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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 14th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 14th Night of May 2019.CE
UK 2019 Economic Overview: English News Analysis >Q1/Q2
Office for National Statistics (ONS) Economic Statistics Summary:
  • UK gross domestic product (GDP) in volume terms was estimated to have increased by 0.5% in Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2019, having slowed to 0.2% growth in the previous quarter.
  • In comparison with the same quarter a year ago UK GDP increased by 1.8% to Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2019; up from 1.4% in the previous period.
  • Growth in the services sector slowed to 0.3% in the latest quarter, while there was a noticeable pickup in growth in the production sector, driven by growth of 2.2% in manufacturing output.
  • Private consumption, government consumption and gross capital formation contributed positively, while net trade contributed negatively to GDP growth.
  • The trade deficit widened to 3.4% of nominal GDP in Quarter 1 2019; when unspecified goods are excluded, the deficit widened to 2.3% of nominal GDP – this figure gives a better indication of the underlying trade position.
  • Gross fixed capital formation increased by 2.1% in the latest quarter, with strong growth in government investment; business investment increased by 0.5% in Quarter 1 2019 following four quarters of contraction."
  • Household consumption growth accelerated to 0.7 percent in the first three months of 2019 from 0.3 percent in the previous quarter.

  • The UK trade deficit widened to £17.51 billion, the widest deficit in more than 50 years

Forecasts on the effects of a pathetic Customs Union Labour-Conservative treason 'deal'/plan instead of actually leaving the EU and compared to the current situation:
“It’s pretty clear that investment has been feeling the consequences of the uncertainty about Brexit... If you continually expect news to arrive imminently - a resolution - then that can have quite a depressing effect on investment,”
-Bank of England Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent

“This report shows how the UK jobs market has seized up, with both employers and candidates waiting to see which direction Brexit is going to go in,”
- Vice Chair of KPMG James Stewart

Forecasting from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR):
" Macroeconomic effects: ...Leaving the EU to join such a customs union would eventually result in the UK economy being around 3 per cent smaller
" Fiscal effects: ...A smaller economy would generate less income with which to pay for public services."
" Additional assumptions: ...As a  result  of  trade  frictions  foreign  direct  investment  and  productivity  would  be  negatively  affected.  We  assume  a  reduction  in  inward foreign direct investment of 18 per cent"

House prices have increased by 4.5 percent in Q1 of 2019 with 1.1% of that in April: as a result of migrants being given low price housing by councils and social services and forcing a domino effect upwards on the housing market, due to lack of low cost homes those buyers move onto more expensive houses, forcing them up, and thus each section of society finds it more difficult to afford housing due to migrants being given the free low cost houses, and filling the council priority housing lists, due to them being given to migrants by the government.
The notion of the blame being on not enough houses being built is absolutely secondary or entirely irrelevant as our native population is decreasing. There should be surplus housing and no upwards domino effect in prices if it were not for the Government allowing in and then giving migrants houses.

They do this to keep them off the street, to avert a mass awakening upon people seeing swarms of migrants in tent villages like in areas of Paris in France. Migrant young adults are also being given housing whilst English people are living with their parents and unable to afford the increasingly expensive house prices. The only housing market that has decreased slightly is super expensive, high-end houses and apartments in central Londonistan due to Remainers leaving the country and 'uncertainty' of Remainer and foreign business investors in wanting to move to London. Good riddance. Future policy should be to confiscate those houses and give them to English people once we kick out all these non-whites opportunistic investors and economic-migrant parasites alike. Inequality between the white working class especially and the rest of society is growing.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) statistics (monthly index of staff demand) indicate a fall from 55.5 in March to 53.6 in April. Demand for staff (vacant positions in retail and high street firms and brand names) decreased to the lowest level since 2012. This indicates Businesses are not expanding right now and that most positions are occupied. It is claimed that Unemployment is at an all time low since 1975 at 3.9% however this figure is false, this is just those looking for work via registries such as the Job Centre.

The reality is that only 75% of people are employed in the UK. 1 in 4 are not working at all. That 3.9% unemployment figure for Q1 of 2019 is an absolute lie.
This misleading way of presenting unemployment is used to hide from people the dire situation of our economies in comparison to what they could be like in an ideal economy.

The current economic situation is being created by a Government that is encouraging mass-immigration and closely related to this: is refusing to let us Leave the EU to conduct our own independent trade and set our own logical rules for economic self-governance.
The expectation businesses have that we will Leave the EU has made them well prepared for paper-work changes and potential tax changes (and thus where they decide to sell to or source from if this changes at all, which is basically what it comes down to, this notion of 'oh no businesses are going to have to change' is pathetic) but uncertainty over the form or date or whether it will occur at all and the uncertainty that could cause (civil-war) are slowing the economy and individual companies' economic productivity and willingness to invest in specific avenues of business. The problem of migrants is hitting the housing market, hitting government expenditure (taking funds away from other actually worthwhile, productive spending projects such as infrastructure improvements) as well as being a burden upon the taxpayer who is paying for all of this, as well as putting up with this (we should not be putting up with this) the increase in crimes against us (on multiple levels).

Read this article for the migration figures & this article for how you, personally can remove migrants.

Major international lenders, banks, corporations and the huge financial and services economy (80% of the UKs economy) is keeping the UK economy stable, infact it is still growing and will continue to: to refute the collapse theologians (controlled opposition freaks) there will never be an apocalyptic economic collapse infact its quite the opposite due to the complicit nature of the international lenders and that these migrants are consumers also (using money that is not even theirs).

We must retake our nation ourselves through practical political means. However, and potentially as a part of this:
Should anyone who voted to Leave the EU (of 17.4million people) have to pay a single £ in taxes to a government that has violated all notions of democracy, the social contract, their own legitimacy, our governing principles, our nation and our racial interests?

No Taxation without Racial Interests being upheld? -That should be the true social contract between us and any future Government worthy of our taxation.
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