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Article author: Dan Rayner , Asatro News / Published: the night of the 21st day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 21st day of December 2014 / the Winter Solstice night in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture.
Yuletide: The Meaning and purpose of the Germanic Yuletide festival and Season
Upon this Yuletide, beginning with the Winter Solstice resolve in yourself the folkish dedication to honour our folk's future and past alike. To honour the Æsir and Vanir as our most ancient folk ancestors.
It is due time to declare in yourself this Yuletide an oath of loyalty and increased dedication and effectiveness on behalf of the best of our folk, to strive with colossal fortitude and enigmatic extraordinary personal motivation towards our ideal future as Germanic folk, our ideals, dreams and descendants futures depend upon re-lighting the knowledge of our pure ancestral ethnic culture, spirituality, politics and thus our true nature, to restore our true nature, achieved through an inspired and informed understanding of who we are and through that realization attaining the necessary will to strive towards ensuring the sanctity and safety of our naturally sacred folk's future.

Informing ourselves as to the true nature of Yuletide is significant because through the evolutionary (racial, ethnic & cultural) origins of Yuletide it is realised that upon Yuletide we should be reinforcing and celebrating our folk, family and faith in ourselves as Germanic folk. This is the true meaning of Christmas (Yuletide) and to obtain the Yule present of this true understanding is a powerful gift to inspire in yourself and all our extended folk the realisation as to the extraordinarily elegant and enigmatic nature of our Germanic cultural, spiritual depth and sophistication.
It is common knowledge in the minds of almost our entire Northern European population that Christmas is a plagiaristic act, it is established fact that Christmas is an example of historical cultural subversion and manipulation that corrupted and came to gradually subvert our prior natural ancestral beliefs including Yuletide which was "progressively subsumed into the [fraudulent] Christian festivities surrounding" this time of year.

Jul, Jól, Yule, Yeola, or Geola are the varying Northern Germanic ancient terms referring to the seasonal celebration and cultural atmosphere developed in our folk cultures that goes back in its prior ancient format well over ten thousand years as indicated by synonymous winter solstice celebration evidence such as Stonehenge and numerous stone formations dating back to the stone age and surviving folk traditions. [1]

Yule focuses around the Solar Winter solstice and lasts in a continuous celebration until January or Æfterra Yeola (after Yule) in Anglo-Saxon and until potentially into mid January in Old Norse records, the first half of January was called Jól.[2]

   "Yule is a Germanic midwinter festival... The name Yule or a variant form of it, is attested from the earliest times as that of a month or some other similar period of time, corresponding to the end of the modern calendar year."
Yule is the term for the specific title of the celebration, Yuletide is the ‘tide’ or season of Yule and varied in length "between mid-November and the beginning of January" in different Germanic Northern European ethnic and spiritual cultures and folkish communal traditions over time.[3]

The historian Bede wrote that the night of Ærra Yeola (December) the 25th was known originally "by the heathen word Modranecht, that is, "mother's night", because of the ceremonies they enacted all that night".[4]

On the 25th the ritual ceremonies were held in honour of the Disir, Valkyries and Norns, symbolising a celebration of all our racial ancestors through our female ancestral folk and Goddesses (Disir), the symbols of our worthiness to die in battle (Valkyries) and a celebration and honouring of our destiny and fate (Norns). [5]

Yule ideally lasts for 12 days, other sources state Yule is the entire month of December, some sources such as the Anglo-Saxon poet Bede suggest it actually continues into January, whilst others state it occurred for three days after the Winter solstice or original Midwinter festival.

The interpretation of the 12 days states that Yuletide occurs for 12 days after the Winter Solstice (so from the 21st of December until January.)​
This is a natural and scientifically verifiable system to utilize as it is based upon an actual solar and thus seasonal measurement marking the beginning of Yule as upon the height of the Solar Winter solstice and thus has a natural authority, conferring upon Yule its rightful status as the singular most important ritual of the Winter and potentially of the whole year. The importance of the Yuletide season to this day remains intact although through the commercial marketing that latched itself onto the now lifeless secular period of the year, which due to the un-natural uprooting of our natural spiritual beliefs through their subversion by Semitic Christianity, has since withered away and lost almost all religious and spiritual folk meaning.
Asatro, is our ancestral folk spirituality that originally incorporated Yuletide as a part of our annual ritual lifestyle.[6]

Asatro is now in a prime position to rise and fill this natural cultural void. That the spiritually defined natural event (Winter solstice and complete rotation of the Earth around our mother Sun) first realized and religiously symbolised and practiced by our most ancient and pure Northern Germanic ancestors still proves to be so fundamentally important to the average annual routine of every single member of our population's lives shows the importance of championing and re-claiming our folk's understanding of this time of year.

To remind our folk upon each and every Yuletide from now in this era of struggle and forth into the subsequent eternity which we shall secure for our Germanic descendants: that the only natural and thus only valid foundation for cultural celebrations and our very culture itself is based upon our most ancient ethnic traditions, the most essential part of our elegant existences and honoured history that enables us to exist, that is expressed through our collective folkish ethnic spirituality developed over our unique and extraordinary evolutionary history.

Our Germanic folk, although they may not overtly consciously place much importance in the fact, none the less know that our true and original ancestral culture and the foundations of all our remaining folk celebrations are all intrinsically Northern Germanic, our English and continental Germanic folk are also descendants and rightful reclaimers of this pure ancestral heritage, a heritage of sophistication, elegance, purity and beauty.
   It is my duty as it yours to remind our elegant, extraordinary and enigmatic Germanic folk of who our unique and brilliant nature as a folk people during Yuletide.
It is the greatest gift to yourself, to understand who you are as a Germanic individual, and to remind your family and community of who they are and then to celebrate this enigmatic Germanic identity. This is the verified ancestral purpose of Yuletide, a time of ancestral worship, fertility worship and solidarity during the height of winter.

The best present to get yourself over the entire period of Yuletide is an awakened mind and willpower to inform and inspire our Germanic folk to stand in sacred solidarity for our beautiful racial folk interests and truly noble ancestral heritage, to help awaken all our eternal Germanic folk, to ruthlessly expose the horrifically cruel and malign, damaging, degrading and detrimental Marxist defilers, Socialist Jewish Supremacist politicians, media and financial bankers alike; to ruthlessly expose those who would attempt to subvert or sabotage our folk, in honour of our ancestors and defence of our descendants.

At all times of the year and especially around our ancestral religious dates of significance we should let our ancestral natural folk spirituality inspire us to realise that it is the racial and thus natural-sacred duty of each and every Nordic (Germanic) member of our folk to stand defiantly in stoic defence of our true ancestral folk culture through actively, positively and practically seeking to inform all the members of our racial folk about the true nature of Yuletide and the cultural, political, historical, spiritual and thus altogether natural racial meaning this time of year has and the inspirational effect it imbues in us to honour our family, our ancestors and to pledge oaths of honour and action to secure the future of our beloved folk descendants.

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