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Article author: Dan Rayner, English Asatro / Published: 18th Night of Ærra Līþa 2265.RE / 18th Night of June 2015.CE
The realisation of who we Germanic & English Individuals truly are:

Dan Rayner in the News
Defiance in the face of those who oppose our existences
To truly understand who we Germanic and English Asatru individuals truly are we can look upon the intelligent, beautiful, elegant and extraordinary archetypes of our Gods and Goddesses, our ancestors and our intrinsic ideals for the future of our people. It is also in reflecting upon the degeneracy, hypocrisy and defilement of our people's enemies that we can better understand and appreciate just how unique we are in the face of our worthless enemies.

This can be seen in contrast between the writing of myself and the entirely volunteer team at English Asatro and the majority of news outlets in existence, for they are no longer informative, intellectual news websites, in the wake of well over 83% of all national media company's desperate and futile attempts to maintain public readership whilst routinely lying to their own readers and manipulating their perspectives, from slandering opponents, to engaging in illegal undercover espionage, through hacking phones and using human hacking through infiltrating groups and most deplorably: individual's private communications we can observe just how unique we true Germanic folk are in contrast to the degenerate existences of those who are the enemies of our people, those who promote mass-immigration, Christianity, anti-Germanic ideologies and all manners of putrid manipulations and lies.

News media standards have fallen to such an extent, that the media now no longer exists as a force of information distribution, but rather of disinformation and targeted attacks on political and geo-political rivals whom the 83% Jewish and Israeli owned international-media (both in stocks and in internal media positions) find themselves opposed to.

Since the overwhelmingly racially English public are awakening against the obvious media bias, and lies surrounding the Israeli-promoted and Left-wing political establishment authorised illegal Iraq war, the subsequent decline in printed news media circulation and declines in media headlines being able to dictate or heavily-influence public opinion and debate has forced the media into an unprecedented era of corruption, defilement "tabloid" attention-seeking headlines and the privacy violating scandal, epitomised through the phone hacking scandal: which was driven by a negligible level of self-deceiving 'morality' and 'media standards' that the media has continued to engage in to this day.

Unknown to the vast majority of the public is the fact that this is still ongoing, albeit instead of electronic hacking devices, the Jewish Supremacist dominated media use 3rd party investigators and their own employees to act as human hacking devices, in manipulative, illegal and condemnable efforts to violate the privacy of possibly tens of thousands of individuals every single year, in order to feed their own failing readership epidemic. A particularly nasty, but almost irrelevant tabloid called "tab" has a slogan which epitomizes this descent into media desperation: "We'll stop writing when you stop reading", they do not care for anything other than their subversive, malicious, anti-naturalistic, anti-European political/racial ideologies and simultaneous financial gain.

What they cannot seem to realise is that no matter how hard they try, these media companies that espouse and incubate parasitic, anti-natural Semitic political-philosophies, which at their heart are genocidal against the interests of all of Europeans, will continue to be increasingly hated by the general public, our people, until the point is reached where the media losses all credibility and is simply replaced with truthful media websites such as EnglishNews.org after this next year, when EnglishNews.org launches formally into a regular news website, after having successfully already launched into a Asatro articulation platform.

The mainstream media in their desperation seek to engage in malicious and tactical slander against up-and-coming alternative news figures and outlets such as myself, Dan Rayner, often using infiltration and defilement groups in order to achieve this stagnation of any true Germanic political movement in this nation. One example of this is an upcoming ('threatened') article by the allegedly overtly racist, Marxist , anti-gentile, anti-Germanic website called the "Tab.co.uk" (the existence of which I did not know of until the alleged anti-Germanic hate-criminal Colin C. Cortbus committed an alleged act of religiously and racially motivated harassment against myself, as a Germanic, Ásatrúar.) This irrelevant supposedly Student volunteer but in reality Judeo-Marxist co-ordinated tabloid openly states its own title is an abbreviation for Tabloid, admitting its own tabloid standards of journalism. It is obviously inevitable that such an allegedly Jewish Supremacist owned and financed media outlet finds (as I and one legal expert allege) it is breaking the law, through the use of "undercover investigators" in order to illegally obtain information through email and to harass individuals.

I wholeheartedly encourage all others who have experienced and may experience in the future such a similar, or identical violation of your privacy or vile transgressions against your fundamental human rights to take unrelenting and immediate legal action, starting with immediately protecting yourself from this Jewish racial harassment against us English folk, by reporting these illegal acts committed by overwhelmingly Jewish media entities to the Police, along with immediately consulting with a legal professional, and immediately investigating the legal action.

   It is in upon that moment when our greatest enemies attempt to persecute our Germanic peoples, in our own homelands, that we must in ourselves find the greatest of all courage in our history, in that moment in our lives where we rise in ourselves the will and fortitude to defend our people no matter the cost, it is the hallmark of true Asatro folk who in their moment of persecution, let flames lap upon the blades of war and bear their tears of dedication to their people, a cause far greater than themselves, when ordinary and simultaneously extraordinary Germanic folk let the defence of our peoples rights, pasts and futures become the very symbol of their existence, it is in this moment that heroes are born, battles are won, enemies defeated and civilizations reclaimed, this is the moment in which we stand, in which you stand in your personal struggle to overcome the most defiling manipulations in history, those who would deny you the right to love your own existence and to act in defence of that natural Germanic love. It is this heroic ethos that Asatru imbues within each fair blooded Germanic woman and man alike, even today, every Asatro individual is a natural modern shield sister and shield brother to the last and simultaneously the first of a new Germanic-awakening to rise upon the new dawn of an era of Germanic freedom and national reclamation.

   This is the spirit of Asatru, it is the heroic spirit of eras long since forlorn by those whom know nothing of spirituality, or personal depth, sincerity, fortitude, industriousness, perseverance, loyalty and intelligence, the spirit and ethos inherent in the finest Germanic women (especially) and men, the spirit that in its unrelenting nature shall never be suppressed, nor destroyed, nor held down but shall forever arouse in the spirits of my English folk an insatiable will to preservation and self-determination.

To all my fellow English and wider Germanic folk, in England, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland, Vinland, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, especially those who similarly have been subject to racial and religious harassment from such vile, Semitic owned Marxist-tabloid on-line blogs, from having read their vile subversive anti-European racial hatred hiding behind slogans such as diversity, to those who like myself have been targeted personally: we must all realise that we will only be able to overcome the rampant corruption, criminality and vile, malicious anti-Germanic racial prejudices of 83% of our national media that are predominantly co-ordinated by Jewish bigots if we engage in defending our rights and through defending our rights, our principles of love for our English people, only then can we secure what we as a people deserve and demand, a media and government that respects and reflects our ethnic interests, as is the right of democratic governance to have a government that is responsive and not diametrically opposed to our own ethnic interests, indicative of a democratic deficit and a contradiction of our parliaments purpose as the parliament of our folk.

These internationalist, Jewish Supremacist owned or even merely Jewish Supremacist co-ordinated or influenced media companies from the lowly and irrelevant tabloids such as Vice, the Tab, the Huffington Post, the Mirror, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Express, the Telegraph, the Sun and up to and including the BBC. The BBC outrageously is partially funded from our own taxation, whilst it simultaneously attacks and undermines our peoples rights, lives and daily intellectual values through constant degenerate news stories, that are tabloid in nature and unrepresentative of what is occurring on a daily basis and what is important in reality on the most fundamental level to ordinary folk. These foreign backed media groups masquerade as media companies in order to claim exemptions from laws which clearly prevent individuals from directly accessing, violating, distributing individuals private emails all with a malicious intention to publish such material as some façade of evidence to support a pre-held slanderous agenda they have intended to enact against individual's like myself. What is worse although is not the acts of slander, but the acts of subversion that these media entities commit when they seek to suppress or castigate those who stand up for our people's rights on every level, from language to our most fundamental essence: our biologically undeniable unique genetic existences as Germanic folk and as individuals within our folk population as a whole.

The Jewish owned and co-ordinated media outlets from the BBC, to irrelevant small time niche tabloids such as Vice, the Tab and the likes of the Mirror and countless other thousands of similar allegedly Jewish Supremacist co-ordinated, often-times overtly self-declared Jewish and Marxist news tabloids such as the Guardian. In the media of our defiled era desperate humour stories and sickening examples of human degeneracy engulf the majority of the "news" stories these outlets feature, almost no effective and balanced journalism exists, nor informative services. This trend can be traced back to the 1800s in Britain when Jewish-Financial families started an expansionist policy of acquisitions of rival financial entities, owned by Europeans, using manipulative, illegal forms of market manipulation, debt entrapment and acquisition of companies including media companies, whilst also providing unrivalled capital and into the 1940s especially in post war Germany and all over Europe, by this time the media subversion was powerful enough to bring all of Europe into a state of war on the back of a series of lies and demonization's, much like those seen in Iraq, and the attempted media-war on Iran over its right to defend itself against the Jewish Supremacists who have established a rogue state in Sovereign Palestine, against the wishes and direct opposition of its indigenous inhabitants (a disposition that like the disposition of English people from London, and ongoing trend in over 95% of UK inner cities was caused by mass immigration.)

In their flawed defence, these primarily Jewish influenced or outright Jewish or often-times Israeli owned (often in their stockholders) International news and tabloid companies proclaim and flaunt a ludicrous definition of "public interest" to excuse their criminality (which in reality refers to a specific perverted minority of the public's interests, in direct opposition to the majority public interest which would quite frankly be to have such tabloids and foreign owned subversion outlets completely legislated out of existence) as a defence for their alleged criminal actions, which they commit over and over again with no accountability.

Thus I shall be taking the first step in the defensive against this manipulative ongoing media criminality by exposing the "tab" potentially ending up in a court case against them, when or if they release their 'threatened' article (19/06/2015) in which they engage in religious and racial defamation against English folk and Asatro in particular and in the face of-which I am engaging in this article, what they intended to intimidate me with, I have in my stoic, Heimdallr like nature turned upon them and am currently talking with solicitors to take action against this vile Judeo-Bolshevik, anti-Germanic outlet in order to not only defend my rights but the rights of all Asatru folk. These pathetic alleged criminals working for the Goldsmith's owned Judeo-Bolshevik tabloid have since realised they are in legal trouble and have delayed their attack article, I will not allow the enemies of our Germanic folk to ever get away with such subversion.

The Tab has also allegedly engaged in racial incitement by attempting to create artificial hostility between Germanics living in Wales and Germanics living in England, in a typical divide and rule subversion, whilst attempting or intending to simultaneously engage in outright slander, libel and the absolutely immoral and subhuman act of lying maliciously to their majority English audience in an attempt to dissuade the majority English readers of the tab from positively discovering Asatru.

   Asatru, which fundamentally is the freedom to love our Germanic folk on a racial level, in accordance with noble archetypes, inspired and informed by our ancestral Gods and Goddesses, whose names inform the deepest roots of our English culture, from Beowulf to the names of the days of the week (Moon's day, Tyr's day, Wodens' day, Thors' day, Frigg's day, Sunna's day), to our customs, such as Eostre (Easter), Yuletide (Yule) and the majority of our wonderful English words that we speak, to the flowing golden hair and elegant blue eyes of our finest sons and daughters of England.

This is who we are, and this is what we must defend in the face of such malicious efforts by subversives and foreign financed Jewish Supremacists to degrade and intimidate our peoples moral courage, in a futile attempt to prevent us from realising that we too as Germanic folk have ethnic interests, like they proclaim for all other peoples except us. The subversives from the BBC, to the irrelevant aforementioned media groups are seeking to undermine our sense of identity as a people, and students are the worst hit of all demographic categories, they are the most prone to becoming misinformed under the self-deceiving guise of becoming educated, which creates a cognitive dissonance, that allows students to perceive anyone whom they disagree with as "ignorant", when the opposite is true, especially when they are ignorant of those they call ignorant. Theirs is an ideology of passivity, created by the academic establishments Semitic ideology of anti-European hate, which in typical Freudian tendency (a overtly admitted Jewish system of psychology) is projected onto others as being the rational of the world views of all those they oppose.

   We Germanic folk are an elegant and ethereal people, whom artistic beauty, love and veneration for our ancestors, our children's future and intelligence is a rule in our truest Asatro spiritual and racial culture, that which you must all learn of and experience. I once said that Love is our shield, Love is our Sword, for our people's lives, our ancestral inheritance, from our genes to our cultural customs, these, the very essences and fundamental biological natures of our Germanic, English people are what the Jewish Supremacist subversives detest above all, and naturally when they see those such as myself, and hopefully in time, yourself, learning to love our Germanic nature and existence, these Semitic and Judaized political subversives, from Westminster to the lowest university staff: the kind of sick loners who become bankers, hedge fund managers, NHS bureaucrats, media journalists and Westminster politicians, can only rationalise our elegant and ethereal love for our own Germanic people as "hate", because quite frankly in their left-wing (meaning anti-natural) polluted and perverted philosophies they do detest, "hate" and fail to understand the reality of nature, and our nature as biological beings.

This is the fundamental root of all that allows Jewish Supremacists to abuse and violate our people, to make our governments so corrupt that they eventually forget what their very founding purposes as governments, as with Westminster government is or was supposed to be (to serve our people.)

It is through the Semitic defilement of the national media that both the University system and thus the composition of our national governments is compromised, corrupted and corroded with generation of manipulated students that came to inadequately inherit the offices of Westminster, until it reached critical mass around the 1940s and came to resemble a criminal entity, more inclined to engage in fratricidal and illegal wars, the destruction of our ancestors lands, sacred environment and ourselves as a part of that environment and the subsequent nihilistic and malicious neglect for our most basic rights, freedoms and genetics.

It is this University level Semitic-instigated ethos wherein defilement is the norm and degeneracy the rule, which results in unstable mainstream journalistic entities, often-times staffed by hordes of otherwise basement-dwelling journalists, seeking openly to create or become an illegitimate authority of their own which seeks to maliciously, illegally and in futility, attempt to prevent the true leaders of our nation from reclaiming our lands, our oceans, our skies, our lives, freedoms and spirits as a people.

These true leaders of our English and all Germanic folk I speak of, are not individuals even like myself, even if I am a symbol of something greater than myself, I am nothing and my people are everything, I have always said, nor are these true English leaders any other singular man, although there may be one woman who is capable, ultimately attacks against any Germanic individual like myself are futile, for the true leaders of the greater England, and the greater Northern European future we shall be the mothers and fathers to are to be found inside each and every Germanic man, woman, child and yes even students, within your deepest heart, beneath the superficial lies and shallow superficial media-inflicted cultural wound resides that shield and that sword within yourself, still undimmed in their purity and potency, the ability to love who you are as a Germanic individual, that shall inspire in yourself the capacity to courageously stand up and professionally articulate your identity, spirituality and racial rights, that shall in time wipe aside all those Judaized fools and de-facto media tyrants alike who seek in their current status-quo of dysgenic progressivism (regressivism) to defile, degrade and denigrate our peoples pasts, presents and futures.

For the sake of your eternal future my Germanic sisters and fellow Germanic brothers, I hope that with the eloquent fortitude and grace of Frigga, the wisdom of Odin and the sacred loyalty of Heimdallr that you will in time discover in yourself what is right and what is wrong, beyond what defilement may currently occupy your mindset, or what attitude of passivity may dictate and downgrade your future, that you may reach above this mediocrity and come to understand and act upon what it means to be able to love who you are on an ethnic level as a Northern European of Germanic or English origin.

Hail to you, first amongst the awakened, I hope as a Germanic individual that you can be inspired and informed to love yourself regardless of what the true enemies of our people who are and will continue to reduce, ruin and restrain our political, spiritual and ethnic self-identity, unless we stop them through realising our true Germanic nature.

If you wish to become involved in Asatru, or to discover what it is that our Germanic racial spirituality and political identity truly is, then I implore you to continue reading on this website and in a short amount of time you may be ready to personally and actively participate in Asatru, in defiance of our peoples enemies and in honour and safeguarding of our people's future.

I know that statistically right now 1 in 20 individuals holds comparable political views to myself, some say over 1 in 10 when considering recent surveys on immigration and our peoples sovereignty, I thus know that some of you will find in yourself a deep connection to that which I write, that which you too are capable of writing if only you learned to disregard the constraints of the foreign occupied media, to embody freedom in your thoughts, words and deeds and to become a free spirited individual with no higher authority than yourself, with your heart in-tune with our Germanic people's rights and futures, from the depths of our sacred land here in England , Denmark, Deutschland, Sverige, Norge and Ísland, from Australia to Vinland, our Germanic people are awakening I can state with statistical certainty. In this time of the resurgence of our people's self determination, cease to be an irrelevant figure, become a part of this awakening, do something significant in your life, stand up for our Germanic folk, ultimately: be who you are destined to be, let not any artificially asserted social constraints, manipulations, demonization or attitudes, nor group-think prevent you from being able to love our Germanic racial existences, so that we may let that love drive us, with intelligent, elegant, extraordinary, excellence towards securing our peoples futures eternally.

In this era you have only one natural choice my fellow Germanic individuals, rise in honour of all our ancestors who have come before you, from the Æsir and Vanir as our archetypal/ most ancient named ancestors and living Gods and Goddesses through to yourself, for every tear they have shed, for every drop of blood they have shed, for every birth and every death, for each monumental struggle and great scientific accomplishment, that which you are the most recent product thereof and rightful inheritor as a Germanic individual.

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