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9 Laws of Asatru Politics

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9 Laws of Asatru Politics



9 Laws of Asatru advocacy and Germanic racial politics advocacy in Modern Political Warfare. The 9 Foundational approaches that can be universally applied in our situation with all sub-tactics for Practical, Positive, Persevering Germanic Political activism for a successful ethnic Germanic and Asatru identity resurgence and victory against the defilers of our nations in the culture wars and political warfare overall. These are the 9 Laws of Asatru advocacy when deployed in political warfare, cultural warfare and advocacy versus the current situation.




Learn to think with a superior gradation of inventiveness and intelligence than all our enemies.

Be inventive, all political revolutions come from the generation and mobilization of superior, unexpected methods of political warfare, the method of generating support or the appearance of legitimacy (artificial or popular) for governmental ideals that unleash support for a vision of the future.

Utilize our enemies own logic and morality to defeat their arguments whilst simultaneously deploying a superior gradation of linguistic political argumentation, advancing our own, naturally superior and justified moral outlook. Routinely deploy convincing moral arguments alongside statistical facts and articulations of ideals for our future, deploying methods of communicating inspiring pro-Germanic political ideals and ideas that go beyond normal expectations and reach our Germanic folk through all available means.

Exploit our enemies media platforms, phone in to nationally significant radio programs, turn up at public meetings, involve yourself in community associations, council meetings, local sports clubs and local social club events.

Deploy both confrontational and non-confrontational methods of promoting pro-English and pro-Germanic political ideals. Become a bulwark against subversion, exposing them at any and all opportunities, from the local level up. Simultaneously going on the offensive after Jewish Supremacists or Cultural Marxists have been publicly exposed. Our people are on our side, never be afraid to speak up in public, go to council meetings and present petitions or ask demanding questions of councillors. Exert political pressure upon our enemies and morally support members of our English folk to be courageous politically.

Gain an understanding of how our enemies communicate, if not outright infiltrating their circles for a change, even engage in defilement infiltration of leftwing groups, to use their own methodology against them. Use abstract and conventional methods of political engagement simultaneously.

Survival of the fittest is the law of Nature, activeness and the ability to Evolve in the long term define the future, thus you must be inventive, contribute great ideas for new ways to awaken our folk, even new phrases, arguments, slogans, ideals and methods. Most importantly you must have the willpower to deploy and use these methods.




Ostracize: morally, ethically, socially and politically condemn the enemies of our folk.

Use their own phrases against them, reduce the non-legitimacy of our enemies to dust, ruthlessly expose and restrict their lives, pressure their employers, boycott their groups and institutions and even their social interaction attempts, threaten legal action in retaliation against Marxist, Semitic & Immigrant anti-English hatred and comments, oppress the oppressor, suppress the suppressor to negate the political output of their existences and force them to change, politically wiping out the enemies of our people, in public and in private, universal political warfare.

It is the duty of all Asatru folk in accordance with the 9 Laws of Asatru in politics, for both men and women folk alike to engage in political-social warfare. This approach of ruthlessness and skill is inspired by Heimdall’s ruthless and skilled methodology of morphing-form during his fight with Loki, denying the God of Trickery any advantage, by fighting trickery with trickery, in defence of Freyja’s honour.

We must force our Semitic, Christian and Marxist enemies to be marginalized for their vile, anti-English views and tendencies. We must never forget that we folkish individuals have the rightful natural moral and racial high ground, our people are on our side and we represent the natural majority opinion of our folk, when our folk are not indoctrinated. We are a force of our people’s nature. We are the tide and we must both crush and wear down our enemies, crack their arguments and drown their legitimacy and flood their reputations. All we need is the charisma and consistency of the fair oceans of Englandia’s seas, to wash away the political, social and cultural impurity that afflicts our folk.




Define the narrative, Advance a pure Germanic Asatru informed/inspired political discourse without being on the narrative defensive.

Routinely expose the failures, anti-Germanic racist hypocrisy and criminality of the Jewish dominated Cultural Marxist politicians, their psychotic, paedophile cultures and proven criminality, the political atmospheres they have subsequently created, the economies they have ruined and the crime rates they have caused to skyrocket and the countless towns and cities they have destroyed through mass-immigration.

Display confidence, consistency and continuity in your social and political involvement to expose the causes and promote courageous solutions to them.

Deportation for 100% of non-Europeans. Advocate trials for Treason to be applied to 100% of all complicit politicians, Education system manipulators, Marxist promoters, Christian and secular alike and media manipulators who maintain their power and artificial appearance of legitimacy.

Control your personal media appearance and personal social appearance, never let the enemy define your narrative or what you stand for, for you. Always be of such impeccable consistent political character than no-one can ever spread false information about you. Ultimately aim to direct the media in its entirety. Be Local.





Demonstrate to other Germanic, English folk the moral courage to speak openly positively

About the need to ensure the integrity of our nation in the long-term on every level, including on a racial level whilst simultaneously pressuring every individual member of our folk with a lack of ethnic awareness or awareness of Asatru into becoming informed and aware.

Morally pressure awakened Germanic folk to become active, condemn in the harshest terms those who are not active on behalf of our folk, for they are traitorous through sheer complacency. Demonstrate moral courage through distributing information, to every house in your area, always carry links to inspirational or informative information, everywhere you go, offline and online. Use these Leaflets to help you achieve this objective and build up a local Asatru group in your immediate area or neighbourhood.

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Make your natural lifestyle, social interaction and political action consistent and dignified in accordance with your Asatru Germanic perspective.

You must always be industrious, efficient, honourable towards our folk, ruthless towards our enemies, courageous and confident. You must be able to inspire people with the way you act and conduct yourself, be formal and well mannered, help folk out, be useful to your local English community, be courteous to our elder folk and ruthless towards our enemies always. Your social interaction, lifestyle and political style must never contradict your Asatru philosophy, never squander your potential, nor let your skills atrophy, always deploy and use your talent and gifts. A strong English Asatru folk effort relies upon the internal strength and the total combined external output and intrinsic integrity of all Asatru folk combined.

You must learn to appeal to ordinary folk, never allow yourself to develop an Ivory tower mentality, do not view these 9 Laws of Asatru in politics as some separate little philosophy, it is integral to your everyday normal life whilst engaging in politics. Asatru and Germanic politics is not about philosophy, it is about defending and furthering our people. You must be able to inspire and interact with all our English folk. Even though you are Asatru informed, the attractive Lady shopkeeper, attractive co-worker, social friend or Farmer does not know that you are anything more than an ordinary person, unless you communicate with them in a positive and productive manner. Socialize and reinforce your standing and integrity with every member of your local English community, so that when you stand for local election or become vocal in opposing the government or mass immigration, your local community view you positively first and are thus more likely to follow your leadership, instead of thinking you’re just some loner’s voice howling in the wind.





Perfect yourself, Increase your personal professionalism, power, productivity and finance (lots of effort over time)

An empowered, powerful, productive, professional and well financed group of awakened individuals is self-evidently far more powerful, productive and financially independent. These are some of the traits we seek to confer upon our people to ensure we never again become corrupted by foreign networks of power pushers through being powerful ourselves and beyond corruption through having everything we need.

Increasing your personal professionalism is at the core of each aspect of the 9 Laws of Asatru in political warfare. Being visually better looking makes your political articulation more powerful and productive. Increasing your productivity results in you reaching and influencing more of our Folk. Being positive and professional through politics is necessary and absolutely essential to awaken significant numbers of our folk, to inspire and inform them to stand up for our peoples racial and cultural identity and integrity. Display defiantly the traits and ideals you seek to promote, embody the principles and policies you articulate, for embodying a principle IS articulating according to this purest of definitions.





Embrace Social-Political involvement, enjoy it, revel it in, laugh at our enemies, and cheer on proud members of our folk, be positive and cheerful.

Social interaction is the foundation of all Politics and the 9 Laws of Asatru in political warfare. Politics is Social interaction and direction. The Social direction of individuals constitutes a Political direction. You must be socially involved to be Politically involved. Never Forget this. Be a positive and popular person, in your reputation and in every instance of social interaction. Learning to be a social person is essential in order to become a folk-level Political leader. If you want to inform and inspire your local English people you must become socially entrenched and well known. You must be principled, poetic and philosophical, yet cheerful, positive and pleasant. The legendary local Viking able to share a pint with his fellow folk and raise his and his friends swords at political issues is more likely to become a political leader than the recluse. Always look your best, act dignified, relate-able, approachable and confident.

This is both the necessary state for Social-political interaction and advanced Social involvement. You will find many political, cultural and social allies, friends and even discover, inspire and attract your Germanic-lady to be (and for the lovely Germanic-Lady readers of this website, you could also find your Germanic-Man).

Social interaction is the foundation of all our civilization, every single achievement of our folk civilization was built by a social-political organisation of our folk, never a single person, from Stonehenge to the Øresund bridge. Even discoveries by individuals relies upon all their past ancestors and the common ancestors of much of our folk, and our folk as a whole who uphold our civilization that enables and creates the cultural and political atmosphere within which discoveries can result in progress and usage.

As with discoveries, accomplishments, architectural achievements, scientific breakthroughs and military advances, as with much of human life including Politics, advancement and success relies upon our collective Germanic folk socially working together, and walking together, we fight with swords forged of positive ideals for our peoples futures, we fight as one finely reinforced shield, forged from centuries of fortitude and millenniums of evolution, we genuine folkish English Asatru folk fight as one shield-wall, over a cultural front, even when we fight alone.

Never forget this.





Involve yourself Socially and Politically in a reputable and direct way in real life. Whilst covertly engaging in online political activism every single day.

Go outside, go walking, go leafleting, every single day, develop a strong, industrious routine and get to know your neighbours. Online, safely do at-least 1 form of direct-to-the-truth activism to a non-awakened (non Asatru or non racially aware or non politically informed) audience, if only for 45 seconds, every single day. This can be as simple as linking to this website on a forum or text chat anywhere.

Political influence in accordance with the 9 Laws of Asatru is yours for the taking, go outside and take it, go to every single available form of local association, community club, reputable pub, function and dinner, become a pillar of your local community, so that when Semitic politicians attempt to enforce upon your community immigrant or Marxist education, tax or social legislation you can be there to prevent it on the front lines, in a credible, respected position of local leadership, from which you can root out subversives in the local council and even attain office for yourself, whilst always retaining or reclaiming a strong folkish community spirit, that enables a widespread acceptance and then adherence to your positively articulated folkish politics.

You will be surprised how many ordinary people agree with you at this very moment down at your local working man’s club, Sailing club, Community association or Gentleman’s club. At every level our folk are awaiting the call to allegiance and active resistance. Go outside and meet your fellow English folk, go out today and start to build your link with all the English folk or Germanic folk who are your neighbours and future allies. Leaflet their houses with information links if you cannot individually talk to them all, but you must make personal contacts and alliances with dozens of local people in your immediate area or an area you know well.






Never get demoralized, Never become inactive, Never Surrender, Never put down your sword.

Never forget that we Germanic Asatru folk are fighting on behalf of all our ancestors, all our descendants and all our fellow folk. We fight in the name of excellence, in the name of virtue, in the name of mother nature, we carry the laws of nature inscribed in blood upon our shields and the inheritances of our folk’s nature within our blood. Our ideals are excellent, extraordinary, almost ethereal and beyond all expectations, we strive for noble ideals of purity and perfection, be fight against decline, decadence, defilement and degradation with purity and beauty and elegance and strength. Never forget why you are fighting and you will never stop fighting. Never neglect any of these 9 Laws of Asatru / Germanic racial advocacy amidst Political Warfare.

Engage in private personal motivation:

In your heart hold high your Asatru spirit and connection at all times.
Defiantly raise high in your memory the flags, standards and symbols of our ancestral inheritance and fight on.
This late night and the day that follows and each day until we have re-taken our nation, rally in yourself this spirit of undying loyalty, integrity, industriousness, courageousness, perseverance, fortitude and professionalism, we go to political war each and every day of our lives.
Never forget this.
Never neglect this.

Never forget who we are, my fellow Germanic folk, Never forget what we are fighting for, politically and thus socially, our entire ideal future of our folk rests upon our shoulders and it is easier than you think to win 🙂 we are doing such already as I write.




Article author: Dan Rayner Founder of the English Reclamation Movement / / Re-published on this new website 13/04/2020 / Article Originally Published: 30th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 30th Night of January 2015


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