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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 19th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 19th Night of April 2019.CE
Wikipedia says that on May the 23rd 2019 there will be an EU election, so it must be official, there is only one practical choice for this election: The Brexit party. Grrrr :L

Unfortunately we only have one non-outright traitorous choice for this election (so much for their defiled system of democracy!) and that is the broad framework that is the Brexit Party, which has commanded the practical support (in this vote) from myself all the way to George Galloway!

It is simply a silly politically correct platform of confirmed anti-EU types. Beyond their objection to the EU the platform is pathetic and that is its sole purpose: to oust the political establishment in 2 critical upcoming elections: first is the 23rd of May EU MEP elections and just as crucially, the inevitable next General Election.

The Brexit Party is, in my view, to become the new mainstream canvass upon which greater political movements and purer ideals will be detailed, but it must sweep aside the political establishment in these 2 critical upcoming battles.

If the Brexit Party were to fail to win and by a sizeable majority vs. Labour and the Conservatives (possibly vs. their combined votes they might measure this from), the establishment might be emboldened enough to immediately attempt to call a 2nd EU referendum to capitalize on that loss of momentum. They would portray their chaos filled, multiple-delay process of stopping us from Leaving as 'Leaving' exampled, which is an absolute lie, this is not leaving, this is Remaining in the most insidious manner. The establishment after making that argument and reinforced with their false notion that they cannot allow a 'no-deal' might also make the vote between just 'Remain' and 'Theresa May's deal' giving us no option at all*. *This would likely result in civil unrest and outright civil-war then followed by leaving, so I doubt they will do this, they might attempt to make a 2nd Referendum a 3 way vote between Remain, Leave and Leave with a deal, splitting the Leave vote enough for Remain to win illegitimately.

Whatever they do they will not give us a second chance to beat them, they know they will lose again despite their corrupt polling they release to the media, they know what we actually think and they don't care, they want to suppress us. We need to just start the process of purging them from all government positions. The political and media establishment is out of control, like a rampaging hippo, with its worst tendencies, coaxed out of its enclosure by Jewish Supremacists, at a 'clown-world' grade political-zoo that just needs to be put down before it starts trampling us for getting in its way.

It is imperative for us to show the political establishment that they have not demoralised us and we are not going to let them take seats and we are going to purge them from government come the next actual general election and to then actually do such. Thus it is imperative that everyone votes for the Brexit Party in the upcoming EU MEP elections on the 29th of May and then any following General Election. The Brexit party is realistically the only force ready and capable of unseating Labour and the Conservatives in sufficient numbers in a general election. The momentum of the Brexit Party in doing so relies upon them gaining momentum in the EU MEP elections on May the 23rd 2019.

The sad reality is that there is only 1 viable political party to vote for in elections right now and that is the Brexit Party. UKIP, now more aptly named JEWKIP has been picked at by Zionist vultures like Tommy Robinson and jokes like Sargon of Akkad (who admits he was a leftist before proclaiming to be a 'libertarian', it is clear he is just an infiltrating leftist). You will note how the Jewish manipulator Jack Buckby (funded allegedly by, and having visited the Middle Eastern Forum Jewish group in the US chaired by the Jewish Zionist fanatics: Daniel Pipes and Frank Gaffney. Jnr) who helped organised the failed entryist campaign of anti-Islamist Kosher candidate Anne Marie-Waters in an attempt to take over the leadership of UKIP.

Gerard Batten however not as controlled as Anne Marie-Waters would have been by Jewish Supremacists; is still a niche anti-Islam, pro-non-white migrant egotist who in no way supports the interests of our nation and is a complete betrayal of the few remaining nationalistic types who are still within JEWKIP.

For the record I hereby call on all members of UKIP who read this website, or knew me when I was a UKIP member to leave UKIP or as I now call it: to leave JEWKIP (as it became post 2015 after UKIP let a 'friends of Israel' section be developed).

Although purer options will become available afterwards: our primary focus should be on getting the fuck out of the EU. This is especially important considering the imminent enforcement of Article 13 that will severely restrict online campaigning potential. However I view offline campaigning as far more effective noting the search result and social media biases against the truth as they have recently confirmed and engaged in a crackdown against recently.

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