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Wikipedia Holocaust Denial

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Wikipedia Holocaust Denial : Wikipedia Fighting the Good Fight

Wikipedia’s celebration of 6 million (6,000,000) articles: Wikipedia Holocaust Denial ? Was this a veiled reference to the false holocaust or using a well publicized numerical value that denotes artificial significance due to media repetition?

Wikipedia Holocaust Denial

A screenshot taken by English News at the time when Wikipedia had 6 million in its title. Epic timing. Such memeology. Many reference. Much Irony.

Wikipedia Holocaust Denial ?

We all know that Wikipedia is totally controlled by Jewish administrators (much like the EU) and armies of Jewish editors. If you have ever tried to edit a Wikipedia page to be more truthful on say a contentious, low level prominence issue regarding Jewish influence you will know this. In an unreasonably short amount of time your edit is swarmed by Jewish activists and spammers. They will even post intimidation notifications on your Wikipedia profile claiming: “you are now in an edit war” as if they are some kind of neutral authority notifying you to stop editing, when its just another humanoid (?) on the other side of that comment with no authority whatsoever who simply does not like the edit you have made to make certain pages more truthful. Wikipedia battling is done by a small minority of maybe tens of thousands of active contributors. Wikipedia is ruled over by an even smaller, and more Semitic junta of Jewish, probably Israeli PR companies and ADL affiliated PR front activists who are actually paid to edit your voluntary comment out of existence.

Due to this situation, Wikipedia is largely edited into inconsequential realms when it comes to the dissemination of truthful information. However for many hours truthful, verified and citationed additions exist on various pages despite the worst efforts of Jewish censors. They also work to nullify the impact of articles on events (such as the Lavon Affair) they are forced to admit actually occurred all whilst they get away with an entire series of pages on a fake event claim like the Holohoax which according to all available evidence never occurred.

Jewish censors deleting other Jew’s proclaimed historical accounts:

Jewish censors particularly hate the stories of Holohoax ‘survivors’ of Jewish descent it seems only when non-Jews are repeating them or linking to them. The lies of Jews censored by other Jews.

So people do not realize now in 2020 that these transparently false claims were once publicly proclaimed as fact pertaining to a supposed Holocaust, Jewish censors particularly like to ‘shut down’ these Jewish claims:

  • Jewish LampshadesJewish Lampshades
  • Jewish Soap (International Holocaust Museums particularly dislike this one)
  • Murderous Masturbation Machines
  • Jews made to climb up trees that are then cut down.
  • Jews made to climb up trees then forced to pretend to be roosters until they die(?).
  • Jews standing on a human chess-board (as seen in the Jewish directed series ‘Hunters’ (which incites murdering people who oppose Jews).

Metro Reported: “The hard-hitting moment, which did not happen in real life, received criticism from viewers for its brutal nature, with the Auschwitz Memorial labeling the scene ‘dangerous foolishness and caricature’ in a statement released this weekend. They added that they feared it would also encourage Holocaust deniers. David, whose grandmother’s experiences in Auschwitz partly inspired the Nazi-hunting TV series, has now responded in a long statement” LMAO

Hunters Jewish Chess Board Scene

  • The Katyn Forest massacre committed by Nazis as given in evidence at the Jewish ordered Nuremberg trial (turns out it was committed by the Jewish dominated USSR in an act of dysgenics against Polish intelligentsia, dysgenics originating from a Jewish Talmudic method of war of killing the best of other races’ populations).
  • Dogge Antisemitic Meme HolocaustThe Stairs of Death
  • Nazi dogs pushing Jews into ponds.
  • Jews put into cement mixers.
  • Jews raised by wolves and other animals
  • Jewish babies burned on bonfires
  • Jews killed via crucifixion.
  • Multi-coloured smoke and 24/7 smoke bellowing giant chimney stacks (aerial photographs anyone?)
  • Jews sold as meat to other Jews
  • Jewish babies thrown out of windows
  • Roller-coasters into ovens
  • Water-slides into gas chambers
  • Bicycles used to kill Jews
  • Bears, Wolves and Eagles somehow implicated in Jew deaths.

Jewish censors are so anti-Semitic, suppressing the claims listed above by their fellow Jews in heartfelt, literal recounts in dozens of books, interviews and even in court being brought up again on the internet in 2020…

A web of lies eventually entangles itself.

Disagree? or want to ‘Know’ more? An ‘Impartial’ Recommended viewing: Ernst Zundel’s Great Holocaust Trial of 1985 & The David Cole in Auschwitz Documentary.

Holocaust Never Happened


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