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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 4th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 4th Night of May 2019.CE
Theresa May: The Rogue Prime Minister: The Treasonous Misleader Of Our Nation

-1,334 councillors in one election compared to 2015.
That is what you get for misleading people about your intentions and lying in accordance with your Remainer objectives Theresa May. (1,416 Councillors total reduced from Labour and the Conservatives). That is what a party gets that proclaims to be Conserving our nation yet is actually undermining it. That is what a party gets that is attempting to and may well pass an even more traitorous non-leaving 'deal' or 'surrender' to the EU with the worst elements of the openly-Marxist second party of the Westminster Regime, Labour. *Also good that JEWKIP (formerly UKIP before mid-2015) lost 145 councillors and is effectively dead.

The political establishment has no legitimacy, their proclaimed internal differences are not even honoured by their leaders, with Theresa May who on an ideological level has more in common with the Labour Party than with any notion of 'conservative' or nation-conserving ideology.

Theresa May has been termed the 'May-Bot' (by Andrew Neil), for her survivability as Prime Minister versus her open treason and betrayals of her own party's values and members. She manages to somehow survive crisis after crisis and 3 full legislative vote defeats and now a huge electoral defeat of -1,334 councillors. Her Parliamentary colleagues are all frauds and never will do anything, only the members of the Conservative party will however the carefully chosen heads of various Conservative associations and party structure are right now attempting to suppress efforts to force the Prime Minister out via a Conservative party grassroots effort. If Conservative members force a resignation these same subversives will attempt to put up another Remainer and disallow members from voting. The majority of the Parliamentary Conservative party are Remainers and 'soft' Leavers.

""The problem we’ve got here now is a complete lack of trust with the leadership in both parties, but in particular from my standpoint with the Conservative Party."
"The message was loud and clear that, since March 29, people have decided they are absolutely furious with the political class.
"The Committee has to sit again now, urgently, and decide that either the Prime Minister sets the immediate date for departure or, I’m afraid, they must do it for her."
-Ian Duncan Smith

Ordinary people if we were to view this in civil-war terminology, as Brexit has been compared to a peaceful-civil war, voters just captured 1,334 establishment personnel/collaborators at the lower levels. Add to this -82 for Labour showing these losses didn't just switch to the other party as normally occurs in a non-thinking electorate turnout. An unprecedented number of independents were elected however the Lib Dems went back to where Lib Dems are normally found: as the party of do-nothing councils and councillors of inconsequentiality when people dislike the main 2 parties.
The greens picked up votes because people care about our environment and the Greens are viciously taking advantage of those people:  those people need to be reached with the message that the Greens are more obsessed about 'Red policies' than they are with any 'Green policies'. The most important fact is however the new normal appearing which is independents, ordinary or weird local individuals being elected in favour of political parties.

Having openly betrayed the electorate, she cares nothing for her own party, a party which never voted her in and would have voted for any Brexiteer versus her if they only had the chance to do so. Last leadership contest became a 1 horse race after Leadsom dropped out.

The 1922 committee (that is supposed to be about providing a voice to backbench Conservative MPs) voted to keep the time limit to leadership challenges rules to stop themselves or anyone else at Parliamentary level in the Conservative Party from challenging Theresa May until December 2019. They could easily have changed it then changed it back for an exceptional purpose but they did not, they are collaborating with her. They are controlled opposition within the Conservative party, knee-benders pretending to be for leaving the EU when infact they are facilitating continued membership of the EU through supporting the rogue rule of this out of control Remain prime minister.

Theresa May lies in a very transparent and brutally consistent manner where she does the diametrical opposite act or process of obstruction of what she claims... Nigel Farage once as a result of this having described her nature as being that of a wind-up toy of the establishment, whom they wind up at the back every morning and she says things people want to hear all whilst actually doing the opposite or nothing but wasting critical time.

We can diagnose this more accurately and in a more serious technical manner as: 'political double-speak'. The political establishment does this all the time for example diversity: means undermining ethnic differences, destroying ethnic differences, Equality: making society more un-equal through deliberately impoverishing our nations whilst giving more wealth to the Jewish international establishment ( they did this in the USSR, we have past precedents proving this intention), Security: making the world, especially the middle east, north Africa and Europe less secure through the stirring up of and incitement of terrorist mindsets and reactions and then facilitating the mass immigration of these non-white terrorists to Europe.

They do this all the time and Theresa may she says she is enacting 'Brexit' over and over and yet she (or it) is Remaining, literally remaining in the most insidious manner whilst claiming to be leaving she is strategically undermining efforts to become independent whilst attempting to waste as much time as possible. She and her allies are trying to take us for fools right up until the last moment before Civil war occurs then they think that the demographics will have changed enough for them to then have a 2nd referendum they think they will win. That is the most disgusting form of remaining. Unless were physically taking over the country they won't let us leave, and they would at that last minute then claim to be doing so, but only at that last minute under this rogue mis-leader.

Theresa May will never allow us to Leave the EU except in a form ('her' deal, that she 'negotiated' on behalf of the EU to force upon the UK) that is so bad that it would become the ammunition for Remainers to use to convince the public to rejoin the EU after a period of suffering in a non-leaving limbo situation wherein the EU would dictate trade terms to the UK and limit our sovereignty whilst paying them to do such. The EU is a hostile, Bolshevik bureaucracy, any deal a nation receives from such an organisation will always be an attempt to subvert that nation and drag it down back into compliance with the EU through membership or 'alignment' with the EU permanently. Vigilant observers will have noticed the Westminster Parliament's discourse surrounding this notion of being in 'alignment' with the EU. In effect they would only want to leave if they were permitted to keep our nation in 'alignment' with whatever the EU does.

This is not sovereignty and this is the proposition being aired by the Westminster Regime outside of Theresa May's traitorous surrender-class EU-loyal civil servant authored dictat. We must reclaim our nation ourselves if we ever want to Leave the EU.
The Vote was the necessary 1st step: without which we would not have even gotten to this phase: where the regime is exposing itself as anti-democratic. We must now beat them at this point, using their suppression of democracy to wipe out their legitimacy because in reality they have no democratic legitimacy.

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