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Rapist SNP Coronavirus Zombie Confirmed?

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SNP toxic

Rapist SNP Coronavirus Zombie Confirmed?

Alex Salmond. Former leader of the artificial and historically false celtic-identity promoters the SNP has been caught displaying symptoms of mortification. Alex Salmond openly engaged in proto-zombie behaviour patterns it has emerged in court. Is Alex Salmond a Coronavirus Zombie?

Coronavirus Zombie

Coronavirus Zombie behaviour patterns at the ‘Bute House’…

Yes that is a real mainstream headline. Omg the truth is out! Reeeeeeeeeee! In order to attempt to reproduce itself the hideously ugly, SNP former leader Alex Salmond agreed to become patient zero and thenceforth displayed symptoms of Coronavius zombification. Alex Salmond is most likely a Coronavirus Zombie. Is the Bute house a den of homosexual political zombies?

Is there a cure to Coronavirus Zombification?

It is well established that there is no cure to the Coronavirus Zombie state of biological being once stage 2 has been reached. It is vital to expand and form cells of resistance. This is the only way of effectively forming units to fight the coronavirus zombie hordes. Allegations of counter-establishment historical attempts to gas zombie hordes and the transmitters directly proved to be lies emanating from the zombie integration and sympathizer lobby. Some believe that the Coronavirus Zombies have a hive mind that also played a role in the promotion of this invented approach of gassing. Shooting zombies in the head is efficient, but what about the Salmon cure? Alex Salmond surely would be a good test target to apply a Salmon to? 

Alex Salmon

Some scientists say that salmons are clearly immune to coronavirus and therefore are clearly the cure to the Coronavirus Zombie.

Is this the 1st instance of a coronavirus zombie or was coronavirus around before?

Alex Salmond Rape Trial of Salmon

It appears that in the case of patient zero Alex Salmond that he became infected over a year ago and has been displaying zombie like symptoms of behaviour . It is unknown how many other establishment figures are coronavirus zombies. Their behaviour appears to mimic the actual coronavirus transmitters and like them, the coronavirus establishment is covering for their behaviour, behaviour that would put a non-zombie in a hazard control faciltiy.


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