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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 21st day of Midsumor-mōnaþ  2264.RE / 21st day of June 2014
Upon this summer Solstice and all that follow
Upon this summer Solstice of 2014 Common Era (C.E) or 2264 Rune Era (R.E), of the 21st day of Midsumor-mōnaþ (Anglo-Saxon) or Sól-mánuðr (Old Norse) it is due time to reflect upon our existences, to honour the Æsir and Vanir, to pledge new oaths to them, through pledges taken on behalf of our folk, pledges in service to the best of our folk, our ideals, dreams, children’s futures and our destinies.
Through the honouring of the best of our folk, we can re-forge our worthiness of regarding ourselves as true to the Æsir (or ‘Asa-tru’ (Asatru)) as our oldest ancestors (through the Æsir God Heimdallr, the Nordic father of our Nordic race) and purest archetypes (all the Goddesses and Gods collectively).
Our Æsir inspired ancestral wisdom as encoded in our Nordic Eddas, Sagas, Codex's and folklore from the epic English poem of Beowulf to the Icelandic tales of the Huldufólk informs us of our true spirit, Asatru gives us a glimpse into our true selves, that which lies at the hearts of our beings, that Æsir or nature created force that is responsible for the true spirit that flows within our folk and has sustained us, and will within our time guide us to victory in our contemporary struggles. Our Æsir inspired folk spirit runs true in many a few, despite 1500 years of defilement, despite all that has been waged against our ethereal, elegant, extraordinary, ecstatic and worthy folk! Almost as if by the will of the Æsir themselves within a few of our folk upon each generation our sacred lore was carried and sustained through traditions and lore to the days of the week.

With the heavy weight of providence and the responsibility for the lives of all our folk, that duty, with the thundering of Thor's lightning and the magnitude of Gungnir's strike falls to us, but in this era where our folk face so many existential threats, mere sustenance will not suffice, we must resurge, in totality, by one hundred percent we must reclaim all that has been lost, without compromise or hesitation, without mercy or reluctance we must charge headlong into the political and cultural wars of our era, as professional,  Asatru informed folk with a message of hope and a better future for all our folk rooted in the ways of our ancestors, for the very future and existence of our folk is at stake!

Although, never despair at the magnitude of our folk's current predicament for if our folk did not face this existential threat we would not truly know ourselves as worthy of our Æsirian blood and sacred lore. We almost lost our sacred lore, but do not the Gods and Goddesses themselves lose so many of their number and worth upon Ragnarok and yet will still triumph.
Through our spiritual and political struggle and victory on behalf of our folk and as members of our folk ourselves, united and free in this era, after our victory over and against our own weaknesses that hold us back and the Loki’s of our world and those who would destroy our folk externally, from their defeat only then can we know that we are truly worthy of our Æsirian inheritance and spirituality.

Through augmenting and safeguarding the lives of our folk through Asatru and all folk the world over through our example, we can attain a more extraordinary, more elegant, more ethereal, eternal Nordic & Germanic culture, spirituality and world for our descendants, in honour of our ancestors and the principles of our aesthetics, morality and spirits that runs true in the minds of many a few noble Nordic and Germanic folk still today, foremost in a certain few Nordic persons of Asatru importance reading this message right now, like yourself.

From this solstice onwards we must make provisions and efforts to stand as a united and yet individualistic ‘Great Heathen Army’, as a cultural, spiritual and political correcting force, to restore the sovereignty of our folk on every level, to consolidate our folk, to re-awaken our folk to safeguard their own existences on an political, ethnic, spiritual and cultural level.
Upon this summer solstice, resolve in yourself the will to pursue this great and noble task, to partake in the spiritual and political resurgence of a lifetime, or even of a millennia.
Take upon yourself this task, take upon your sacred ancestor's honour this oath:
To help re-kindle the flames of our ancient pride, hope, purpose, purity of heart and folkish identity through our ancestral spirituality, intellectual courage and an unfaltering will-to-independence and self-determination, to ensure, in honour of the Æsir, the lives and existences of our Nordic & Germanic generations for a millennia and eternity to come.
For this I would give my life, I can only hope that you will do the same, take this oath deep within your being and hold high your duty to your folk, all it takes is moral courage...is that not the very ideal we Asatru folk embody?
Upon this summer solstice and all that follow aim to truly understand what it means, and also what it demands of you to be a part of our Æsir informed, Vanir inspired folk and folk spirit. Upon this summer solstice rekindle in yourself the will to take an oath to partake in our folk’s individual and unified efforts alike to re-awaken our ancestral wisdom to ensure our very existences on every level, through the words, deeds and examples of the Æsir and Vanir:
Find in yourself the courage of Thor, the Justness of Tyr, the Wisdom of Odin and the elegance of Freyjia or Frey to stand up for the rights of our Nordic & Germanic folk.
Hail to our Æsir
Hail to our Vanir
Hail only to Asatru folk who fight for our people's existences
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