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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 12th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 12th Night of May 2019.CE
The Westminster Regime purging internal opponents: The sacking of Gavin Williamson via the lies and corruption fake 'investigations' of Civil Service Bureaucrats.
It is clear that for as long as the traitor Theresa May is in No.10 foreign regimes and agendas will run rife through government departments and their subsequent decisions and acts emanating from such. The strategic sacking of Gavin Williamson under the pretext of him leaking against the meeting (which could have been done by Mark Sedwill or another member of the civil service, who dislike Gavin Williamson) is an indication of Theresa May's last ditch attempts to purge all her domestic opponents from cabinet positions and to quite frankly undermine the reputation of a potential contender for future leadership or high levels of influence inside the Westminster Regime. Gavin Williamson should quite frankly sue Theresa May and Mark Sedwill specifically by name, personally.

The Chinese owned telecommunications company Huawei was granted a contract by the UK Government to build sections of the 5G network in the UK.

The leak from the meeting of the UK NSC or National Security Council saw 5 objections brought up from cabinet ministers opposing allowing the Chinese the contract to build sections of a communications network in the UK with their technology and access to it. This meetings contents were leaked, the blame for which has been placed upon Gavin Williamson who is disliked by Mark Sedwill the Civil Servant who oversaw the investigation. Gavin Williamson has also made clear his principled opposition to various borderline-treasonous acts or trajectories of acts that Theresa May has engaged in such as allowing the Marxist Corbyn to be involved in executive decision making despite not being a member of the government and a threat to this nation's security and the integrity of our nation, economically, militarily and politically. The treasonous Prime Minister Theresa May is said to have cast the deciding vote approving the NSC meeting's bad decisions.

Gavin Barwell, Theresa's May personal manipulator (or chief of staff) had overseen the facade of an investigation versus ministerial aides.
Inline picture: The Rat faced Gavin Barwell with Theresa May, showing her Jewish, almost (Ed Miliband/Wallace and Gromit-esque) looking typically Jewish facial features.

Mark Sedwill (Pictured and mentioned above) is the same civil servant who caused a verbal confrontation with former cabinet minister Esther McVey, who is a staunch Leave supporter (she does not appear to be Jewish despite the name). Mark Sedwill is a career manipulator and the UKs top Civil Servant: a bureaucratic class that is never elected nor unelected except by the orders of the Prime Minister.
One of the pathetic allies of Theresa May:  Remain traitor Philip Hammond was not surprisingly the first minister to publically admit there was an inquiry into a leak. Mark Sedwill formed the core engine of this investigation, despite requesting phones and emails of ministers he obtained no proof that Gavin Williamson made the leak.
Despite calls for Police or MI5 involvement, by Gavin Williamson also, the government chose not to order such investigations using only its own unaccountable civil servant loyalists to designate a witch-hunt amongst Theresa May's domestic opponents for the leak.
Gavin Williamson although a Remainer during the referendum, has become someone who opposes the EU and wishes to Leave after witnessing the way the EU has regarded our nation: the Londonistan Regime's media (The Guardian) have described him in a cynical manner as a 'born-again Brexiteer'.

This is at the core of why he has been removed from government through this vicious facade.
Additionally he opposes the idea of letting foreign nations control sections of the UK's infrastructure: which is at odds with the internationalist, treasonous views of the Westminster political establishment who would prefer foreign nations having strategic control over sections of the UKs telecommunications network rather than let us English people have a self-controlled nation. If you look at the method of integration used during the early EU back when it was the ECSC or European Coal and Steel Community, this notion of having critical national industries in international hands rather than in the hands of the nation state is in alignment with a globalist or internationalist long term vision to undermine the very ability of nations to act or to be independent.  Thus letting China have the ability to subvert, spy on and control a section of the UKs future 5G network is in accordance with this disgusting treasonous metropolitan, ultimately Jewish Subversive perspective as to how control of a nation should be distributed to non-loyal elements.

The Treasonous Conservative and Labour Parties are collaborating to pass Theresa May's national surrender 'deal' with the EU that would set the UK economy on a trajectory of relative failure that would be used to dissuade any other EU nation state from leaving: this was the inevitable nature of any  deal issued by the disgusting EU.

Gavin Williamson has since being sacked gone on the "war path" and openly stated the truth about the idiotic collaboration between Treason May and Jeremy Corbyn:
""Even if Labour do a deal, break bread with the prime minister and announce that both parties have reached an agreement, it can only ever end in tears...The Labour Party does not exist to help the Conservative Party... Jeremy Corbyn will do all he can to divide, disrupt and frustrate the Conservatives in the hope of bringing down the government...His goal, and he has made no secret of it, is to bring about a general election."
-Gavin Williamson MP.
Theresa May has been unable to make her own party sign her treasonous deal and thus she probably prefers handing over to Labour: what her collaboration with Labour shows is that she is such a slave to the EU that she would rather see the collapse of her own party and a Labour Government that keeps the UK in the EU than allow us to Leave the EU: which would signal the domino collapse of the EU in almost all scenarios if we have the ability to control our own economy, borders and domestic policy after leaving: which is what May's deal is all about preventing. This is the core of why people voted to leave and Treason Mays (and any May-Corbyn) deal would be the most disgusting betrayal, suppression and perversion of a democratic mandate imaginable.

This leak may well have come from one of Theresa May's aides or an aide of a close ally of Theresa May, potentially an aide of Philip Hammond... Or perhaps an aide of any number of Remainer traitors Treason May surrounds herself with. It is highly likely, after an evaluation of the political gains from doing so, in terms of internal consolidation: that this leak was deliberately conducted in order to give Theresa May's loyalists the excuse to remove any strong internal opponents of her policies which are taking an ever more deranged and treasonous trajectory now that she has denied the will of 17.4million people, undermining the political life potential and reputation of one man is nothing in comparison with that. Theresa May is a vicious, malicious, deceptive traitor for whom there is no limit to the depravity of her denial of democracy and the usage of vicious methods of internal political power consolidation within the Westminster Regime's bureaucrat dominated power-politics underworld.

In contrast to this the sensible Jan Kees de Jager of the Dutch telecommunications company KPN,  decided to choose a "Western company" amid security concerns that have been understood for decades: the concept of Chinese tech being used to infiltrate the core infrastructure of Western Nations for espionage or for 'pulling the plug', as a part of an offensive or passively to bring about routine economic and infrastructure disruption.

“the Prime Minister has this evening asked Gavin Williamson to leave the Government, having lost confidence in his ability to serve in the role of Defence Secretary and as a member of her Cabinet."
-No.10 spokesperson on behalf of the Government of Theresa May.
The ridiculous facade of a sacking occurred after Theresa May pressured Gavin Williamson to resign: he did not, stating clearly that it was a witch-hunt and thus he was fired by the rogue prime minister.
"the gravity of this issue alone, and its ramifications for the operation of the NSC and the U.K.'s national interest warrants the serious steps we have taken and equally serious response. It is therefore with great sadness that I have concluded that I can no longer have full confidence in you as Secretary of State for Defence and a Minister in my Cabinet and asked you to leave Her Majesty's Government."
-Theresa May, Rogue Prime Minister
"I am sorry that you feel recent leaks from the National Security Council originated in my Department. I emphatically believe this was not the case. I strenuously deny that I was in any way involved in this leak and I am confident that a thorough and formal inquiry would have vindicated my position. I appreciate you offering me the option to resign, but to resign would have been to accept that I, my civil servants, my military advisers or my staff were responsible: this was not the case."
-Gavin Williamson MP

Theresa May lies to her own government in parliament, in private, on matters of national interest all the time: she lies about her and her bureaucrats' negotiation intentions with the EU: in reality she supports the EU and its Internationalist ideals more than she supports our nation; she should be tried and executed for treason according even to current definitions.
Yes the (now former) Prime Minister of the UK ought to be tried and executed* for Treason.
She is already guilty of textbook, current legal definitions of treason in relation to her negotiation on behalf of the EU's interests against our own. She is doubly guilty for her foreign loyal agendas and triply guilty for her policy decisions such as allowing China (a historically hostile foreign nation) to build sections of potentially critical UK national infrastructure (communications networks).

It is not just Theresa May although, trials for treason ought to be conducted for 90% of the political and wider media class which the Westminster Regime relies upon the collaboration thereof: to suppress domestic opponents and ideas that challenge or threaten the treasonous, racially subversive, Judaized ideology dominated Londonistan Regime and its permanent bureaucratic core that has denounced its own claims to legitimacy through denying the implementation of the sentient democratic wishes of 17.4million independent-minded people who voted for our freedom against the perspective of the government (remember that leaflet HM government sent out during the referendum campaign telling us the Governments perspective was we should vote to remain...)
* Capital punishment ought to be re-instated for treason against our English nation (on a racial level) also.

The reality is that the Westminster Regime as a whole will not let justice be served against any of its current occupants or as a whole: if we wish to defend our nation and serve justice against the treasonous, racially subversive, hostile Westminster Regime we must first take power, until then the traitors in the political and media class will always seek to suppress us and to justify their corruption, treason and subversion against our nation.

Afterword: and for those wanting to do something practical and realistic to help awaken more people to this:

Relay the truth about the nature of our hostile regime and various important subjects that can motivate people to do something about the situation: campaign by linking to articles written here (very casual effort anyone can partake in). Or perhaps get more involved and become a local information campaign leader in your area, putting leaflets through letter-boxes or perhaps become a social networking group leader for English News locally, a correspondent and social activist of the purest form. You know where to find me: English Asatru At ProtonMail Dot Com
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