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Jewish Terrorist Regime Occupying Palestine (Israel) Attacks Palestinian Civilians

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The Jewish Terrorist Regime Occupying Palestine (Israel) Attacks Palestinian civilian buildings in Gaza.

Jewish Terrorists

This weekend’s attacks on Palestinian Gaza by the Jewish Terrorist regime occupying Palestine was clearly Israel targeting civilian buildings. This has been confirmed. The attacks have caused the deaths of twenty seven individuals from Saturday the 4th of May to today, Monday the 6th May 2019. Including three women and three children. Note how the Jewish owned media makes it seem so normal to try to prevent global rises in rightfully hostile public opinion against Israel. This attempts to slow down/pacify calls for boycotts by non-Zionist aligned persons within human rights bodies such as those within the UN, EU and various international watchdog groups. If a non-Jewish nation did this to a part of its occupied territory there would be calls for a military UN intervention. The Jewish media is critical in suppressing this narrative.

These attacks viciously -focused- on residential buildings with the intention of causing fear among civilians to undermine the morale and confidence of Palestinians.

Among those killed since Friday’s intensification of Jewish aerial attacks on Gaza was a 33 year old pregnant woman who died on Sunday night, this was last night. The siege being waged against Gaza is real and vicious, with hypocritical Jewish Supremacists enacting a slow yet direct genocide of the remnants of the once entirely Palestinian nation.

The Jewish Terrorist Regime has engaged in numerous attacks against the West and against its Middle Eastern neighbours and the population of the territory it occupies. It is continuing this with renewed genocidal zeal in the brutal unjustified attacks on Palestinian civilians. They claim rockets were launched from Palestine (before the Israeli attack and then actual retaliatory rockets), providing an ‘excuse’ for the Jewish Terrorist Regime to terrorize Gaza and the Palestinian hopes of resistance. The resistance against the Jewish Terrorist Regime tried desperately over almost a century to halt the Jewish Terrorist Regime that has taken over the rest of Palestine over decades of gradual and more rapid expansion and ethnic displacement fueled by Jewish Mass-Immigration to Palestine dating back to prior to 1947. Palestinian controlled Palestine is a small strip known as the Gaza strip, a besieged city-state that is in effect a huge urban prison, with restriction blockades on imports and exports stunting its development. Jewish terrorists have once again this past week re-intensified their slow decade long siege of Gaza.

Gaza has returned fire with desperate, almost merely symbolic blind-fire anti-ground rockets. This escalation is highly desired by and capitalized upon by the Jewish Terrorist Regime to then wipe out significant groups of Palestinian vigilantes, their families and children in what is clearly a demographics and economics focused war.

Jewish Terrorists in Israel cannot deny their malicious approach to this conflict, as it is on record that numerous Jewish scholars and political commentators in Israel have stated that Israel should kill all men, women children and even the cattle (economic income sources) of their enemies without mercy, without regard for the Geneva Convention and in contravention of numerous UN orders. Israel has even attacked UN schools and facilities in Gaza in the past. The rogue Jewish Terrorist quasi-state is completely out of control, slaughtering Palestinians and then using their desperate attempts to defend themselves to ‘justify’ in the Jewish dominated Western media; Israel’s further attacks on the Palestinian population.

“The ongoing Israeli offensive disrupted all schools and universities, preventing tens thousands of students from heading to their schools and universities. Moreover, several Governmental and non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were disrupted as well. Thus, obstructing the Palestinian civilians’ lives and businesses and undermining their basic rights. Furthermore, Israeli forces issued a decision to close all crossings from and to Israel, stop the entry and exit of goods, prevent the movement of members, including patients, as well as prevent the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip.”
-The PCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights) [SOURCE LINK]

Since Friday dozens of homes, ordinary homes have been targeted by Israel. Israel has used this weekend’s deliberate escalation and instigation of conflict to strike over 100 locations and also destroying seven substantial residential and commercial buildings. It is clear that Israel’s approach to war is demographic and economic. Israel has also attacked ‘Press Offices’ and ‘Cultural Institutions’ within Palestine to hold back and undo the development and self-sufficiency efforts of the Palestinian Gaza city-state.

Gaza News bombed by Israel

” At approximately 20:00, Israeli warplanes targeted a 6-story-residential building in eastern Gaza City, where Anadolu News Agency is located, and completely destroyed it. The building owner, Iyad Yaser Iqtifan (45), said that he received a phone call at 19:30 and the caller asked him about the Anadolu News Agency, which is located in his building.”
-The PCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights) [SOURCE LINK]

What does Gaza Look Like?

“PCHR affirms that the Israeli policy of targeting civilian buildings, which include press offices and cultural institutions, constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law, in particular Article 52 of Additional Protocol I of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which stipulates that civilian objects shall not be the object of attack and that attacks shall be limited strictly to military objectives. Moreover, in case of doubt whether an object, which is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed not be so used and therefore be considered as a civilian building. Moreover, direct and deliberate targeting of civilian objects is a war crime in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 2 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.”
-The PCHR (Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

Gaza Ruins Open Air Concentration Camp

It is undeniable that the Jewish Terrorist Regime is targeting civilian buildings.

Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 6th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 6th Night of May 2019.CE


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