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English News Leadership Election

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Article Author: Dan Rayner / Article Published: 19th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 19th Night of June 2019.CE

All those who are subscribed to English News Updates will have received an email earlier this month reminding them of the upcoming English News Leadership Election. English News meeting group attendees will have been notified by their network or kindred leaders. Voting has been occurring at all Kindreds since the 9th of June and continuously via single emails to local kindred leaders collecting votes from people who have at any point in the past turned up at 2 or more of their kindred meetings. Those eligible to vote are those who attended or have in the past attended a kindred meeting (not including the public selection meetings that were in the past (2014-2015) conducted) 2 times or more.

I will be ceasing involvement with this website on the 9th of July 2019 at 9.09pm. There are 11 functional English News meeting group networks in England. Anyone who attended one of these kindred meetings 2 times or more should contact their network leader.

English News Leadership Election details

The total number of persons eligible to vote is 403 persons. However the highest turnout of all the kindreds all over England combined on a single month was only 256. The minimum votes required in this election is 200. The voting system is first past the post. I have been informed that we have already had in over 200 responses.

The list of candidates can be received only via your kindred leader, the election is overseen by myself via all email ballots via English Asatru At Protonmail dot com. And evidently this should indicate to you that I have chosen to not stand for election. I do not have the time to run our movement and one of the reasons I came back to online writing the past 2 months (the 1st time in over 3 years, although some of you will have seen me at Kindred meetings, such as in Norwich branch and Exeter branch) was to find someone who has the time to run our movement. Voters will note how there are no names on the ballot papers just qualifications and experience lists as well as a genetic test result percentage for each candidate (they are all 100% with the only differences being in % from specific areas of Europe, more Germanic etc). This is to protect the identities of prominent English News meeting group personnel and to make this election about merit and pure suitability for the role. This also negates any well-known persons from having an edge in the elections. I tried to organise an election 3 years ago when I went inactive. Unfortunately no one wanted to fill my place, which was the opposite of what I wanted because then the website went inactive.

I am fully aware of the sentiments of kindred leaders who view the website as not only unnecessary but a potential liability as we have achieved organic growth as a movement below the level of media prominence through person to person expansion. However the website is the way that I after all first established contact with those 11 people who then became the kindred leaders you know and meet with today at your local English News networking group.

Those 11 persons were the ones who said yes to being organisers out of 30+ trusted persons I had been talking with online about setting up local groups, only 11 stood up and did something. We would not be where we are without this website and most importantly the website that preceded it the old . That website was so great. It reached 200,000th Alexa rank in only 3 months. This is something Google has openly not permitted again in 2019 after their algorithm changes, this has been admitted also in relation to censoring on social media on which all of the English News accounts are shadow banned to the extent where I can tweet to a # and then look up that # and the tweet will not be there from a separate observation account. It is transparent. In response to this I encouraged members to engage in days of action, most recently on the 14th of June, where English News network groups and myself delivered leaflets with the English News URL on them door to door.

This is the preferred method of informational campaigning and kindred leaders in the future will continue to be supplied I hope by the new leader with informational leaflets as well as URL leaflets to the information stored on English News which is a repository of useful PDFs and hundreds of information and inspiration imbued articles and other useful things.

The next elected English News leader will be responsible for the decisions as to how English News develops. I hope they will take an all encompassing approach: From discussions with candidates back during the screening in April and May I expect the website to transition into other forms of media: video compilations and with less articles but more ‘reports’ and impactful content rather than an article every 2 days which is the current time-intensive, chore-like methodology being employed.

I came back to online writing that I left off in September of 2015 with a 7,000 word article that stayed the no.1 most relevant issue during the entire past 3.5 years: the massive wave of migrants and the media establisment using the ‘Syrian refugee Crisis’ as an excuse for just allowing in more non-whites from the usual sources of Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa.

Firstly I came back to writing online (here and on any website that would take my articles) to write about the betrayal of our vote to Leave the European Union, to attempt to apply some pressure via exposing their anti-democratic corruption to make sure the establishment realises that they cannot get away with suppressing 17.4million people, 80-95%+ of whom are English.

Secondly I came back to writing for just the past 2 months since 2015 to achieve what was not achieved when I retired in 2015: to find and designate a replacement leader for English News. The reality is that I resigned in 2015 and merely came back to force an election through and get someone to take over the website and formal co-ordination of kindred security. The kindreds operated perfectly fine, independently during this time but I needed someone to take over. This process will finally be successfully completed. The turnout for the English News Leadership election has already exceeded 200. The voting will be complete by the Summer Solstice.

On the 21st of June 2019 a new leader of English News will be elected. They will write a letter that will be read at each of the 11 kindred meetings on the 9th of July at 9.09pm. The newly elected English News leader will then take over operation of English and the various email accounts allowing me to properly retire from involvement and focus on my busy, working life. I have given service to our cause from the age of 19 years old to 25 years old. In that time a few million people combined have read my articles over those 6 years combined.

The next English News leader and whatever groups they setup from that will be responsible for increasing dissemination of truthful, positive information advocating for our English racial interests and wider Northern European racial and racial-spiritual (Asatru) interests to tens of millions of people and inevitably from that into positions of political power: socially, culturally and it is my hope: electorally.

1 more article will be written by me on the 21st of June 2019 on my last Solstice as leader of English News (something I had thought was the case 3 years ago but no one stood up back then to take over). On the 9th of July 2019 the elected leader of English News / English Asatru / The English Reclamation movement will be publishing their ascension speech and formally taking over all of English operations.

I will be ceasing involvement with this website simultaneously on the 9th of July 2019 at 9.09pm.

All kindreds will conduct a formal ritualised ascension salute at that time to mark an outgoing leader and to symbolise the election of the new leader immediately after that with the formal reading of their ascension letter.

Dan Rayner


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