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Article author: Max North / Published: 22nd day of Winterfylleth mōnaþ 2264.RE / 21st day of "Winter filled" in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English (October) 2014
Yggdrasil: The Realms of Jotunheim, Nifelheim and Múspellheim:
9 Realms
   “ “Just as the northern part was frozen, the southern was molten and glowing, but the middle of Ginnungagap was as mild as hanging air on a summer evening. There, the warm breath drifting north from Muspell met the rime from Niflheim, it touched it and played over it, and the ice began to thaw and drip. Life quickened in those drops, and they took the form of a giant. He was called Ymir.”
   – The Creation. Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings. Also found in the "The Prose Edda".
In the Nordic cosmology upon Yggdrasil: the conceptual tree of life that forms the essence of the universe, there are additionally the realms of Jotunheim, Nifelheim and Múspellheim, they are where the conceptual Giants and Dragons originate from in all our ancient lore.

The 9 realms within Asatru cosmology in totality are:

The metaphysical definition of a Giant in an interpretation of the Norse Germanic tradition of Seidr: A giant is a primal nature spirit of strong spiritual influence and impact they are usually seen as polarized vibrations if you were to view their psychological impact on a brain wave frequency chart. Such as anger, fear, anxiety etc. This however does not make them evil or something that must be ignored but rather a natural part of metaphysical reality whether if we like it or not.

Conceptually there are two classes of Giants the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and the Fire Giants of Múspellheim. The realm of Jotunheim is the home of the Jotunns, the Frost Giants, they are the most human like out of the two classes of giants. But rather of a morally grey consciousness their vibrations are very heavy like the rocky and snowy stormy mountains, the energy which they manifest is usually that of anxiety and depression. Frost giants and Fire giants were also seen as aspects of nature potentially used as teaching tools over generations to explain the unpredictable nature of frost and winter and of fire, volcanoes and lava fields as experienced along ancient coastal Norway and Iceland to this day.

However this so called energy of anxiety and depression is a part of our natural emotions and can be cleansed through Ritual and taking action and change for the better. The so called New Age movement in today’s world teaches that if you do not think in a negative way then negativity will not manifest into your life however this is simply not true and often creates the opposite effect.

The de-facto failure of motivation that led the New Age movement to cease to exist is illustrative of its failed understanding of human nature, much of the New Age movement was an act of defilement by Jewish cultural manipulators and individuals who sought to take advantage of the void left by the immediate collapse in the authority of other societal figures and norms. In reality Asatru is a counter-current, a force that goes against disorder, Asatru is structured, principled, organic, naturally formed over our ancestral history and is thus the only legitimate ‘traditionalist’ philosophy in accordance with our nature as Nordic & Germanic folk. In modern life anxiety, fear, ill motivation and depression in 90% of the population always come back around no matter how positively we think.

The negative emotions are not meant to be ignored but rather there to battle, see them as a necessary adversary in your life, on your path to becoming a more efficient and perfect individual so that you can overcome the attitudes of so many of our afflicted folk and become useful to our people.
A lame man can ride a horse.
The handless can be herdsmen.
The deaf can fight bravely,
A blind man is better than a burned man.
But a dead man is of no use.

-Stanza 71, Hávamál: The Words of (Har) Odin the High One (All father).
In the same way a hero fights his adversary rather than something shoved to one side and ignored. It is there to help us evolve to become a more wiser, intelligent and stronger human being.
The greatest art and music ever created by our Germanic folk was at a time when the artists and musicians were in those artists who possessed the state of frantic inspiration inspired through heightened mental states. In our ancestral philosophy this concept was taught as being as a result of the Mead of Poetry: skáldskapar mjaðar.

The rain, clouds, snow and thunderstorms are all weather conditions that cause this emotional state and they are the weather conditions of Jotunheim itself, other states of mind and environmental influences can also induce this heightened mental state, wherein great inspired ideas, ideals, thoughts, poetry, art and music are often produced. Being able to enter into this state of mind or motivation is necessary for any good piece of writing, when you passionately understand or are involved in an article subject this state is induced, it is the same elemental state experienced in love, war, sex, fear and competition.

Back within the Norse cosmology: the realm of Nifelheim is the realm were Wyrms or Dragons dwell unlike the Jotunns/Frost Giants of Jotunheim they are a very polarized natural energy of bitterness and coldness they are the emotions one feels of being in isolation, loss or betrayal for any long period of time.

The way to banish these draconian mind states is by becoming somewhat more warm hearted or even stoic in bitter and lonely times, humour, laughter or sheer willpower and positive productivity tasks are a brilliant banishing mechanism for these particular states of mind, that will afflict all people at some point in their lives However like the other classes of giants they are a part of the natural order and if you need to be in a state of bitterness or isolation for a period of time for motivation or reflection purposes then this passive energy will naturally be evoked into your being.

This state of mind or energy is also associated with selfish greed and envy as well as bitterness and a cold, hardheartedness, this type of consciousness operates from the most primitive part of our brain, the R complex, also known as the reptilian part of our brain. So we all have the dragon within, one interpretation is that the many tales of our Germanic folk heroes slaying a dragon was a sacred allegory for the taming and mastery over ones R complex, which is the fundamental act that created these heroes and enabled them to become influential and achieve great feats for their folk.

   These great Heroes and Heroines slew their dragons so that their selfish and individualistic needs were controlled within their own psyche, enabling them to overcome any and all fear about their own mortality thus enabling them to give their all on behalf of their folk, this is a accomplishment everyone reading this needs to strive towards attaining, to strive towards living by the maxim that Dan Rayner often uses in his articles:

   I am nothing and my people are everything”.
   This is an ideal articulation of the state of having achieved the aforementioned.
The realm opposite to Nifelheim is Múspellheim, this is the realm of the Fire Giants. The Fire Giants are the natural energies of anger, frustration, vengeance and fury. In today’s world we are maliciously taught to think that all vengeance and fury should be suppressed and ignored, wherever you are from a orthodox monotheistic religions, new age spiritual or atheistic scientific viewpoint, this seditious anti-natural perspective is routed throughout all anti-natural spirituality.

Ultimately the energy of vengeance and fury is completely natural and thus has the potential to serve a necessary and positive role in our lives, otherwise we would not have evolved the capacity to feel such. It is natural and positive to express fury and vengeance in the face of injustice, such as the ongoing Jewish attacks against our Northern European demographics, or the vile Christian atrocities against our ancestors, in fact it is completely unnatural for human beings not to feel any fury or hatred when injustices have occurred or are ongoing, these natural forces motivate us to rise up and prevent atrocities against our people.

One must channel this energy of justified, natural vengeance and project it into something that can create effective healthy change for the better on an individual and collective or national level. But at the same time using rationality and reason so that you do not express your anger in a threatening, violent or irrational way that damages the very cause you sought to motivate yourself in accordance with. You could say that Múspellheim is the equivalent of Mars, the realm of war in Roman cosmology as Múspellheim is the realm of war, battle and brute strength. Although the Nordic cosmology is thousands of years older than the Roman cosmology.

The more you work with Múspellheim the more courage and bravery you will gain however it must be balanced with the rest of the nine worlds (in their interpretation as entities that mirror ourselves) or else too much imbalance with the fiery realm can lead to irrational rage that is unproductive and often restricts ones motivation.

The realms of Jotunheim, Nifelheim, Múspellheim and the realm of Vanaheim which I presented in one of my two previous articles are the four compass directions on Yggdrasil. Nifelheim is North, Jotunheim is East, Múspellheim is South and Vanaheim is West. Múspellheim and Nifelheim stand in opposition in terms of their energies and elemental forces one being fiery, angry and that of steam and flowing lava and the other being cold, bitter, isolated and still.

The same goes for Vanaheim and Jotunheim: one being of joy, happiness, creativity and beauty while the other is one of anxiety, depression, sadness and downfall.
The fall into Jotunheim makes us want to return to the uplifting of Vanaheim and both worlds are there to use our ability of creative expression which manifests when we take action on the central physical plane of Midgard.

   Such as when we write articles to help inspire and inform more people...

Every world on Yggdrasil has its function and purpose in the reality of nature and to live a healthy natural life you cannot live in a one seasoned world wherever that be Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring but you have the power to use the time in each of the worlds and seasons to make changes in your life and to engage in productive endeavours, such as article writing here to make a positive influence in inspiring and informing fellow Northern Europeans to give their time and energy for the preservation of the future of our people.  
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