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Coronavirus is Reducing Crime rates

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Coronavirus is reducing crime

Coronavirus is Reducing Crime

Coronavirus is reducing crime. This side effect of Coronavirus has now been established factually via statistics. Comparing the time period from 15/03/2020-12/04/2020 to the same period in 2019 there has been a huge 28% overall reduction in crime.





Specific reductions in crime rates:

  • – 37% in Rape allegations
  • – 37% in Burglary reports
  • -27% in Serious assaults
  • -27% in Car Crime
  • -27% in mugging
  • -54% in Shoplifting
  • = -28% Overall reduction in the volume of crimes



The only increase in any category of crime compared to the same period last year was a 59% increase in anti-social behaviour reports since the start of the lock-down, totaling 178,000 instances.

National Police Chief’s Council statistics show from 27/03/2020 -13/04/2020 police in England and Wales gave out 3,493 fines for violations of new isolation rules. This is a tiny % of a population of 60 million.

Evidently the coronavirus scaring people into staying inside has meant that less criminals are around, additionally with more people in their homes there are less burglary instances and less victims wandering around certain diverse areas where there are high mugging, assault, car crime and rape numbers.

Additionally Coronavirus (so long as it does not mutate into a worse form) is turning out to be highly beneficial.

Coronavirus is reducing crime, this has now been established.

Coronavirus has decreased the number of crimes occurring nationwide and the same trend is likely occurring in all affected nations.




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