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Article author: Nathan "Frith" Elis , Asatro News / Published: 20th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 20th day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
What The Traditionalist Asatruar Knows That The Liberalist Knows Not: Traditionalist Asatro Superiority

"Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle"
-Friedrich Nietzsche
I see far leftists posing as cultural figures often claiming to talk about “life-affirming” things. This is the cornerstone of their way of thinking, the motivation behind their rants about “tolerance” and accepting the “agency” of others to live life by “their own terms.” To the liberal, this is why the destructive aspects of culture displacement, radical feminism, LGBTQ(and now P: pedophile?) culture, and social Marxism should be excused, according to their own defiled non-logic.

To the culturally subversive, manipulative cultural nihilist, human amalgamation is good. Everybody should be the same except for how they decorate themselves and even self-appearance is conditioned. The Semitic influenced, Saul Alinksy-ite left have been saying this for years, but an observation of crime statistics, exacerbated by immigration and degrading public health can tell any level-headed individual exactly how wrong the liberal assertion is.

   Let’s talk for a second about why this liberal cornerstone (and a number of other things they say), from the ground up, is not in any way affirming to life, but is in reality detrimental, defiling and degrading. Let’s talk about what the Traditionalist knows, and what the Liberalist is oblivious to.

Living life on your own terms and attaining your emotional and pleasure “desires”, watching films, eating food and fraternizing among self-comforting subversives: to the liberal, this is the path to their lowly and sub-human definition of happiness. It sounds right to the self-enslaved hedonist. It sounds fair to the anti-natural mindsets. It sounds good, so it must be true?

The Liberalist assertion is that we can find happiness through what we envision will make us happy, this is a form of blatantly obvious subjective stupidity. It is Solipsism in mild form, and harmful not only to the individual enslaved by this mindset but also those whom their existence affects or lets down. The reason why is because it focuses on one thing: the lowly desires of the individual and their singular, subjective perception of the world around them.

Does attainment of personal wants affirm life? It seems to be the popular idea. Life has no meaning, so fulfill yourself, states the subversive Semitic ideologues, such as A.j.Ayer, in his “emotivist” ethnic non-theory. If you start to feel bad about it, give to a charity, or make yourself look good by feeding homeless people. While the latter aesthetic self-improvement pursuit, in and of itself is not harmful, the idea that fuels the other statements are infinitely harmful. This is because ideas that favor the ability to fulfill many people’s non-biological and thus subjective wants are favored over some that may constrict those wants. Giving to charity, or feeding homeless people does not erase the gluttony or destructiveness of a person’s lifestyle, it often comforts and confirms it, look for example at the lifestyle of the average Marxist subversive, the overwhelming majority of Marxists live like the detritus that they truly are, and if they have enough wealth to hypocritically employ housekeepers or personal stylists at slave wages they live like wasteful thugs and are the most despised people on this planet.

When you succumb to liberal thinking, you lose the wholeness that comes from the seemingly chaotic and yet biologically ordered and nature’s law-governed struggle for living and subsequently replace it with a self-degrading slogging through the calculated wants of an untested mind and wasteful life. The average Liberal or Socialist politician lives in a mental construction, trapped in the neurotic structures of their desires and norms, which are barriers to the living world. These structures, in turn, begin to mean more than actual life and reality, which is why such politicians become so degrading against the interests of our nations. The reality is, if ever these desires and buildup of wants become fulfilled, they pale to the construction they have lived in their mind. Even if they don’t, those inflicted with this mindset are still living in an artificial, mentally-constructed non-life within which they spend much of their time chasing.

You need rawness to feel life. You need to be surprised and changed, broken down and re-forged, to have experienced defeat and periods where no victory is in sight before you can truly experience the victories of an aspiring life. You need to be able to prove yourself and achieve honour. Honour affirms life by building a person into something that touches more than the individual. Desire is to influence and interact only with oneself in vain fulfillment and attainment.

   Traditionalist Asatro honour is to positively influence our folk and to wipe aside our folk’s enemies, to live in many forms of life and war, through hearts of peace and times of conflict alike. An honourable deed sparks life in others.

So where does this put liberty? What does freedom mean to a person trying to continuously affirm life? What does freedom mean to tight-knit groups of people, constantly reinforcing the lives of one another? How does it limit them? How does it enable them?

The act of protecting life affirms life. The act of building peace between those you love and living in the golden, primal structure of family affirms life. The knowledge of life’s fragility, the fragility of all those moments affirms life. When you are engaged in creating and supporting the bonds in families and our racial communities, and even greater things, you are no longer trapped within that architecture, you are unleashed within nature, your nature as a Germanic, complimented by our excellent relation to nature in totality and each and every other noble Germanic individual. You are continuously communicating with your brethren, reinforcing the thing that is meant to protect yourself and those who come after you. It is the difference between a clean-flowing river and a stagnant pond.

This is what the traditionalist knows that the Liberalist does not know.

This is why Semitic or Nihilst induced liberalism all but disappears in real times of catastrophe and struggle, with a brief attempt of the vile extension into communism being wiped aside when conditions are natural, by our natural folk spirit of true liberty and true tradition. The traditionalist lives more, in all the things that they do.

Traditionalism is a form of shared life that has kept people alive, protected, and evolving for a very long time, it is intrinsic to an Asatru worldview.

Asatru is the Germanic traditionalist worldview.

Yes, traditionalists must occasionally be brutal. Anything that preys upon their community by proxy preys on them. This is why practical ideas such as duty, prudence, honour, and self-sacrifice were so important in ages past. Now they are just things you are supposed  to admire for the average person, but usually this ends up in a superficial farce. In fact, it conflicts with another Liberalist idea that if you live in any way that makes you suffer (or a non-materialistic lifestyle), you are crazy.

When people spend their lives protecting something and building upon something, that in essence has a part of many honorable people who also built upon it, they are strengthened by the imminence and significance of the thing. There is more to lose, so more reason to be stronger, fiercer, and more alert to the threats.

   Your child and future children, our wider Germanic racial folk, our unique and wondrous Nordic & Germanic identities and ethnicity, our spirituality, and our cultures, these are all examples of things that are only alive because many noble and naturally excellent people built them.

From birth, it is your responsibility to protect and further these things. To not do this, and forsake them for personal desires and wants is the ultimate form of suicide. You not only destroy yourself, but all the people who still live in the things created before you.

This is why the Liberalist will never be happy. They will chase their creations, their “dreams” and desires, but reality will always blow open their door, and knock over all their toys. Simply put, nature opposes liberalism, and so does common sense.

Asatru is the spirituality of traditionalism, Asatru is the only efficient, natural, common sense imbued philosophy and simultaneous political, cultural, ethical, artistic and scientific approach to life itself, Asatru unleashes our potential, defiant, traditionalist, courageous Asatru unleashes our lives.

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