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Coronavirus is Racist

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Corona Virus is Racist

Coronavirus is Racist

According to the mainstream media in the UK and US: the Coronavirus is Racist. It is being reported that non-whites are per capita* over-represented among the victims of Coronavirus. Perhaps this partially explains the reduction in crime reported on by English News in the prior article. *(per capita is always racist).

14% of the population of the UK is non-white. However 34% of intensive care patients, those critically ill as a result of Coronavirus identified as black Asian or minority ethnic. = x2.4 over-representation. Context: The Coronavirus is a Chinese Virus.

Coronavirus is Racist

The above statistics were sourced from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre in the UK.

Potential explanations as to why non-whites make up a higher rate per capita of intensive care victims versus Coronavirus:

  • Coronavirus was first transmitted by immigrant communities and thus they had it introduced into their communities slightly earlier than the rest of the population? (Read: Open Borders Kill)
  • Coronavirus is transmitting at a higher rate around crowed majority non-white inner-city areas, that also have high tourism numbers such as London, Birmingham, Washington, New York and thus Coronavirus is reaching more non-whites proportionally?
  • Lower Hygiene amongst Non-whites: Facilitating the faster spread of Coronavirus amongst non-whites could be the factor of lower hygiene standards?
  • Non-whites could be biologically weaker on average (such as suffering more from being overweight, unhealthy or unfit) or have less surrounding immunity traits versus other viruses that pre-weaken them and thus make them more susceptible to suffering severe ill health as a result of the Coronavirus? (*See studies showing how the Asian and African ‘healthy’ BMI range is smaller than that of Europeans, meaning they suffer more than Europeans do from being slightly overweight or underweight) = Coronavirus is racist?
  • Coronavirus is racist? Is our lady Corona-chan[*] a super sexy eugenicist Germanic death cult member reducing the number of non-whites on Earth?


Meanwhile civil-rights representatives of the US Black community report their theory that the Coronavirus Lock-down is being used solely to prevent mass UFO sightings.

A member of the African American community made this Ebonics imbued comment on the subject:

“This is why they want us to stay in the house, this is why the fuck they want us to stay in the fucking house nigga it ain’t the coro-no-virus, nigga, ain’t the radiation, nigga. Is this!. What the fuck, is this, what is this, what is that, what is this, hold on, what is this, wu what is this, what is dat, what is this, what is this in the sky right now.”
-A Literal Detroit (self-identified) Nigga (genuine quote – see video below)

Aliens Meme

The Coronavirus is racist and Alien!


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