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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 16th day of Æftera Līþa 2264.RE / 16th day of After midsummer month 2014
The degenerate, sociopathic, malicious and genocidal Jewish Supremacist mindset exposed:
Siderot Cinema
“The Sderot Cinema”
An image taken by the Danish reporter Sørenson showing a group of Jewish Israelis on a hilltop cheering and applauding as they watch the deadly aerial bombardment of Gaza has caused international outrage and a fanatical public relations counter effort from Jewish media editors (along with burying it under other news stories primarily) after the damning picture was shared by tens of thousands on Twitter.
Jewish Israelis sitting on plastic chairs (and even a sofa) looking out over the Gaza Strip as rockets and explosions light up the night sky: “Clapping when blasts are heard.” Sørensen’s Danish newspaper, the Kristeligt Dagblad, reported that the gathering involved more than 50 Jews.

It is evident that these 50 plus Jews gathered like a supremacist Jewish mob upon the hilltop, forming the hilltop and hillsides into something “most closely resembling the front row of a reality war theatre” wherein Jewish Supremacists enact their genocidal racial-territorial expansionist policy.

Disgusting Jews
It said that local Jews from the occupying Jewish regime’s populace were seen taking popcorn up onto the hill with their chairs, sofas, sleeping bags and cushions and that they sat cheerfully smoking hookahs, eating popcorn and cheering in Hebrew at the death of Palestinians (according to the mainstream Danish report.)
“We are here to see Israel destroy [the Palestinians (non Jews) who dare to stand up for their lives (Hamas) ],”
   -Eli Chone, a disgusting, fat, 22-year-old Jewish Supremacist,

Sørensen’s tweet of the damning expose of the Jewish psychotic, genocidal mentality through his picture was met with rightful anger by Twitter users and then by a sustained barrage of Jewish PR operatives attempting to divert away from what the picture shows, by talking about “what this shows about the human race” rather than the subject of the picture, which is only about Jews, the Jewish editors of various news websites have chosen to either sideline the picture or divert away from its true meaning in a similarly transparently biased, hypocritical and crude manner.

Jewish supremacism
This image shows the psychotic, genocidal nature of the Jewish mentality, that enjoys watching the genocide of other ethic peoples, including undoubtedly us Europeans also through the Jewish engineered immigration policy that results in the continual and current comparative demographic genocide of our folk (just as the original Jewish immigration policy of the early Zionists gradually made the Palestinians a minority in the core areas of Palestine), whilst simultaneously openly lying about their persecution to the entire world.

In-fact it is on record that Jewish immigration activists and even everyday Jewish Supremacists enjoy seeing immigration increase, whilst increasingly large numbers of our folk’s lives and neighbourhoods are decimated. Jewish Israeli residents, mostly from the southern Israeli city of Sderot, sat atop a hill overlooking the Gaza Strip, on July 12, 2014, to watch the genocidal massacre of Palestinians.

Further images taken by other journalists have subsequently revealed that now even larger crowds of hundreds of Jewish spectators on subsequent days have built up - conclusively proving that the Jewish “Sderot cinema” was far from a one-off.

There also existed You-tube videos from earlier Israeli genocidal operations against Palestine where this exact same situation occurred, although this is the first time the mainstream Jewish controlled media has been forced to cover this reality, this reality of the sickness of the Jewish ethnic supremacist mindset and it's sickening hubris that must be exposed so that our folk can awaken to defeat it.

Multiple Jewish hasbara or public relations teams and agents have spent the last week using multiple twitter accounts, public relations press meetings and the direct Jewish control of the editorial teams of almost every single international media company to attempt to portray the meaning of this story as a story pertaining to the negativity of war, a horrific and maliciously seditious diversion away from the true story which is the Jewish genocidal mentality and hubris which the reported pictures undeniably prove once and for all.

Our folk must realise that these Jewish Supremacists must likely sit, laugh and gorge themselves with a genocidal glee at the minority European populations of London, Brussels, Paris and elsewhere in a similar, if not more intense manner.

Over 160 Palestinians have been overtly killed in the last 2 weeks, that is nothing in comparison to the tens of thousands of Europeans who are killed by non white immigrants as a DIRECT result of the Jewish manipulation of our immigration laws, a context the international Jewish media does everything in its subversive capability to divert attention away from and completely cover up.

   Whilst Palestinians are dying on their front line war against Jewish Supremacism we should take a moment to realise that European streets might as well be filled with the sounds of missile impacts, mortars and gunfire, for the death toll of Europeans is in fact higher on a daily basis across Europe as a result of criminal incidents of murder by non-Europeans alone than even the death casualty within Gaza in this period of active (instead of the continual and otherwise) passive genocide occurring there.

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