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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 4th Night of Sol-mōnaþ 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 4th Night of February 2015
Understanding  Ásatrú
Asatru History
Asatru is more substantial than even our entire combined Germanic ancestral traditionalism, lore, customs, records and spiritual outlook, Asatru is our future, more accurately the ethos that is capable of sustaining our peoples future, even out of and in defiance of mechanised governmentally enforced decline and destitution. Asatru is a spirituality that evolves alongside our folk to meet the challenges of our times, in accordance with ancient archetypes and eternally valid theological and survival orientated examples, ideals and ethics, capable of guiding our folk through even this era, Asatru is needed more than ever amongst our folk populations. Understanding Asatru is key to unleashing its potential as an individual and as a part of our collective Germanic folk.
In understanding our ancestral context and our genetic present, as with physics and chemistry, we can understand the path of our future and more importantly we can control and augment it in accordance with our pure, archetypal ideals, for the continued augmentation and ascension of our folk over the eons to come, from each day forward unto each dawn that arises. Until with the completion of countless days, nights and new dawns our folk will come to embody our ideals, as our folk realise that we ourselves have attained existences akin to our Aesir and Vanir Gods and Goddesses we idolize and direct our noble lives in accordance with.

To truly honour our folk Gods and Goddesses, we must live in accordance with them, inspired and informed by their symbols of elegance and excellence, eventually surpassing our own archetypal ideals far into the future, forever augmenting ourselves until we can look back upon our people today and realise that we shall have become Gods and Goddesses in our own right, through becoming the Gods and Goddesses of our own destinies, and the destiny of our people together.

Do not deny yourself this future, through your own inaction in this era now. Learn to use your time upon Midgard efficiently and purely for the furtherance and protection of our Germanic people.

Of all our mainland Germanic folk and Scandinavian Northern Germanic folk our resistance against the current artificial atrocities enacted by the demographic treason of our governments is the most difficult, our resistance is the resistance against all odds. But this era is what will define who we are, the fortitude, willpower and defiance demanded of us awakened folk, in awakening all our folk is colossal and significant.

The survival of our Germanic folk continent wide as a majority is our survival, for we are of the same blood, gradations and variants of the same elemental noble Germanic genetics, ancient and pure, Golden, White and Blue. Sons and Daughters of the same Aesir legacy, Asatro folk all of us.

Our effort today will produce a future where-in all our noble Germanic folk exist at full strength and are continually expanding, self-improving and augmenting every aspect of ourselves, that the only variable in our path to the future should be time, our folk, our history should be direct and linear to progress directly forwards, to never again be held back, or corrupted into repetitive political circles of stagnation and decline. This is our future, straight and pure, un-afflicted and unalterably self-motivated and magnificent, a future we have much work yet still to do, in order to prove ourselves worthy of it. And worthy of this future we are, but many artificial, or 'political' trials and triumphs will be required.

Understanding Asatro is understanding our context, of who we are, where we have come from and where we are going as a folk people, Asatro implores us through life, just as it implores us through war, this is the history of Asatro, almost every saga, every example of our history is a history of trials and triumphs, we have overcome together as a people.

It is this lesson that is at the core of understanding Asatro, and why Asatro is so essential to the future victory of our people today, so essential that it is the only ideology and traditionalism that will lead our folk to victory, the fact that Asatro has not been adhered to in this era correlates directly with our decline and the impotence of all other forms of resistance that are inconsistent with the true uplifting nature of our Germanic folk spirit and natural existences: Asatro.

Germanic folk arise, rise to reclaim your Asatro heritage, rise through an understanding of who we are, to unleash our future.

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