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Proven Method for establishing physical Asatru-Political groups

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The Correct, Proven Method for establishing physical Asatru-Political groups and reclaiming our racial communities: Organic natural growth

It starts with you the individual reader: Start with aiming to convert your neighbours into being Racially Aware. You can do this most efficiently through leafleting through people’s letterboxes (just like political parties do) URL link leaflets to well presented information and news at English

To accommodate this renewed effort: I have been publishing an article every single day since the 11th of April and 1 article every 2 days since. Future EnglishNews writers and organisers will abide by the same frequency or better depending on their situation.

Never fantasize over an enclave up in the hills somewhere, never let that demoralised perspective infect your attitude to political advancement methods, this entire nation is rightfully in its entirety: our enclave as all European nations are and so too, the settled territories we established by the right of our intellect, inventiveness and excellence, vindicated and justified through merit and accomplishment. Go on the offensive. Convert your neighbours in a positive way, become a pillar in your local communities and local groups, show people that your beliefs are right and that people who believe such are entirely normal, but more than that are positive, intelligent, articulate, convincing people.

Convince family members and loyal friends who will always have your back: say to them for example:

“Would you like to go with me to this group I go to that is (or are forming yourself) a racially aware, freethinking, Anglo-Saxon cultural meeting group”.

Introduce this differently depending on the audience, a politically incorrect meeting group with true English traditionalism etc, there are many ways you can articulate this. Be cautious about who you tell, family members who are loyal to you and loyal friends: this is the organic growth method. Then they in turn expand to their family members and loyal friends. Go along to other groups, random social clubs, sports clubs etc and engage in conversations to gauge people’s beliefs and then gradually and carefully introduce them to this group however small initially.

This method was used to establish 11 meeting groups in England. English News simply and wisely designated people to be the organisers at the core of each kindred but beyond this they developed themselves. It was far more effective than having open public, announced events.

This meant that when went inactive as a website for 3.5 years (coming back on the 31st of March, less than 48hrs after our Vote to leave the EU was illegally delayed on the 29th of March 2019!) these kindred or meeting groups kept operating, only 1 ceased to operate during this time which was due to its membership being composed of students who after graduating moved away from the area (Sheffield).

If you would like to try to setup an organically formed meeting group in your area: follow these methods of approach as well as getting in contact with English News for free educational material you can use, leaflets, articles etc that you can use to save time explaining every aspect of the current situation:

-Do not let the Jewish sponsored notion of retreatist fantasies infect your perspective on life nor degrade your racial (and thus moral) confidence.
-Do not let the Jewish sponsored notion of standing up for our racial interests being bad, or demonized infect your perspective on life.
-Avoid the pitfalls of the negative, self-defeating stereotypes of what it means to be racially aware or folkish. Overcome these with a celebration of our pure, elegant nature as Germanics with convincing and strong racial (and thus moral) principles and advocacy.
-Awaken those around you to make a real local enclave of support, not a theoretical fantasy. Build that enclave from within your pre-existing local community.

You will be very surprised by the number of people in your local area who agree with our views and can easily be brought over to celebrating and being aware of their Germanic ancestry as a part of this.

As you go along, simultaneously identify and note down any subversives. We will prosecute subversives when we get into government, just as they are trying to do to us right now, we will fight fire with fire, we will adapt and win. All those who defiled our cause shall be brought to justice in due course, from the lowly fake-right infiltrators to the establishment fake right frauds and the politicians that enthusiastically collaborate with and enable the undermining of our homogeneity, standards and lives on every level.

And remember this: we are folkish but through being folkish we also inevitably advocate for a higher quality of life, of national infrastructure, political standards and futuristic ideals in accordance with our higher racial standards and the very nature of who we are as Germanics and the same with all other Europeans respectively.

Use the leaflets below (produces multiple leaflets per page of paper) to direct people to our source of truthful information to save you time from explaining everything. Then once you have done this and intend to partake in positive local community projects for your fellow Northern Europeans locally; get in contact and start to build up an independent group of racially aware, politically incorrect, Asatru cultured individuals.

With the 11 sub-groups I established they are all autonomous. English Asatru designated the founding individuals, all of them have their own group names, own unique styles and total freedom of operation whilst keeping in alignment with our English folkish Asatru perspective and preparing to be an integral part of a network of logistical support and organisation for informational political campaigning as well as being the natural roots of an organic folkish community that doesn’t exist outside of our societies but seeks to reclaim them through being a positive part of them and winning people’s support, building up for a movement to reclaim our nation.

If you would like a leaflet produced in another Germanic language or designed specifically for a local area with specific text, email: English Asatru At Protonmail Dot Com. However I advise getting started for now with this one if the language is viable. Ultimately the website is in English, but Google etc can translate it. Most Germanic countries have high levels of English language skills anyway.

Start sharing information this is key to how to awaken people. Start building the networks necessary to establishing your local folkish, politically active Asatru group or joining pre-existing ones established by English News. Start awakening close friends in a safe manner.

In all circumstances people will be vetted to prevent hostile infiltrators or subversive groups from co-opting this effort. English Asatru thus far has been 100% successful in maintaining anonymity for all kindred leaders (just search for kindred leaks or group leaks English Asatru, you will find 0 results of actual leaks). Our compartmentalized methodology has been perfect.

This is organic, natural growth tested and proven, with one couple even having been formed and subsequently hand-fasted (married) at their kindred group.

We are rebuilding our nation one root at a time and with time these roots shall become the trunks and then shall be adorned with the branches of political reclamation that shall reclaim our nation and hold it high and pure, whose leaves shall spread in the sunlight of a new reclaimed era in the history of our Germanic nations.

Article Author: English / Article Published: 13th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 13th Night of April 2019.CE

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