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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 15th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 15th day After Yule 2264.RE
We live in a time of loss and degeneration but simultaneously of awakening and retaliation against the causes

Kali yuga
   //\\-Press release of the Front National (FR)-//\\
The results of the fifth wave of the barometer CEVIPOF show support of French people for ideals of the National Front in the political arena .

This is true on all fundamental issues :

- The European Union massively rejected by the French : they are only 32% trust it ( -10 points in three years) and only 35 % believe it is a "good thing" for France ( - 9 points in a year) .

- The very worrying deterioration of democracy in our country : 69% of French "Democracy does not work well" ( 15 points in a year ) and the distrust of the big players ( media, trade unions and political parties) has never been stronger.

- The refusal of ultra- liberalism from Brussels : 47 % of French people believe that " France must protect itself more in the world" ( 17 points in four years) against 23 % want France to be "more open"  ( -10 points in four years) .

- The condemnation of the continuing mass immigration that all governments as PS and UMP have encouraged for 30 years : 67% of French and that there are " too many immigrants in France " ( two points in one year and 18 points in four years).

- The political left right report / perceived as perfectly exceeded : the French are 73 % believe that " notions of left and right do not mean anything " ( 10 points in two years). Similarly, they are 60 % (+8 points in a year ) to not trust "neither on the right nor to the left" to govern France.

The results are there, the crisis in our country is not only economic but also political and moral.

The non-respect of the people and their wishes in elections or referenda legitimately strengthens the confidence of the French against their leaders, the desire for real change.

The European Union, whose policies are imposed on us with more and more violence, destined to disappear, and with it the euro, this ruinous folly.

Finally, this study shows the tremendous resonance between the desire of the French and the proposals of the National Front.
//\\-13 Jan 14-//\\
It seems that the unstoppable awakening against Immigration and the Jewish authored and upheld EU is occurring throughout numerous European nations, even nations with relatively stable economies such as France, Denmark and Hungary, in addition to England (and the wider UK).

The French public seem to be 20 percentage points behind the English when it comes to the awareness of the problem of the EU: "trust or do not trust the EU" and 20 percentage points behind on the subject of Immigration, where in the above FN press release, drawn from recent polling data: 67% of the French think there are "too many immigrants in France", the figure is around 80-90% in the UK, with recent polling indicating 89% of 'people' in the UK are against immigration, accounting for and removing non-white bias in respondent data, shows us that anywhere from 90%-95% of us English, Welsh, Scottish and Ulster folk believe "immigration has been bad for us / Britain" and "there are too many immigrants in Britain".
The Front National is scheduled to become the primary political party in the European union, elected via the French electorate this year, 68% of the French public do not trust the EU and 67% of the French public want the removal of or cessation of further immigration into France.

The FN is scheduled to be the No.1 political party in terms of MEP seats in 2014, UKIP is scheduled to be the No.1 political party in terms of MEP seats in 2014 in the UK.

   "Ukip has far more in common with the Front National than it would like to admit...How to improve the European Union? By making it collapse. We brought the Berlin Wall down. I want to bring the Brussels wall down...I expect one thing only from the European system and that's for it to explode...The role that we will have to play – us patriotic elected representatives at the European Parliament – will mainly be to block this federal European Union from making any new headway...we have to wait for everything to fall flat on its face, contribute to that if possible, to bring about the project of a Europe of free nations"

   Marine Le Pen, President of the Front National (FN) in an interview, (January 2014.

Fidesz in Hungary, a Euroskeptic party, is the official government (that has expelled the World Bank and International (Jewish) Monetary Fund from all of its sovereign territory) and Jobbik, the more radical semi-racialist Hungarian nationalist party is surging in the polls.

In Greece, the Golden Dawn is polling to also be the No.1 political party in EU elections, with some polls suggesting it could be the most liked political party at national and regional elections also.

In the UK, the situation is different, although UKIP is going to clear the slate when it comes to the EU elections, the Westminster elections to Parliament, due to the FPTP electoral system, makes it extremely difficult for UKIP to make any inroads electorally, it also means UKIP splits the vote in several constituencies. At the current rate, we will have a majority Labour government in 2015, with the Jewish-Supremacist, openly Socialist, son-of-an-anti-gentile-fanatic as Prime Minister, who will literally start bussing non-whites out of London to all the rural areas and increase immigration to near 1 million per year on top of increasing taxes, restricting businesses and destroying more English industrial businesses with deliberately spiteful 'environmental' legislation (a facade for denying us the industrial means to sustain our civilization, a deliberate Marxist legislative weapon).

How can we few nationalists stop Labour in 2015?

What can we do to stop Labour gaining office in 2015, and to assist the malleable, agreeable or at least vastly-preferable UKIP would-be-MPs in their attempt to oust the current political Jewish establishment, that primarily resides in the urban Conservative party and Labour party all over the UK (in addition to finally executing the Lib Dems)?

   Elections are won and lost on a mere 100-200,000 votes, these votes come from voters in border constituencies, that are split between the major support bases of the Conservative and Labour parties. Border consistencies are generally found on the edge of cities, far enough away from the non-white hordes to mean they are electorally viable but unfortunately such areas are populated by naive city-folk, as we might call them, or middle-working class mainstream voters, that is simply the nature of political border constituencies.

There are several methodologies we can pursue to help destroy the Labour vote in these border constituencies and thus deprive the Marxist Ed Miliband from taking office, this task is a moral imperative.

Or is it? One might think that Ed Miliband gaining office would culminate in a perfect ideological storm, whereby we have an example of an obvious Jewish-Supremacist, Marxist and anti-English racist all in one person, which would result in a massive, probably x10 increase in racial sentiment, awareness to the Jewish Supremacist anti-white demographic genocidal effort (expressed in the equation: Multi-culturalism + Mass Immigration + low White birth-rate (feminism) +Jewish cultural influence = GENOCIDE).

The election of Ed Miliband would be a step too far by the Jewish-racists ('progressives'), that would play into our hands by awakening our folk?

Or would it also result in an increase in the non-white population and of their integration (the most dangerous thing) of such a scale and dispersion (bussing or 'encouraging wider integration') as to make a democratic re-taking of this Island near-to-impossible and lead to routine anti-white civil disturbances and the acceleration of the demographic genocide of our folk without interruption?

   It is too great a risk, we must work to destroy any chance of Ed Miliband being elected, this is best done by raising awareness, splitting the Labour non-white voting base and engaging in what one might call 'electoral warfare' including 'electoral terrorism', whereby constituencies are targeted and then subjected to vote splitting tactics, via the linked methodology, conventional carpet bombing (called leafleting) in addition to 'surgical strikes': district-level targeted canvassing, leafleting and one-sided postal vote sign-ups (only giving postal vote forms to people who say they will vote UKIP or Conservative or for an Independent Nationalist after talking to them on their doorstep).

   There are other, classified forms of ordnance available for deployment in order to deprive Labour of countless border constituencies in 2015.

These and the aforementioned tactics and generic mobilization will be discussed in the meeting after the 1st Nationalist Asatru meeting on the 22nd of February.

As detailed in this article, all European folk all over Europe and also all over the world, are becoming more folkish in their outlook, that is more racialist and concerned with the lives and condition of their own folk first and foremost over all other abstract issues.

We live in times of loss and conformity-with-degeneracy but simultaneously of awakening and enlightenment, it is down to us to form the central cadres of political action, organisation and education that will augment if not lead our peoples salvation from the destructive onslaught being waged against them by Jewish-racists.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering.

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