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Exposed: The Jewish Intelligence Agency Black Cube that Covered for Weinstein

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Jewish Black Cube

Exposed: The Jewish Intelligence Agency Black Cube that Covered for Weinstein

Black Cube Exposed

The greatest controversy over how people like Weinstein can get away with raping European actresses and every other ethnicity seemingly in Hollywood for so long is Black Cube. They are openly Jewish and not just in their staff’s appearance but openly on their website. (probably not a good idea to visit their site without a VPN and Tor).

Jewish Black Cube

 Black Cube are not the only Jewish information suppression group involved in concealing Jewish crimes. We know of the Israeli intelligence involved in the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking network, the ‘allegations’ of assisting in facilitating child prostitution made against Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jewish woman who was ‘friends’ with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein.

Black Cube is as open as Ben Shapiro about their Jewishness. Black Cube is full of former Mossad spies.

The situation is widespread and the pattern the same everywhere. Jewish subversives covering for Jewish rapists, child abusers and perverts (all now proven facts that were once castigated and isolated to the realms of conspiracy blogs) and utilizing their networks for various other purposes including it is believed political blackmail. When facing discovery these disgusting Jewish perverts utilize ethnically loyal networks formed exclusively of Jewish spies to not just cover for them but to intimidate and entrap witnesses (or to make them feel entrapped) to the point where they then sign non disclosure agreements. This makes me wonder about the circumstances surrounding all the dozens of women who signed NDAs in relation to Bloomberg as was recently highlighted during the democratic primary debates.

These Jewish groups and Jewish ideology inflicted enforcers (as in the case of Rotherham where the UK police approximately echoed the behavior of Black Cube, perhaps there too were some Jewish police advisors or civil service types in various reporting bodies) are the reason abuse can occur against Northern European women primarily committed by nonwhites including Jews. This pattern ranges in form from Hollywood to the immigrant rape circles allowed into being by the effect of Jewish media narratives on race and their undermining of our immigration controls.

That the Jewish intelligence agency Black Cube is covering for the Jewish rapist Harvey Weinstein should be the greatest controversy and central international headline in the Weinstein case.

However the Jewish media wants instead to focus on shifting the narrative into supporting their perverse anti-female Semitic notions of feminism. This is done with an eye towards making normal sexual relations harder, overshadowed by the fear of consent issues as part of an undeniably systematic attempt to reduce the birthrate of racially European populations.

What should also be a grave controversy is the comparative context: Jewish predation and the concealing of such occurs simultaneously as Jewish Feminists indoctrinate segments of our population with the most anti-natal forms of terminal feminism.

It is a sickening situation. But it is being exposed gradually. As exampled by the fact that a nationally prominent and popular program like 60 minutes Australia is openly talking now in 3 or more prime time episodes about Black Cube has started off this process of disclosure.



The Jewish former Black Cube spy knows it is evil, look at ‘its’ facial expression and then a moment later it clicks into hasbara deception verbal obfuscation masquerading as answering a question.


The above video is well worth watching as it proves beyond denial the involvement of Jewish intelligence agencies in covering up and suppressing public knowledge of Jewish crimes. This is just the tip of the iceberg, with emphasis on the ‘berg’ (a surname ending often misused by Jews).

This should be the main controversy in the Weinstein case. However the expose is up to us in the real informative media as the Jewish Media will never focus on the crimes of their own ethnic community.

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