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Article Author: English / Introducing Frederick Eldridge / Article Published: 9th Night of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 9th Night of July 2019.CE

English News Election Kindred Oversight committee* Introduction:

*This committee was formed at the request of Dan Rayner and is coordinated by the 11 Kindred leaders plus long term meeting group attendees acting as invigilators:

As of 9.09 pm on the 9th of this Midsommar Month 2019.CE / 2269.RE Frederick Eldridge became the Leader of the English Reclamation.

Frederick Eldridge is the new, democratically elected leader of English Asatru & operator of all associated platforms. Our honourable and hard working former leader Dan Rayner who was our leader by right of his founding of our meeting groups returned from 3 years of online inactivity (although he visited kindreds in person during this time on multiple occasions) and asked us reluctant kindred leaders to organize an election to elect a new leader and for that leader to take charge of the physical meeting group oversight and the English News outreach website. Dan Rayner handed control of the website to me, a kindred leader on the 21st of June, I will hand over the website to the elected leader tomorrow morning. We will go over website editing and talk about using certain editing programs going forwards. Expect a pause and then changes. Meanwhile read over many of the older articles on this site which despite their date still remain far more important than anything you will read on mainstream news or news-commentary websites. Please refer this site to your friends and any awakened persons. Share it online. Lots of effort will be going into this website very soon.

The Kindred leaders agreed, after 1 month of internal discussion a list of candidates was drawn up mainly from long-term average members but also from some kindred leaders, checks were in place to ensure election fairness at kindreds where the kindred leader was standing for election. Candidates were un-named on the ballots given out by kindred leaders and via email from English Asatru. Members voted purely on the basis of a candidates qualifications, experience, background and percentage (%) of their genes from Germanic ancestral sources (all candidates were 100% European genetically). Those eligible to vote were all those who had attended an English Asatru kindred meeting more than once in the past. Of 403 total persons an incredible 318 voted surpassing our previous highest simultaneous total turnout of all the kindreds at one time (in their respective locations) which was 256 in February of 2019.

Dan Rayner’s letter/final article/orders as leader to the 11 Kindreds was read at tonight’s (09/07/2019) meetings. This will not be published on the website as it was decided that it was for members alone. Dan Rayner told us of the threats ahead and the methodology required to maintain coherence and when we should initiate our political ‘charge’ above our political ‘march’. It was a fantastic letter that went down superbly well, more of an immense and heady war-speech than a letter, one kindred leader roared out this letter in epic style to cheers of Skål! This letter was truly suiting of our founder who brought us all together under the long-term purposes of building up a community of politically informed Ásatrúar and to the reclaiming of our country in accordance with our English racial standards and Asatru philosophy and spiritual standards.

We wish Dan Rayner the best in his future personal private career and life. It is our hope with horns of mead aloft in salute that someday, by the will of the Gods and Goddesses his Strider years will culminate in the return of a king!

Frederick Eldridge’s letter of acceptance of the votes of 104 members resulting in his election as Leader of English Asatru and of the English Reclamation (the newly agreed upon formal name of the English Asatru Kindreds / English News Networking groups).

Votes for the English News Election were spread as follows:

Frederick Eldridge: 104
Candidate 2: 72
Candidate 3: 41
Candidate 4: 35
Candidate 5: 27
Candidate 6:23
Candidate 7: 16

Other candidates names are not published. Frederick Eldridge is willing to be publically known by name and is willing to engage in limited media activities and thus his name is published only at his request.
Below is the English News Leadership Election Acceptance /Ascension letter from Frederick Eldridge:

A copy of the letter read at all 11 English Asatru / The English Reclamation meeting groups on the evening of the 9th. A further copy will be uploaded soon in a picture format, photocopied from a printed copy used at my kindred (of the author, a kindred leader, temporarily filling in, until Frederick gets a hang of website editing).
9.09 pm of the 9th of the Month of Midsummer, 2269th Year of the Era of Runes.

Election of Frederick Eldridge

Ascension Letter of Frederick Eldridge

Members of the English Reclamation, my fellow English, Asatru folk.

I am honoured that you have judged me and deemed me worthy of representing our English ideals and spirituality as leader of the 11 kindreds and of the secondary website. None of you voted for me by name. You voted for me because of my experience, my genetics and my qualifications. You voted for who I truly am and for this I am thankful and also I am aware of the heavy responsibility to you that I have in this role. I first met Dan Rayner our outgoing leader 6 years ago, in a time that feels like a lifetime ago, at the 3rd ever meeting of our organization, in 2015. He taught me much by example, his fair mindedness and the understanding that there is nothing bad nor negative nor wrong with standing up for our racial interests and our refined spiritual standards as English folk. It is this ideal that he has charged whoever was to become the elected leader with upholding and furthering. I will further this ideal, I will uphold this ideal with my life, with every atom in my existence. We are motivated by a love for our English nation, a love for the most ideal form of our nation, strong, pure and free. We are motivated by a love for our wider Germanic racial relatives from Australia to Iceland, from Vinland to Svalbard. Our foremost duty is to reclaim England.

Our duty is to lay the organizational groundwork to facilitate that reclamation. This election has seen the highest engagement ever of our kindreds. We are at our strongest ever condition, this is a fact. This is a fact that all of the kindred leaders have been talking about with roaring enthusiasm, despite that some of them did not become elected, this is testament to the kind of fair-hearted people our young but extremely forward thinking former English Asatru leader selected to be kindred leaders. To further this I will select new kindred leaders in the same safe and secure manner in which my predecessor did. I expect all of you will be attending kindred meetings this week coming. We shall continue to follow the methods of natural organizational growth: inviting trusted friends, relatives even to attend our meetings. In this way we have grown and we have functional kindred meeting groups of sizes beyond even our kindred leader’s expectations and they are the people who built the meeting groups up over the years since their selection in 2014 & 2015. As newly elected leader of the English Reclamation I can now see that at a single kindred we have 33 members who turn up every week. Though some kindreds are smaller like the one I go to there is such potential here. The format for the kindred can be used for information campaigning, real life social networking, political campaigning and even more functional uses.

I look forward to meeting and sharing mead with each and every one of you as I visit the 11 kindreds and as I talk with hopefully a dozen more applicant kindred leaders online during the selection processes. I hope that one day, within the next 10 years there are 90 English Reclamation kindreds setup all over the UK. It is from this framework that the Reclaiming of our nation shall be made efficient and realistically possible. We all heard how we are to do this tonight but we must resolve in ourselves to make sure we enact this vision. For us in this stage right now this is our duty. This is our watch and we shall not let our efforts slow even in moments of success nor shall we ever be satisfied here we have come too far to achieve anything less than the establishment of 90 English Reclamation Kindreds in the UK and to then utilize this network of politically informed, active English folk to take back our country and to secure the existence of our English people and a future for our beloved English children born and unborn alike for a thousand, thousand years to come.

Yours in everlasting Asa and Vanir faith.

Frederick Eldridge ,
The English Reclamation.

Article Author: English / Introducing Frederick Eldridge / Article Published: 9th Night of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 9th Night of July 2019.CE

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