minimum according to past precedents there are likely to exist a minimum of 2.5million cases of coronavirus. However many health officials have refused to comment or even speculate at the real number, with all of them admitting it is substantially higher than the total confirmed number of cases, orders of magnitudes greater. The late response in testing by many governments will see a sudden spike in the number of identified cases. In Denmark testing kits will be able to be sent to homes directly. Expect in the next few weeks the official numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases to multiply substantially. Potentially reaching half a million by April.


The Real Coronavirus Numbers are good for the environment.

Meanwhile pollution levels from the reduction of human travel and industry reveal an ecological side-effect of coronavirus: Read here for the humour article on how the coronavirus is good for the environment. The massive drop in commercial travel indicates an awareness of the scale of the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus has caused massive financial losses in tourism companies and the overcharging hospitality and tourism sectors of every national economy. This will have a long term impact of forcing people to adapt to new economic conditions and traveling less.


The Coronavirus is good for stopping immigration.

The Coronavirus has caused almost all governments to completely stop all immigration. In this regard the coronavirus is having a positive effect on our nations (so long as the coronavirus is not a biological weapon or mutates into a more deadly form, or has a delayed post-recovery kill mechanism, leading to hundreds of millions of deaths).

The Coronavirus is good for national / local manufacturing.

Case Study: The UK.

The United Kingdoms Health Secretary sent out a request for companies to build medical ventilators for patients suffering from respiratory failure/difficulties resulting from coronavirus. Within days national manufacturers and small tech-tinkerers built 6 hospital grade medical ventilators. Previously these units cost an extortionate amount and many parts will have been built overseas. The reduction in overseas productivity in China and a sense of urgency and patriotic duty has inspired small tech-tinkerers and manufacturers in the UK to start producing their own ventilators according to government specifications.

The Coronavirus is in many ways undoing decades of globalization in favour of positive national manufacturing increases (outside of China) and self-reliance as well as a cessation in immigration and a huge statistically undeniable reduction in pollution caused by human travel and bulk consumer manufacturing. If Coronavirus is just a natural virus then its effects could be considered highly beneficial to surviving humankind. However that is the main concern over the coronavirus, is it ‘just’ a natural virus and even if it is natural its full long term effects on the human biology are not known.

See the Official Coronavirus Map here:

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