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Jewish Occupied Swedish Government is attempting to ban all Nordic Runic Futharks

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Jewish Occupied Swedish Government is attempting to ban all Nordic Runic Futharks

Swedish Government banning Runes: It is a thinly veiled attempt to suppress our racial spirituality, Nordic and Germanic national history and culture.

Swedish Government banning Runes: Evidently some lobbying has occurred potentially from Jewish or Christian entities (such as the World Jewish Congress, which boasts about targeting Sweden with its racially-subversive lobbying) to instigate the suggestion of this insane policy of racial, cultural and linguistic suppression. Link to the Swedish Government Legislation page.

This is a direct attack on our Northern Germanic ancestral traditions: they have realised that our ancestral culture gives us a sense of who we are and they are seeking to defile this, to literally ban an entire alphabet or Elder and Younger Futharks and inevitably all Germanic symbols. This is the kind of suppression the early church that led the genocidal campaign of Judeo-Christianization throughout Sweden (the Northern Crusades) could not even get away with doing.

The Government should drop this plan and then reveal who it was who proposed this policy idea: the names of the lobby groups involved. There is no way this will be allowed and if it is: well it will be the final straw that causes the re-awakening of Sweden.

This case proves beyond dispute that our enemies know that Asatru has the potential to undo their entire illegitimate power structure by informing us of our ancestral traditions and rooting us in understanding our elegant and beautiful nature that is deserving of protection. This kills the argument that Christianity can play any part in motivating our folk to reclaim our nations. You see this Jewish and Christian attack angle ever so clearly, it can no longer be denied.

These subversive Christianised, Jewish-compliant Swedish bureaucrats have pointed to the use of the Tyr Rune by one single group called: Nordfront: known for its deliberately provocative (illogical force-revealing) marches for this suggestion of banning the entire Futhark and one can assume therefore both the Elder and Younger Futharks and all other associated systems such as our Futhorc (Anglo-Saxon) and the sub-sets of other Nordic custom Runic systems and symbols found on individual rune stones. Are they going to go around erasing them too? Removing all our ancient historical sites for being hateful? This very notion of our beliefs being a bad thing is entirely a lie authored by these same subversives who now want to move onto removing any sources of cultural and racial history.

The Jewish-Compliant fake Asatru communities are responding to this in the worst possible manner: they are denouncing racial politics as having no place in Asatru (which seems to be their sole purpose, they do not actually practice Asatru) meanwhile the very people they are seeking to appease don’t care at all about any form of Asatru and want to ban it all. These cucked fake Asatru groups (who basically have no organic support bases or large support bases, with the one quoted by the Swedish media only having a 2.5million web ranking) are shifting the blame onto real, folkish Asatru inclined people online basically for the banning of Asatru symbols. Just realise for a second how idiotic that is of these cucked universalists. Below is their highly revealing quote:

“Our attitude is that prejudices and misunderstandings are best cured with knowledge and facts! It is not enough to try to replace the significance of our symbols with their own prejudices or political meanings they lack. To forbid them would be to ban some of our own history, culture and beliefs – and our right to express them because of political interpretations that do not belong in the Asa sphere!”
– Asa Community website
See how they write that ‘it is not enough to try to replace the significance of our symbols’. This implies that these fake Asatru groups would want more than just the banning of our symbols but of our beliefs themselves. They are not Asatru and quite frankly, privately they probably welcomed this news.

The Universalist, Gate-keeping Asatru groups are taking advantage of this story to promote themselves: as the Swedish media would never actually interview a real, folkish Asatru individual or write about the counter-efforts of folkish Swedish groups.

Instead they would likely try to use such to reinforce the government’s decision. The aim here is not to target the Runes themselves remember but the ideology they think they are somehow inherently spreading; as if they believe the Runes have some power intrinsically! They want to edit out any reminder of our pure, ancestral past and our ideals to restore this in a modern context by taking back our nations. It is in moments like these where reclaiming our nations is realised as something we have to give our all to achieve.

Remember that these frauds have engaged in the black washing of our history: this failed and is laughed at routinely: now they are seeking to just try to ban huge sections of our Asatru and ancestral, racially Nordic (Northern Germanic) history and linguistic past directly.

Swedish Government banning Runes: This might backfire on them and wake up millions of ordinary Swedes or just add to the suppression, you would have to conduct a survey to say for sure what the effect would be.

And like parasites at the edge of this news story the universalist controlled opposition Asatru groups (and probably when they get around to writing about it: the slow-reacting ‘free speech alt-light and Christianized alt-right) are trying to pervert this awakening into support for them (to give themselves relevance or web rankings so they can better gate-keep) or distract what it shows into abstract discussions rather than allowing that increase in awakenings to create a huge increase in support for real Asatru ideals, groups and organisations (of which there are very few genuine ones).
This is why the Jewish dominated Swedish media has even quoted them and linked to their petitions and websites.

They are creating a discourse where only the opinions of those compliant with Jewish-Subversion are allowed to oppose things and receive news coverage whilst doing so. The only acceptable opposition viewpoints for them are viewpoints that are entirely compliant with and enthusiastic supporters of their racial dysgenics trajectory.

The Jewish-Compliant and in many examples directly Jewish politicians, owners of the media and campaign groups in Sweden (such as Barbara Spectre) are no doubt behind the lobbying that resulted in this proposal or at a minimum support this. They are waging a war against the best philosophy for reclaiming our nations, making it out to be something bad and ‘outside’ of society when in reality it is the core of our ancestral traditions and the very cultural and even linguistic core of our languages and racial nations.

These same subversives would like to see Europeans all speaking the Jewish authored language of ‘Esperanto’ and writing only in Latin script (something they achieved during the Roman empire: the suppression of our ancestral Germanic alphabets) now with the punishment of one can assume fines or imprisonment?

I am fluent at writing in the Elder Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (something I taught myself whilst at University, I wrote down all my lecture notes in the Elder Futhark and some in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc) and there is no practical way you can ban an alphabet. Many of the letters like B and R look almost exactly the same as capitalized Latin script B and R just with straight edges. So they are going to ban all straight edged fonts also? You have to realise that when insane, impractical subversive legislation is proposed it was as a result of uninformed, foreign lobbyists who have no idea about the practicalities of legislative effect or enforcement but ‘demand’ that things happen because they are symbolic of opposition to them.

The Futhark is used by probably several hundred companies, websites, item producers and tattoo firms and also large international brands such as Bluetooth. The Futharks are also used by individuals and companies in other countries that will not be banning the Futharks. The sheer practical impossibility of this should make you wonder why a government has been bullied into proposing such an illogical proposal. It is clear that they have been lobbied by subversive Judeo-Christians or Jewish subversives directly. Perhaps this attack came from the Jewish financiers of the Christianity promoting alt-right? Or perhaps it came from the likes of Barbara Spectre.

Regardless both those hostile entities will be quietly or openly celebrating this proposal and not helping or distracting away from what it shows about Asatru being the primary target indicating they should be supporting Asatru and not undermining it with their Judeo-Christianity. Our enemies will give lip-service to the issue under ‘free speech’ instead of what it actually indicates and exposes about their collaboration with quite frankly: those who are seeking to ban our racial history and ultimately our racial future.

Quite frankly if the Swedish government bans the Futharks, then Swedish people will engage in mass protests by writing in the Futhark, wearing symbols of our ancestral, racial spirituality, this will accelerate our awakening if and only if gatekeeper types are prevented from distracting the natural reaction against this into something superficial such as ‘free speech’ instead of the glaringly obvious cause of this: which is foreign hatred for our Germanic racial nature, history and future.

Swedish Government banning Runes: Jewish Subversives and their Christian collaborators are the ones that display hate:

Swedish Government banning Runes: banning our symbols: our alphabets: a system of our spiritual expression which they hate and brand as ‘hateful’ in an act of hypocritical projection

Fight this attempt at suppression by articulating this truth and displaying the Runic Futharks in a positive manner everywhere. Make this backfire on them. Show the beauty and elegance of our ancestral, racial traditions and language that has been suppressed and displaced by the ‘latin script’ we all currently are writing in.

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc

Younger Futharks (Danish, Swedish/Norwegian Variants)

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