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Jewish Influence in the Labour Party in 2020

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Jewish Influence in the Labour Party

Jewish Influence in the Labour Party in 2020

Case study: The Labour Party 2020 Leadership Election

ewish Influence in the Labour PartyThe Jewish Influence in the main left-wing, anti-white political force in the UK is well established. One of the main groups in the Labour Party is the Jewish Labour Movement, previously named Poale Zion. Jews have been exposed in the national media as having their own movement within the Labour Party that is “one of the oldest socialist societies affiliated to the UK Labour Party”. 99% of people did not know about this. Hopefully they will not forget nor forgive. Pictured left is the actual logo of this group. They are quite open about their influence. The issue is the Jewish national media never broadcasts this consistently and denies attempts to accurately portray it as the hostile foreign influence it is in order to cover for their ethnic relatives. On some levels it could be said that the Jewish Labour Movement was critical in the history of the Labour Party and of Jewish Socialism in Britain.

It is a known fact that the minister who oversaw the massive increase in the non-white invasion of Britain was a Sephardic Jew: Barbara Roche, who now runs a ‘museum of immigration’ to try to normalize massive hordes of invading Negroes and Asians as literally envisioned in the Kalergi Plan.

Jewish Influence in Labour

In 2020 the Jewish Influence is again blisteringly clear as is the influence of Jewish Supremacists in the Labour 2020 Leadership Election. No one can deny this, it is hideously obvious and clear to actually hilarious extents that serve to expose their sheer influence.

The Jews inside and outside of Labour are mad about how Corbyn was the last Labour leader and how he refused for years to adopt their free speech suppressing definition of ‘antisemitism’. Corbyn forced the Jewish lobby to engage in a 4 year long campaign against him in order to get him to change a few lines in the party’s definition of antisemitism. This was done in order to ban opposition of Israel and interfere in UK politics on behalf of a foreign, hostile state.

Lisa Nandy: the willing Jewish controlled candidate

Jewish Influence in the Labour Party Nandy

Lisa Nandy is the ‘chosen’ candidate of the Jews working to make sure that anti-Israel, typically Islamic and well informed working class community leaders with balls cannot have any influence in the new pro-Israel Labour Party that works to parasitically build up Israel as the Jewish state whilst undermining the homogeneity of the UK.

Lisa Nandy Jewish Whore

Lisa Nandy won the competition of who could apologize the most to the Jews.

Lisa Nandy apologized over hundreds of Labour party member’s informed and important comments about Israel being a racist state and how Jewish influence was undermining the Labour Party with an aim to changing its foreign policy on behalf of the foreign, Jewish state.

Apologize to the Jews

Jewish Influence in the Labour Party:

Ritualized apologizing

The Jewish Labour Party actually hosted an event where all of the Labour Leadership candidates had to engage in a form of ritualized apologizing to a Jewish audience about how they were bad goys who could only ever redeem themselves by blindly serving the Jewish state of Israel’s foreign election interference program to ensure total goyim obedience from the Labour Party which after all the Jewish Labour Movement is the part owner thereof. In many regards the Labour Party could be considered to be Jewish property and only managed to exist over the past 100 years due to Jewish financing: so how dare any leader of Labour not be a total slave to Jewish Subversives.

The Labour Leadership candidates competed to prove who was most loyal devotion to Jewish subversion (this is openly admitted implicitly) through who could apologize the most. Its almost as if the Labour party had somehow been implicated in a political Holohoax from the extent of the tearful apologizing. It was hilarious and sickening at the same time.

Lisa Nandy: the Jew-Endorsed Remainer Candidate for Labour Leadership: still campaigning to Remain.

Lisa Nandy Jewish Remainer

Lisa Nandy is continuing the previously admitted lost cause of the Remain Campaign. With Talmudic twists she seeks to try to ban Brexit, 4 years later and even after the UK legally leaving the EU (although still under a transition period). Lisa Nandy wants to see a permanent transition period followed by the UK rejoining the Jewish designed European Union. Lisa Nandy also thinks that antisemitism is more of an “existential” issue for the Labour Party than support for the EU. Despite all available evidence during the last election where the Conservatives annihilated Labour in their white working class heartlands. Hopefully they never con them into supporting them ever again.

Jewish Influence in the Labour 2020 leadership election:

It is not just Nandy who is supported by the Jews.

Here is how the Jewish Labour Movement voted in their (over representation of) influence for who will become the next leader of the Labour Party:

Lisa Nandy: 51% Keir Starmer : 45% Emily Thornberry : 1.9% Rebecca Long-Bailey : 1.4%

This tells you that Keir Starmer, or ‘Sir Keir Starmer’ as has been declared is basically just as favoured as Lisa Nandy.

Keir Starmer said antisemitism would be a “day one issue” for him if he became Labour leader, not the EU or immigration or anything else: he cucked and grovelled hard but Nandy still beat him by 5%.

The Candidate team the Labour Jews hate the most:

This also tells you that the Labour Jews hate Rebecca Long-Bailey and her deputy Angela Rayner who is of no relation to our Rayner, English founder Dan Rayner I am told. Though it is an awesome synchronicity that comes to mind every time I see that surname in the media all the time. Such patterns.

White Pill: The Jewish control of the Labour Party is not absolute

There is a white pill in this article: the above two ladies exemplify this. There are those who refuse to bow fully to Zionist demands to make the Labour Party’s foreign policy aligned with Jewish Supremacist interests.

Perhaps a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel Labour will become resurgent and help to cause a left-wing awakening against Jewish Supremacist influence.

Just the media headlines for 4 years ‘oy veying’ over various truthful statements made by Labour Party members against hostile Israeli and entryist Jewish influence has undoubtedly awakened hundreds of thousands of people and just made them sick of all the hypocritical Jewish complaining of those who know about their influence.

The best thing that can happen to the Labour Party is that it becomes a block of opposition against Israeli foreign policy and continues to be a living demonstration of the human struggle to break away from Jewish influence over an organization that has historically been controlled by Jewish Subversives.


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