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English Reclamation Meeting Group Notice

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English Reclamation Movement

English Reclamation Notice

English Reclamation Notice: The English Reclamation Kindred Meetings that occur on the 9th of every month at 11 branches in England are moving to a virtual format due to Covid-19. Our movement is adaptable.

The 11 kindred leaders twelve days ago sent emails/text messages to all of their respective meeting group attendees. Over 400 persons have been notified of the changes. This article is a notice to any who have missed/not read the messages from kindred leaders, those that read this website and who attend physical English Reclamation kindred meetings:

English Asatru

English Reclamation Notice: Meeting groups are adapting.

As the elected leader of the English Reclamation movement, I Frederick Eldridge hereby sanction the cessation of all physical (in-person) meeting groups of all sizes under the banner of the English Reclamation due to the Coronavirus and the threat this posses to the lives of older kindred members and potentially (if it evolves or is a bio-weapon) to all kindred members.

The monthly previously mandated meetings over the 11 kindreds that normally occur on the 9th will not occur physically. Members will have been notified (or failing that noticed directly) from this Monday (09/03/2020) the sudden cancellation of all physical meetings. This was expected and is a necessary precaution. However kindred meetings will not cease, they will continue through the use of online chat systems. I have instructed all kindred leaders (including those with good health and no old members and in areas with absolutely no coronavirus instances) to switch to using virtual group meeting systems such as chat programs whilst observing strict anonymity and anti-doxxing standards in the platforms chosen for such. If you have attended an English Reclamation meeting in the past and wish to contact your kindred leader to get setup for this change, contact them.

Those wishing to join or setup an English Reclamation kindred meeting group in their local area at this time will still be able to make applications in the future via this website. Vetting will occur via document observation rather than in person compartmentalized vetting due to the coronavirus/ Covid-19.

The English Reclamation movement will flourish and will not be obstructed by this virus. However we must take the obvious and necessary precaution of temporarily (for x months) suspending in-person meetings in favour of virtual meetings despite the decrease in security in order to protect the biological well-being of members.

English News has had for a month a Coronavirus Map page for your convenience to observe the status of the virus without visiting external websites.

Frederick Eldridge

Elected Leader of the English Reclamation movement.

English Reclamation Movement


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