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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 10th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 10th Night of May 2019.CE
The United States' Jewish & Israeli controlled Foreign Policy is pushing the United States to War with Iran
The Jewish Supremacist controlled Kushner-Trump White House* with its fanatical Zionistic National Security Advisor Bolton are making serious initial preparations that mirror those that would occur before a potential US attack on Iran.

*'Kushner-Trump White House': Jared Kushner is the Jewish son-in-law of Donald Trump who is widely accepted as a key advisor (or manipulator) of the Trump White House on foreign policy and all things involving Israel's interests.

The Jewish Internationalist foreign policy of the United States on behalf of Israel has taken a dark, dangerous turn for the worse. The US has made the pre-requisite logistical placements of an initial preparatory force in the Gulf region, basing out of Qatar.

This format of force placement and logistical preparations indicates a planning of a typical modern US attack and flexible offensive-defensive encirclement pattern: the placement of the USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft carrier and its escorts creates a well protected additional air-corridor and avenue of attack from the sea versus Iran from a different angle than the Qatari airbases or Israeli airbases.
The installation of Long range Patriot anti-air missile systems in Qatar verify an intention of making Qatari airfields into a likely war-involved target thus the need for long range air defence, anticipating an Iranian pre-emptive strike and moving to make such costly with these extreme range air defence systems. Combine this with the use of airbases in Qatar which are now stocked not only with the usual US F-16s but are now complimented with heavy anti-ground carpet bomb capable and nuclear/conventional cruise missile aerial launch capable B-52H Stratofortress bombers.

The deployment of the USS Arlington, a heavy amphibious assault ship capable of deploying tanks, armoured hovercraft and large numbers of infantry onto a shoreline as well as providing the logistics capacity for quickly deploying a defensive ground force, forward command, airstrike co-ordination and target surveillance teams and establishing forward operating bases. This initial force, which in itself is nowhere near sufficient to enact an attack on Iran, is however the necessary security pre-requisite for safely building up a pre-emptive strike resistant force to facilitate further mass US deployment to the area.

The placement of this force in the Persian Gulf and in Qatar could be an attempt by the United States to incite Iran into thinking this force is the vanguard force of an inevitable US invasion force designed to destroy the Iranian government and occupy Iran. The United States or more likely: Israel could attack any of these forces as a pretext for war. The possibility of Israel using one of its (fake-Holocaust German reparations built and paid for) Dolphin Submarines to attack this US force is quite real. Looking at past precedents such as the attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the attack on the King David Hotel etc this is possible. It could come to pass that the Jewish Supremacists in Washington are willing to sacrifice USS military personnel's lives in such a repeated scenario. In any situation the deployment of USS military personnel (real people with real lives, children and wives) and the US government's intentions to put them in a situation where they could all be wiped out by an Iranian pre-emptive and desperate defensive strike is sickening. And all this to start a war for Israel against Iran is absolutely sickening and worthy of charges of treason.

Iran is not an enemy of any European nation including the United States. Infact Iran is a natural friend and ally of European mankind, from England to the US, a true strategic ally of all European nations, and all nations worldwide in the fight against Jewish Supremacism. This is why they hate Iran so much.

As a country Iran was once controlled by a tyrannical pro-Jewish internationalist proxy leader, the Shah of Iran, Iranians freed themselves from Jewish directed international policy efforts and control and have stood stalwart as a blockade against Jewish Supremacist, Israeli emanating international agendas and influence. Iran refuses to bend the knee to Jewish Zionists and for this they are targeted. Iran has also been a defender of free speech, Iran organised an entire conference of free speech to expose the Jewish lie of the Holocaust, attended by hundreds of historians and figures. Israel cannot expand with such a strong nation as Iran in the region that sees straight through Jewish lies and sees their genocidal ambitions for what they are. Unlike the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all of the middle east except Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, Iran has stood forth as a government of principled and -nationally intact- opposition to Israel unlike the war torn Syria, the impoverished Lebanon or the fractured and occupied Palestine.

It is in this context that efforts against Iran should be seen. Quite frankly we need a march against the war to stop this effort to create war with Iran right now. However you won't see one as the Jewish media has demonized Iran infinitely, those who know this pattern (the same we saw versus Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) have a responsibility to speak the truth about what is going on and in our own ways to write and speak against it. Ultimately these Israeli-desired foreign wars (against Israel's enemies) will continue for as long as Jewish Supremacists have control of our governments and maliciously twist our foreign policies to their interests.

We must retake our nations, we must purge from our governments these Jewish Subversives or we will inevitably see war with Iran. This is especially true in America and for demographic reasons is necessary with increased urgency: American readers you need to retake your government within 16 years time, European Americans will be a minority within 24 years on current migration trajectories.

That last 8 years will be a two-term presidential term, thus the 16 year time limit from 2020, 2036 is your deadline to remove the putrid Jewish Supremacist occupied government and replace it with a genuine, patriotic European American government that expels non-white migrants and puts an end to the Jewish control of the United State's foreign policies which are at the moment entirely controlled by Israeli-loyal subversives like Presidential Advisor Kushner and National Security Advisor Bolton.
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