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The Idiotic Responses to Coronavirus are Failing

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Idiotic Response to Coronavirus


This article focuses primarily on the idiotic response to Coronavirus on an economic level.

Idiotic Governments are engaging in massive economic wastage into this crisis. Witness the huge wasteful billions spent in accordance with flawed economic theories. If they cared about not loosing economic stability or economic damage in the long term they would simply announce a series of consecutive bank holidays during the crisis to prevent the inevitable economic instability.

International Headlines and Government Press Releases illustrating the Idiotic Response to Coronavirus:

Australian Response to Coronavirus is Bad

Idiotic Response to Coronavirus

US 850 billion waste

An idiotic response to Coronavirus was discussed by US senators and political commentators including Senator Mitt Romney who discussed a communist plan to redistribute to all Americans (excluding millionaires) $1000 dollars. That is communist grade redistribution thought-experiment economic stupidity. You know the one where everyone is given x amount and then the balance of finance ends up much the same by the end of the week. Its almost as if they want to make their own currency worthless. If everyone gets a free $1000 dollars everyone will price gouge even in private person to person sales because they have an extra $1000 they did nothing to get and thus does not carry the same expression of human time/physical effort (which is a pure definition of what currency ideally represents in bartering transactions).

This is the EU spending PDF plan of 13/03/2020.

EU budget response to corona

Helps Businesses but not individuals

In the above Linked EU economic response proposal on slide 10 it openly says the EUs pitiful response is to act as an “example of how the EU budget helps address a challenge affecting all member states with significant health and economic interdependencies” as one of its primary aims, not to actually provide an effective response. This partially wasteful (using money that was taken from member states in the first place) EU PR proposal is underway as of today according to the document they are currently making communications to ‘senior civil servants’ (18th March) on slide 9. Compare the spending levels of the EUs €37 Billion to even just the UKs spending package of £350 Billion (€383 billion). 10 times larger and this is just the UK government expenditure. Evidently crisis funds come from national governments and the EU does not care much financially evidently from its tiny expenditure. However from an informed perspective less spending is better because 90% of this funding is going to waste in an idiotic response to coronavirus in accordance with flawed economic theories. We can see examples of mass financial injections into economies and increasing the amount of cash in circulation (risks hyperinflation) failing throughout history.


The disgusting financial bias towards businesses over individuals: keeping unprepared businesses afloat is economic dysgenics.

It is clear throughout the international idiotic responses to coronavirus that there is a bias towards keeping small businesses operational. This is market dysgenics. Any business that cannot survive 3 months of coronavirus does not deserve to exist as an operating business. Any sensible business will have emergency funds, any business that operates on the edge of solvency should collapse and should not be the recipient of gross, dysgenic government handouts to keep them artificially afloat when evidently their business model is reliant on unsustainable practices.

Meanwhile the UK government is doing nothing to help individuals. The current plan put out by the non-white chancellor Rishi Sunak does not help renters even though it helps rental businesses and other small businesses. It is clear the government cares more about big and small businesses (despite their inefficiency) than it cares about individuals. What happens to a renter who cannot afford rent during the coronavirus? Some disgusting landlords and there are immoral landlords who see humans as economic units, would probably kick them out and then they would be wandering around with no home spreading the virus.  The government plan announces a disgusting “relief” for all firms in all of the hospitality sector equating to a payout of £10,000 – £25,000. Quick register a fake B&B and claim yourself £10-25k!

Update: 18/03/2020 13:30: (6hrs after article publication) The Government has responded to combined media pressure over the possibility of renters being evicted with the following change:

News Update

The Coronavirus is turning out to be more efficient than all of the ‘environmental policy’ financing in reducing pollution levels. It has also cut down immigration numbers hugely, stopped immigration entirely from many countries. None of these positive effects of coronavirus have been as a result of government financing but due to a complete cessation of prior government policies (especially open borders). Seemingly everything our foreign-owned governments do (such as telling people not to prep) or keeping failing businesses operational that will spread the virus over the next few months and potentially again next winter flu season (the hospitality sector), does damage to our % survival chances versus the coronavirus.

Update: 18/03/2020 14:50: (7hrs after article publication) The US Government is reported to be considering now a USD $1 Trillion ‘stimulus’

US 1 trillion stimulus over coronavirus stupidity

Update: 18/03/2020 15:00: (7hrs after article publication) Negroes in Londonistan have been caught rampaging or ‘chimping out‘ over empty shops.

Diversity Causes Riots Food Shortage Coronavirus

The only non idiotic response to coronavirus is the forced “three-month holiday” for mortgage payers. This is what should be done universally in all aspects of the economy. However the international regimes refuse to engage in non idiotic responses to coronavirus. This is indicative of a hostile intention, a malicious will to harm our nations in an effort to keep up their economic system, allowing economic fluctuations to flourish from which profit can be made all whilst governments enact communist-grade redistribution of wealth to ‘favoured’ business types to keep them operational despite the fact that they are reliant on a non-constant factor: tourism. Hospitality relies on people wasting their money to stay in overcharging rooms or rip off retailers. Is this the kind of business we even want to exist in our nations? They should be allowed to fail. However noting the current size of this sector it would be wise to deconstruct it over a long term basis not during a crisis. There are superior and very simple economic measures that could be taken right now by all governments to mitigate 99% of the damage from this crisis as detailed below. Unfortunately people like us are not in government to do this:

A superior English Reclamation movement proposed economic response to Coronavirus:

The moment the WHO declared a pandemic and the major governments of the world declared national emergencies a series of consecutive bank holidays should have been announced. I would have ordered a barrage of consecutive bank holidays into action before this point was even reached as the writing was clearly on the wall a full week before the WHO, seemingly with reluctance, despite the evidence, declared a pandemic late.

  • The entire international stock market exchange in every country should have been paused, 3 weeks of consecutive bank holidays should have been announced, all currency value should have been paused, all stock market and bank trading forced to stop nationally as happens normally during bank holidays and mandated through a UN resolution globally.
  • Then there would be no market crashes, no sudden fluctuations. Governments each mandating that the others cease all extra currency printing and international and central ‘national banks’ (private) forced into not accepting new bank notes from governments for 3 weeks, cease all banking maneuvers. All banks are forced by law to obey the same cessation period. Then there would be no mass losses or alterations.
  • This would then facilitate everyone going into self-quarantine for just 3 weeks (which could be extended continuously to a longer period of time which the banks of other nations would not otherwise have agreed to beforehand if told e.g: stop trading for 6 months), call it an indoors mandatory spring holiday, perhaps cancel bank holidays in the rest of the year and a temporary post-crisis working hours extension over 8 months or so to compensate for productivity drops floated as an assurance policy to continue international compliance with this policy.
  • Pause all payments by all businesses and all individuals (rent, electricity, gas, funding programs, interest on any loans etc is all paused) for every single service for 3 weeks to prevent debt. Ordering items still costs, no handouts of money just pauses in payments for supplied resources.
  • The only workers that work are bare-bones essential infrastructure personnel, including international shipping, energy production workers, air freight and super market shipping and distribution agents and the facilities they operate are declared as under the jurisdiction of the military (in each nation respectively or under equivalent structures setup for this purpose) all of whom are forcibly equipped with hazmat suits and made legally part of the military (in the UK). These deputized persons are paid directly by the government with a soldiers wage, not to the business or facility or ship/plane owners (which is now out of the equation and paused like every other aspect of the economy) but to the human operators directly to motivate them to keep doing the basic work of keeping electricity production or shipping operating from the safety of a hazmat suit worn at all times. This also brings in enforcement to keep working for these essential infrastructure personnel upon punishment of desertion. This prevents interference or objections over financing from businesses that currently control these essential infrastructures. Military property ownership of all essential infrastructure continues until the crisis ends then ownership is passed back along with all the original personnel and vehicles in the same working condition as acquired with the government paying the costs of the fuel and in-use maintenance. This would cost infinitely less than the hundreds of billions being wasted on generic, idiotic market stabilization ‘injections’.
  • The military/emergency services would be the only vehicles allowed on the roads for 3 weeks. Vehicles would go into decontamination sprays between trips. All personnel including drivers wearing hazmat suits at all times. All deliveries undergo end-point decontamination and a mandatory pick up time delay upon delivery to a private property.
  • Everyone orders bulk canned and preserved food with their own money, most people already have enough in the UK for 3 weeks (see the various headlines about the UK being a nation of prepers even before this crisis), using up what they have carefully over those 3 weeks (21 days) and the virus would almost entirely be eliminated in that time, no spread and we would isolate the coronavirus at a low level whilst preventing mass economic damage by pausing the economy forcibly.
  • Laws would need to be passed to make exploitative stock market trading upon re-opening of the stock markets a criminal offense. The people who cause market instability are the traders (see studies showing the huge over-representation of Jews in the stock market/banks) looking to make profit or move their funds or shares to less risky places which then causes the very mass fluctuations they seek to evade.
  • All immigration is stopped. And it has to be stopped permanently as other countries who do not take this strict approach would re-introduce the virus to our nation, if not immediately on a seasonal basis as with flu strains. So immigration is stopped permanently.


 The official Coronavirus Map

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