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Article author: Max North @ Asatro News / Published: 21st day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 21st day of September 2014
Yggdrasil & Midgard: The centre of the Nordic & Germanic World Tree cosmological conceptualisation, idealism, archetypical realisations and hyper-practical realism unleashed by Asatro & Seidr in relation to your life.
Yggdrasil in Seidr
   “Of Ymir's flesh | the earth was fashioned,
   And of his sweat the sea;
   Crags of his bones, | trees of his hair,
   And of his skull the sky.
   Then of his brows | the gentle gods made
   Midgard for sons of men;
   And of his brain | the bitter-mooded
   Clouds were all created."
   -VIII. of Snorri Sturlson's "The Prose Edda".

Midgard is at the very centre of Yggdrasil meaning that it is at the core of our metaphysical anatomy, the realm of Midgard is located were the Solar Plexus is in human terms.
If your Solar Plexus is stable and strong then you have a grounded relationship with Midgard, the physical and conscious world, a fundamentally important relationship to have in politics, war and thus a very suitable attribute for everyday life (everyday life being a combination of war and politics).

Midgard is the conscious realm that grounds you to your physical of biological and political reality, it is the fixed physical world of what becomes real.
To not have Midgard as your central focus while you are living in the physical world (when living in Midgard) self-evidently means that you are out of touch with what is truly real, put simply.
In this era where our folk need each and every member of our population performing at our optimum, for the sake of us all and as individuals, you must be grounded in a practical attitudinal approach to life, this is self-evidently necessary.

So what reality is on an ontological and epistemological level in the Norse Germanic psyche is the natural physical solid world that is influenced by the other 8 (of 9) worlds on Yggdrasil which are not physical but are spiritual planes of the metaphysical universe that exists within every ethnic Norse Germanic folk individual and our folk as a collective unconscious entity.

Midgard is our home, it is the natural environment of the Northern European, it is ours by 100%. It is where our victories on the 8 other planes on Yggdrasil manifest into to creative reality, i.e.: life and species success. The most important understanding of how to make practical spirituality effective in your everyday life is to learn how to ground the various archetypal world energies. This method is done by meditation and reflection as well as visitation to these 8 other worlds that surround the central stage (from our perspective) that is Midgard.

Midgard is where you deal with your ego to tame it like the goats on Thor’s Chariot, Freyjia’s cats or the Yggdrasil Horse (Sleipnir) of the all father Odin.

The Ego are the antlers of the noble Stag (the Fylgja) that if regulated and trained to serve a noble cause such as the furtherance of our folk (and not the ego itself) protects your soul from the malicious lies and psychopathic manipulation that we see in the world today both on a global, societal and individual emotive level.

It is one of those self-evident truths, for those who let their egos guide them rarely serve our folk, and even those who believe they do, are sometimes doing nothing lower than serving their ego in a self-deceiving manner, perceiving themselves as part of a “great cause” when in fact they are nothing but image defilers of whatever noble cause such ego-victim parasites latch themselves onto, in politics and thus all of life this is true.
Christianity and the New Age movement are two broad categorisations of spiritual ideologies that attempted to manipulate us Norse Germanic folk to focus on whilst schizophrenically, simultaneously being taught to forget and transcend the ego instead of making it into the heroic, proud, noble and courageous armour that protects and serves our own collective folk and individual folk soul of beauty, bravery, compassion, courage, kindness and wisdom.
The physical world is just as important as the spiritual worlds, this idea that the spiritual world is superior in comparison to the physical world is a Christian dogma, it is inherently incorrect, contradicting nature on every level (and thus weakening those who follow even a modern or revisionist variant of Saul of Tsarsus’s anti-natural seditious theology and anti-ethics).
Christianity’s maliciously deliberately inflicted, intentional error is that the earth, nature and the physical world is castigated and slandered as fallen, this is a self-fulfilling Semitic prophecy that in reality makes the adherent of such a Judaized philosophy themselves the only thing that is ‘fallen’ (and thus our current predicament came into being in only 1600 years, the length of 1600 years is testament both to the resilience of our folk and the defiling power of Christianity).

The Norse Germanic and mainland Germanic native traditions always looked at the physical world as the centre to all that has been manifested into reality from the spiritual realms that are connected to the realm of physicality. It is important that every Asatro inclined individual connects to their natural environment and forms a relationship to it in order to be in accordance with such a natural philosophy, your environment also includes what you might perceive as artificial environments, but from the perspective of the universe and your life, what is your environment is dictated not by biological/artificial ontological distinctions but the de-facto surroundings in your life, whether that is the inside of an office or in the midst of a herd of cattle.

Fundamentally one should seek to be around environments that are nearly identical to our ancestral environments to rejuvenate ourselves to be more efficient in life. Explore the forests, meadows, fields, seaside, rivers, hills and valleys. You should perceive as friends: the animals, trees, plants and the elements to truly appreciate and command the understanding that you are a natural part of the world, to unleash the psychological motivation this purely biological perspective creates.

This will clear all the unnatural mental pollution from your mind (such as stress, ill-motivation, despair, doubt, panicking pessimism, etc ) and body (chemicals and hormones) and will inspire your creativity, imagination and you will to live, to the highest echelons of purity and perfectionist potential.
The physical realm of Midgard has a lot of boundaries and limitations compared to the other 8 realms, however this gives you the opportunity to push the boundaries and limitations that exist in Midgard, to achieve more in your life.

With each boundary you break and with every limitation you conquer you will become a stronger, wiser, healthier person and this quite clearly helps your conscious sentient mind evolve to become the person that you have always wanted to be, if and only if this is in accordance with the collective interests of the survival of our folk, for your nature cannot be perfect in accordance with its ideal form and go against your wider or collective identity and potential as a part of our folk, this is true by definition.
Through your self-purification and the self-purification of hundreds of thousands of our folk, our folk will gradually be purified and refined enough in large enough quantities to be able to very efficiently re-take control of our folk populations as a whole and all our territories.

This process of self-purification and perfection starts right now in your life if it starts at all, let yourself realise this fact!

Through your refined work and life ethic from this moment onwards. What are you going to do to honour and safeguard our folk and to forge yourself into a purified individual?
Get up and do something about it right now, write articles like I do as a volunteer for the Asatro news or make significant augmentations to your individual life in a highly professional and proficient way.

Hail the Æsir
Hail the Vanir
Hail to your practical, sustained pursuit of self-perfection through Asatro
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