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Article author: Volunteer writer / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE
The untold truth: Ancient Germanic Europeans settled as far as China and beyond
The Untold Truth of Ancient European Settlements - Western-China Beginning in the shrouded mists of prehistory the European Ethnicity was firmly established in not only Europe but deep into Asia as well. Well beyond the traditional boundary of Mesopotamia the White Caucasians were a wide ranging group of European tribes.
Far from concentrating themselves in one spot they explored across great geographic distances.
However recent archaeological evidence and artifacts uncovered in China shows that far from being limited to Mainland Europe, White Europeans were thriving and surviving in far flung areas like mainland China and may well of influenced the Han Chinese dynasty.
The scientific evidence for this is undeniable and their is also strong possible archaeological evidence.
Tall ancient pyramids dating back many thousands of years were sighted in 1945 by US Army Air Corps pilots and later civil aviation crew.
Pictures that have been taken have been proven authentic and show western-style (in their construction traces and mathematic precision) pyramids. Many western scholars had presented this thesis, but in the scientific community, an idea is often limited by the media context of the times, as with the suppression of Darwinian thought by Christianity the mainstream media hated the thought that Europeans could have succeeded in founding settlements so far into Asia thousands of years ago and thus, just like the Kennewick man case, the media played a larger role in establishing what is to be deemed as 'fact' than science did.

When the remains of a red-haired European woman dating from pre-2000 BC were discovered the story of ancient Europeans resurfaced.
Far from China having solely Asian peoples it had a significant colony, possibly even a forgotten empire of Europeans back in pre-historical times. The Tarim Basin in western China saw the discovery of the groundbreaking discovery in 1980.
Previously claimed to be Uighur. Once the remains were dated it was shown that they were 1000 years prior to the arrival of the Han Chinese settlers! Are European the indigenous people in other lands also, as has been conclusively revealed in the case of Vinland(North America)?
More and more mummies were discovered (and simultaneously not reported on by the increasingly Jewish and Marxist media of the west) soon afterwards highlighting the fact further. Blond-haired mummies, brown-haired mummies with some being over 6' 5” ft tall.
The European tribe was very, very advanced for it's day, showing us why is is so important to protect our genetic stock, for it is an ancient and time weathered design of nature worthy of reverence and appreciation. On one of the mummies, there is a scar sown up with horses hair; showing rudimentary skills at operating. Buried along with them were textiles woven in plaid patterns strikingly similar to those of ancient European fabrics.
Europeans will have likely introduced advanced technology and may have even helped usher in the Bronze Age in each particular region we visited, why else did the bronze age just occur, if not for an external catalyst.
The Truth Surfaces Yet the meeting of tribes was not to last and strife later followed. Emperor Ch'in ordered a mass book burning in 213 B.C that was to destroy much of the historical records from earlier periods.
Much like the mass de facto book burning of the 21st century suppression of politically incorrect works by thousands of our best scholars here in the west. Much like the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria many reckon this was due to his foolish pride in not wishing to recognise the history of non-Han Chinese folk within his China's borders.
Perhaps unsurprisingly when the Beauty of Loulan was discovered the Chinese authorities were very defensive of outside analysis of the mummy, preventing other than a visual inspection. At about the same time across the Pacific Ocean the Kennewick Man was similarly restricted from accurate DNA mapping techniques (by being reburied and sealed off with concrete by army engineers).
Thankfully a brave geneticist managed to obtain crucial samples of the Tarim Basin remains and thus the true origins were revealed to the world.
This begs the question as to what happened to the Westerner Peoples in China? Did Emperor Ch'in wage war against the remnants of any European presence and their allies?
It could well be possible that Europeans were outnumbered by force of numbers which subsequently meant they had to withdraw from China, leaving behind any cities they founded, no doubt after a thousand battles akin to the battle of the thermopylae pass.
The Tarim Basin being one of their last outposts on the way westwards, once beyond the basin they will likely have joined with other Europeans or simply have been wiped out, whatever the result from the perspective of today, there are no large ancient European settlements in the wider world with unbroken histories stretching back thousands of years, so the de facto history is that their civilizations were wiped out highlighting the necessity of protecting our own lands at all costs. But does China have to apologize for its potential genocidal history? -No
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