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Article author: Max North @ Asatro News / Published: 8th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 8th day of September 2014
Yggdrasil: The Nordic/Germanic cosmology within the context of the practice of Seiðr
Germanic Seidr

   “I know that an ash-tree stands called Yggdrasil, a high tree, soaked with shining loam, from there comes the dews which fall in the valley, ever green, it stands over the well of fate.”

   – The Poetic Edda, Seeress’s Prophecy (Voluspa), 19th Stanza
Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life for us Norse/Germanic folk it is our image for the all encompassing Pantheistic and Animistic divinity of Creation and Nature.
Yggdrasil is the inner metaphysical anatomy of every ethnic Norse/Germanic Northern European, whether they are aware of it or not, each of the 9 worlds on the tree of life is a distinct Energy Centre which can be mastered to their full potentials by visiting the 9 worlds via Astral ritual. Astral ritual is a lot more simple than many realize.
Astral individual ritual-travelling is just about using the Subconscious/Imagination to access the Metaphysical planes as sources of inspiration, that our ancestors did for thousands of years.
Hundreds of pieces of archaeological, literary and ritual evidence still exists today to tell us that ritual travelling, or a form of inspiration based meditation was utilized by not only our ancient but very, very recent ancestors. Some argue that this practice has never ceased being used, but simply took on other forms, such as psychiatry and became recessive besides more modern 'motivation techniques'. Thus it is of vital importance to this day.
The Metaphysical planes of every Norse/Germanic Folk are the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil which can be explored by simply engaging more into your subconscious imagination.
On these planes however you must also learn to be streetwise as well as strong Mentally, spiritually and physically.
You must also learn how to keep a balance with keeping in the conscious/physical world (Midgard) as well as in the subconscious/imagination worlds (the other 8 worlds on Yggdrasil) so as to remain grounded in the thoughts pertaining to the practical and real benefits of such ritual techniques, whilst being open enough to allow it to influence you on an inspiration based level. This is the same gradation of technique, that was used in an alternate method by Viking and German Berserkers before battle, this process removed fear, removed almost the feeling of pain and made them several hundred percent more combat efficient. Individual, esoteric Asatro rituals have been proven useful by our own ancestors and the same fundamental elements of ritual have been proven as valid and effective even by contemporary researchers.
The world that is held the highest on our Norse/Germanic metaphysical anatomy is Asgard which is the Mind of every Norse/Germanic European and in our Minds lay our primal ancestors, the Æsir (The only natural Gods & Goddesses of the Norse/Germanic Folk).
Asgard is there to balance and straighten out the mind and to always bring us back to a state of Civilization. You need to make your personal Asgard (mind) strong with a symbolic iron wall or stronghold like that of Valhalla surrounding it, this will help you block out energies that make the mind weak and ill. In this method Asatru self-ritual can make you more productive and inspired in life.
The gods and goddesses who are of assistance to you in the world of Asgard are Odin, Thor, Frigg, Baldr, Nanna, Hod Sif and Vidar (alongside others) they are all your primal ancestors and flow through the meta-genetics and DNA of every Norse/Germanic Folk.
However they will only aid you if you ask for their assistance or welcome them into your life if you don’t then they will not interfere with your life at all. But remember always: the Gods will do nothing for us that we will not do for ourselves.
The next of the 9 Worlds of the tree of life is Alfheim. Alfheim is the World of the Light Elves which some perceive to be the original Norse/Germanic equivalent of guardian spirits of the world and folk bloodlines, that are the guardians of Alfheim and of certain aspects of our world, such as the forests, as depicted aseptically by Tolkien.
Alfheim is the world of the soul on Yggdrasil so it is the heart centre or light force of every Norse/Germanic European.
The God Freyr is of great assistance here as well as the Light Elves who unlike the slave like Christian corrupted conception angels, the Alfar or Light Elves have their own free will. Some perceive the Light Elves are primarily Nature Spirits (like Vættir) with a similar consciousness to humans unlike most Nature Spirits (Wights) that are more simple in their consciousness.
The Light Elves are also just as wise as the Æsir or the Vanir though the Æsir and Vanir have energetic vibrations on a closer dimensional frequency to ours.
In Alfheim you will also find your Fetch/Higher Self which usually takes the form of your Animal Totem or in the form of your almost perfected self.
The World below Alfheim is Vanaheim. Vanaheim is the world of fertility and sexual energy the God Freyr along with Freyja reside here.
This world is centred in the blood that flows through your veins like the blue shining rivers that exist in the realm of Vanaheim. In Vanaheim is the centre of enjoyment and creative expression similar to, but purer in conception than, the planet Venus in the Roman Tradition.
Vanaheim however must be balanced out with the world of Asgard for a healthy use of both the Logical analytical side (Asgard) and the Creative Artistic side (Vanaheim).
Vanaheim is also the energy centre of Emotion of every Norse/Germanic Folk, however we must keep our emotions balanced with our minds of reason so that our mind does not fall into chaos which ultimately just leads to the minds destruction. Some interpret the Æsir-Vanir war as a symbol of this conflict between the two categories of virtues that ultimately reconciled into one alliance when the Æsir and Vanir became allies together.

   “Odin shot a spear, hurled it over the host, that was still the first war in the world, the defensive wall was broken of the Æsir’s stronghold, the Vanir, Indomitable, were trampling the plain.”

   – The Poetic Edda, Seeress’s Prophecy (Voluspa), 24th Stanza
The next of the nine worlds are Midgard (the conscious physical Earth plane), Jotunheim (Home of the Giants), Nifelheim (World of Ice), Muspelsheim (World of Fire), Svartalfheim (World of Shadow/Darkness and home of the Dark Elves and Dwarfs) and finally Hel (Land of the Death and Bliss).
Hail the Æsir
Hail the Vanir
Hail to your self-perfection through Asatro
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