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Article author: Max North @ Asatro News / Published: 17th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 17th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
Yggdrasil: A practical understanding of Svartalfáheimr and Helheimr
Yggdrasil Symbolism
The realms of the underworld or the worlds that lie deep beneath the roots of our metaphysical concept of the tree of life: Yggdrasil are that of Svartalfáheimr and Helheimr these are the realms of darkness and the cessation of life.
   One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
   The Shadow is that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal consciousness. – Carl Jung
The realm of Svartalfáheimr is the realm of darkness, this is where you will find your spiritual shadow, in psychology this is the suppressed aspect of your psyche that is the aspects that your ego doesn’t like about yourself, this includes what you truly do not like about your personality, lifestyle, image, or the condition of the state around you which your ego finds insulting or the opposite of its conception of the ideal forms of what should be.
This Shadow aspect of your psyche, as Carl Jung refers to, must be integrated and improved for you to truly understand yourself.
The technique of investigating this aspect of yourself is to face the darker aspects of yourself through reflection and integrating the parts of yourself that you have psychologically buried in the dark caverns of your mind or ‘soul’.
When in the process of unleashing or motivating yourself through overcoming your deepest dreads and concerns, emotions of anger, bitterness and especially fear may arise this must be overcome through courageously reflecting on your past mistakes, accepting that you may have made unwise decisions in the past and to then strive to make yourself into a wiser, healthier, stronger and braver person, using such experiences as motivation, in effect to avenge your past self for what was done incorrectly.
The so called energies that dwell in the realm of Svartalfáheimr (meaning literally : The dark Alfar home: Svart-Alfár-Heimr) are unsurprisingly, as the Alfar part of the name suggests, of the Dark Elves as noted in our ancestral lore.
The Dark Elves are the energies of fear and guilt. Once you have gone through the underlying cycle of engaging in your process of motivating yourself beyond these energies of fear and guilt, such negative emotions have less power over you.
Having fear does not make you cowardly, timid or non-courageous as courage and bravery does not equal fearlessness, but is the ability to act continuously and consistently in the face of fear without wavering, whimpering or withdrawing.
Courage is the art of standing up to your fears, regrets, injuries or phobias and overcoming them simply by engaging in standing in defiance of what you fear, be that putting yourself into the public sphere or getting into an extremely demanding work or learning routine, step by step you are striking down the energies of fear, a.k.a the Dark Elves or Alfar with your metaphysical, unrelenting self-purifying willpower that is a glimpse into your truly Germanic inner courage, soul and magnificent bravery.
This is the state of mind that the sagas speak of and that the heroes of our ancestral folk, including the Æsir adhered to. The realm of Helheimr is the world of the dead by the name Hel alone you may be thinking that this particular realm has the same resemblance to the Judeo-Christian corrupted concept of Hell.
However it is nothing like the Jewish Christian version which was a psychological trauma based form of black mail at the time to get Christians to give their wealth and time away to the church in order for the Semitic founded 'church of Jesus Christ' (the biggest advertising & moral blackmail con forced upon European folk in our entire recorded history) to gain full power over our folk, through physical force and the most insidious, seditious moral coercion through the utilization of the concept of 'Hell'.
The Hel on our cosmic tree Yggdrasil however is a bleak, unrewarding afterlife and psychological state, which is blissful and thus populated by those who dwell in unworthy pursuits and universal insignificance.
Helheimr is the state wherein the minds of the weak feels no pain or suffering but is in a nearly unconscious state. The Goddess that oversees and is attributed for co-ordinating over this realm is named Hel, she is a daughter of the trickster fire god Loki and the frost giant Angrboda. She is the more complex and sophisticated equivalent to the concept of the Greek god Hades. She is of the underworld.
Travelling too deep into this particular realm however can be dangerous as you can fall into a deep unconscious state of blissful ignorance which can then shut your guard down to certain unexpected spontaneous and chaotic energies that can invade your personal consciousness, otherwise known as unexpected or demanding life events, that arise if you are too inactive for too long.
This is also a realm where you can contact certain ancestors, though before engaging in ancestor communication on the plane of Hel you must communicate and form relationships with your primal ancestors. Which are the Æsir of Asgard and the Vanir of Vanaheim.
The tree of Yggdrasil along with the Runes are the primary metaphysical tools of the Germanic/Norse esoteric shamanic tradition of Seidr.
The esoteric side to Asatru is not for everyone it was although systematically and methodically practiced by a few key individuals within our folk population, the local wise woman or man and it is a great responsibility to practice this pure Northern European spiritual system.
My advice to all of our ethnic Germanic/Norse practicing Seidr-folk and to the ones that are going through the initial learning process of our extremely complex and sophisticated shamanic tradition is to build up your own library of esoteric knowledge and art, this quite literally results in acquiring a large pile of books or PDF files (that you then actually read!), most crucially amongst these are actually the original, pre-Christian texts themselves and particular sagas specifically.
 To gain a highly detailed grasp of all the concepts, figures and terms our ancestors used and thus to make sure you are true to the ancestral form of Asatro, consider reading in depth the Cassell Norse Dictionary, as a dictionary definition of all the Gods, Goddesses and terminology, by a scholar who seems to (as far as I have read) to account for the negative Christian bias, through cross referencing between sources to identify and eliminate all the biases caused systematically by Christian scribes, such as found in Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda.
Other inferior authors such as John Lindow do not do this and seem to be out to defile our ancestral lore, by repeating the most vile, fraudulent Christian authored defilement translations and outright manipulations that were nothing more than propaganda slurs and deliberate degradations of the purity of our lore, that were used against our folk a thousand years ago to undermine our confidence in our ancestral lore, then also by Christians.
When reading any summary or even translation, take great attention as to the author, publisher and their ethnic and spiritual perspective and agenda in writing the summary or translation, especially with all of the fraudulent and defiling modern compilations which are mainly nothing more than profit or ego-significance motivated, or Semitic defilement motivated manipulations based often upon plagiarism that is in turn based upon deliberately manipulated Judeo-Christian authored translations.
This Norse terminology dictionary actually clearly outlines and defines all of the Gods and Goddesses and almost every single significant figure, place and concept that is significant within our ancestral lore, utilizing the original texts, including the small and obscure ones.
The author is highly aware and critical of the Christian bias in large portions of the recording of our lore and subsequently identifies and counters it with cross referencing between sources to negate the vile Christian bias that appears for example all throughout Snorri Sturluson’s biased compilation otherwise known as the Prose Edda.
Reading such an elemental dictionary pertaining to our lore is essential before reading the translations of the recorded lore such as the Poetic Edda.
   It is essential as a first stage to any attempt to master our ancestral lore and bring it into usage in your own life through Seiðr or a purely logical and non-esoteric understanding of Asatro, to build a very efficient memory and vocabulary of the core terminology and details that appear within our ancestral lore directly, this is probably the most important step in learning our ancestral ore, to have a pure, dictionary grasp of a large portion of the key concepts, that are true to the our ancestral beliefs and the definitions of these aspects of Asatro that our ancestors adhered to before Christianity defiled our folk's morality and almost destroyed all our lore.
Learning our ancestral lore is a defiant statement against the vile, Semitic, culturally-genocidal legacy of Christianity, to show to the world that we have prevailed, first in yourself as an individual is essential to re-kindling the Asatru spirit.
If you are adhering to or exploring Asatro as an individual it is crucial that you gain a sound and accurate definition of the all the key Gods, Goddesses, concepts, figures, realms and ideals before continuing with any other reading in relation to Asatro, in order to better inform and guide your further exploration and re-connection with our ancestral lore.
I would advise you to learn to recite and recall confidently the names of over 30 Gods and Goddesses as your first benchmark of this learning process, and the 9 realms and then onwards from there for those who are new to the basic elemental aspects of Asatru.
This is an essential step as it clarifies the definitions of each God, Goddess and significant detail in the lore, which makes reading the lore more effective and helps you to understand Asatru in a more detailed, and less genetic way, in your daily life and spiritual outlook.
So when you hail to any of our Ancestral Goddesses and Gods, be that from Odin to Frigga, to Fulla and Idunna, from Thor to Sif, you actually know what they represent, by an accurate, dictionary definition, so you can invoke them more accurately and understand them more completely.
   Using this website subsequently as a resource for the political and advanced ethical implications and news concerning our folk and of Asatro is essential to the real-world application of this learning, as many articles via this website will guide you through key aspects of Asatro and give you a very accurate, sophisticated and poetic understanding of the advanced political and spiritual ethnic style and character of Asatro in relation to our current existential confrontation, which shall be overcome exactly through this re-connection to who we are at a primal, elemental, spiritual and racial or ancestral level.
This is a time when we must preserve and revive the lost knowledge of our Asatro informed and learned Seidr practicing elder ancestors so that we can then gradually and eventually create entire Seidr courses or departments within our schools and Universities that will be there to teach future generations Seidr in their own individualistic and healthy way in accordance with accurate scientific psychology.
   Making learned Asatro folk leaders no longer an ignored and forgotten role in our society and culture but the true and most natural leaders of our nations is the ultimate expression of the resurgence of Asatro.
Seiðr practicing Asatro folk will become an alternative and natural replacement for psychologists, medical overseers and ethical philosophers alike in relation to members of our folk and in the next 30 years, all of Germanic civilization.
In effect to combine our ancestral culture and lore into modern application, to combine, inform and inspire these roles, and all life roles in life in accordance with learned Asatru folk, into one actually complete profession and school of thought.
When Asatro comes to purify our political and national spiritual scene, it is only natural that Seiðr should respectively purify and augment the psychology departments of every university and medical college in the entirety of Northern Europe, to subsequently empower millions of our folk to greater personal efficiency, resulting in improved Germanic cohesion and individual motivation: spiritually, politically, racially and culturally.
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